Logo verticalHere at the IACCW, our approach to coaching reflects the holistic nature of all that we stand for and teach. Who you become in the process of writing is just as important as what you write - for you and your readers.

The core principles of conscious creativity, conscious writing and discovering your authentic voice – on the page and in the world – are included in all coaching and mentoring sessions as appropriate.

These fundamentals provide a solid foundation on which to write what you're here to write, build your platform, connect with your audience and select the right publishing option(s) for your work to succeed in the marketplace.

Yet every writer is an individual and what works for one may not suit another, so all sessions are individually designed.


Julia 2013My approach to coaching is grounded in the knowledge and experience I have gained from being the author of two books as well as from publishing, consulting, teaching, coaching, mentoring and working directly and indirectly with thousands of people who feel drawn to writing over the last 25 years.

I know the process inside out and understand how to ride the wave of challenges and joy that make up the roller coaster ride of writing and authorship.

I also have many years' experience of all aspects of creativity, and specialize in a conscious approach that prioritizes accessing the real you; your true self that lies beyond the anxieties and fears of your everyday self. From this authentic core, you are free to express yourself through who you are and what you do including all forms of creative expression and all areas of your life.

My natural intuitive ability enables me to see straight into the essence of what’s going on with people's ideas and projects beneath the surface of what appears to be the situation.

And I genuinely love guiding people to discover their true voice, share their unique gifts and show up consciously, creatively and successfully to take awakened action in the world. This is how we all realize our full potential and make the contribution that only we can make!

All sessions are tailored to suit each person’s requirements and intentions, and take place in person or via Skype or telephone. Intentions are set in advance, and during the session, questions are asked which reach into the heart of what needs to be explored, cleared or released for tangible progress – including major shifts in mindset and vision – to occur.

By the end of each session, clarity about the way forwards is combined with an action plan for next steps and the tools to turn ideas and vision into reality.

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Zen stone & sandThe Focus

During the course of our work together, we focus on understanding and applying the principles and practice of my conscious and creative approach to creativity, writing and authorship.

We combine soul and craft using conscious (the journey of self-discovery) and creative (the process of self-expression) tools, techniques and practices to explore the invisible realms and return to share fruits of our discoveries.

Who For?

This holistic and practical approach will work perfectly if you feel inspired to:

  • Create what you are here to create and write what you're here to write.
  • Learn how to bring your whole self to the creative writing process.
  • Make a positive difference by sharing your ideas, insights and stories.  
  • Clear the way for your authentic inner light to shine through your words on the page and your presence in the world.
  • Discover your true writer’s voice for all kinds of writing including blogs, articles, narrative non-fiction, memoirs, marketing copy for your business and more.
  • Take a leap of faith off the conscious and creative edge, and discover you’ve always had the wings to fly!


The best way to understand the results that are possible from this approach to coaching and mentoring is to read the comments from other writers just like you who have shared their experience for your benefit.

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With that said, here is an overview of the kind of results you can expect from making a commitment to this level of guidance and support with your writing:

  • You will experience the rewards of the transformative magic of the creative process and discover your true self, and your true calling, as a writer and in life.
  • Your writing will come alive and be richer, deeper and more vibrant, engaging and memorable.
  • Your readers will feel the living reality beyond your words and in some way be positively transformed.
  • The market increasingly requires genuine authenticity so your voice is more likely to stand out from the crowd.

Red TickAdditional specifics include the opportunity to:

  • Clarify your ideas and choose which one to focus on first.
  • Clear the blocks to show up regularly and express yourself freely.
  • Unlock the deepest levels of your creativity giving you access to your most inspired ideas.
  • Understand how to get out of your own way to write without judgement.
  • Learn how to organize, shape and form your ideas into a coherent whole.
  • Identify your core message based on your purpose and true calling.
  • Know how and where to start your writing and keep the momentum going.
  • Discover your authentic voice - on the page and in the world.
  • Develop a solid writing rhythm alongside your other commitments.
  • Take your writing to a whole new level of depth and finesse.
  • Complete your writing from first draft to final edit.
  • Enjoying the feeling of freedom and confidence to express yourself consciously and creatively in the world.

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Julia 2013I’ll look forward to guiding you to discover the Conscious Writer in you!



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