Coaching & Mentoring Options

This is where you’ll find an overview of the main coaching and mentoring options currently on offer:

1. BREAKTHROUGH COACHING: two hours in-person or via Skype

Designed to be effective at any stage of the creative process, this powerful, in-depth coaching session will take you directly to the heart of the most important aspects to address in terms of clarifying your ideas and making tangible process with your writing - even if you haven't started yet. I love working with people in the early stages of the creative process!

By the end of our time together, you'll know exactly how to take your next steps.


Antoinette Dale HendersonI came to Julia because I was looking for some guidance on finding my 'voice' as a writer and, more broadly, the process I would need to follow to get my book published.

In the two hours that we had together, Julia completely exceeded my expectations. Yes, she provided me with excellent counsel on the steps I would need to take to get my book 'out there'. Yes, I came away reassured that I could do this.

But most importantly, Julia helped me get much clearer on my purpose and identity as a writer. The message I was planning to convey. Finding alignment between head, heart, body and spirit. And looking deeply into myself to find the words that I wanted to convey.

After my Breakthrough Coaching Session, I was confident that my dream was an achievable reality and that I had Julia alongside me as a guide, mentor and friend on my writing journey.

Antoinette Dale Henderson, Trainer, Coach, Change Catalyst


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2. MENTORING SERIES: monthly sessions for six months

Stand alone coaching sessions are incredibly effective and deliver results that have been described as “life changing” on more than one occasion over the years, yet they do require writers to take subsequent action alone.

If you feel that on-going support would benefit you most of all, the Conscious Writing Mentoring Series is for you. Many writers begin with a stand alone session as a lead in to the Mentoring Series.

The Conscious Writing Mentoring Series provides a rhythm, structure and positive accountability for you to begin, develop or deepen your writing with regular feedback on your work to ensure you are always on track with your core purpose.


Ruby SpeechleyI first signed up to the Mentoring Series in 2008/09 after meeting Julia at a friend’s book launch. Julia has an “inside out” method of working which helped me to unlock an inner opposition I had only been vaguely aware of, but it had stopped me writing in the way I knew I could.

After working with Julia on uniting two opposing sides to my personality, I suddenly felt whole again and my confidence and creative flow have soared!

Coupled with this, I followed Julia’s excellent tips on breaking down the editing process into manageable chunks and I finished my novel several days ahead of my deadline. This proved invaluable to me. Not only because I went on to graduate with an MA in Writing, but because I had time to travel to the funeral of a dear uncle.
I am now editing my second novel and have called on Julia’s expertise once again. This time I need to delve deeper into my characters and therefore myself to reveal the core theme of the story on the page, which I know I am holding back on.

Julia has a graceful, sensitive and holistic approach based on cultivating conscious awareness and intuition. The process once again will involve writing from the depths of my inner truth, whilst accepting what arises with an open and forgiving heart. Without such expert guidance I doubt I would be able to reach those deep places with such calm and authenticity.

Julia’s practical advice on how to develop my author platform, organise my editing schedule and prepare the proposal package for agents, will also ensure I stay totally focused and energised. I know that by the end of six months working together, I will have made another huge leap forward.

Ruby Speechley, freelance writer and author, @rubyspeechley


3. PRIVATE COACHING PACKAGES: half day, full day and individually guided two or three day retreats

If you'd prefer a tailor-made package to suit your individual requirements or sense that immersing yourself for an extended period of time may be the right way forwards for you - wherever you currently in the process - this option of Private Coaching Packages will suit you perfectly. Contact me to discuss the details and I'll design a package just for you!


Karen KnowlerI contacted Julia to work with her on a new book idea (now successfully published) because I knew it had a lot of potential and wanted to make sure that I submitted the best possible proposal to my agent.

As a result of our half day together, I greatly expanded my vision of what my book could offer people, deepened the processes within it and we also came up with exciting new title possibilities that would really best sum up what this unique book is truly about.

Julia is a true professional and deeply committed to helping her clients in the best possible way. If you are committed to your book in the same way that I am then I would wholeheartedly recommend that you work with Julia McCutchen."

Karen Knowler, author of Eat Right for Your Personality Type



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Julia 2013Interested to know more?

All of the above coaching and mentoring options are individually scheduled following a FREE telephone consultation to discuss what level of support would benefit you the most.

Contact me for more information by sending an email to with a brief summary of what you are writing, or want to write, and we’ll set up a time for a quick chat.

I’ll look forward to guiding you to enjoy conscious & creative success with your deas!






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