Laura Fraser“I loved my work with Julia. Not only did she give me the confidence to 'Just do it!', often her advice for my writing was directly relevant to what I was going through in my life at the time.

She helped support my somewhat fragile 'permission giving' to write what I want to write whilst giving me practical and tangible advice that I could immediately apply.

This is perhaps where I felt her greatest contribution and encouragement – to stop worrying about being perfect and stop procrastinating. Our work led to me launching my first blog which has since grown to www.lfraser.com

Julia encouraged me also to look at the broader picture and remain connected to that place within which longs to unite the creative and expressive yearnings of my heart with the work that I do in my daily life. I recommend her as a mentor wholeheartedly.”

Laura Fraser, www.lfraser.com



Catherine Lucas

My wonderful, life-changing journey with Julia started with her book proposal review and ended with my signing a book contract!

Following her expert and precise feedback on my book proposal, I decided to go on to work with Julia on her one-to-one mentor program.

Julia's depth and breadth of knowledge is such that she had valuable editorial suggestions for the text, as well as the marketing and presentation aspects.

What Julia brings is a potent combination of sheer, undiluted professionalism along with a receptive ability to listen, to truly hear and tune in. Our travels together gave me the confidence to know that I was approaching publishers with a book proposal that was the strongest, most professional it could possibly be.

Catherine G Lucas, author of In Case of Spiritual Emergency: Moving Successfully Through Your Awakening and Founder of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network www.AcademyWisdom.co.uk



Mark RutterfordA day of coaching with Julia was like that moment when I first logged on after switching from dial-up to broadband. Lots of information, lots of interaction and lots to think about … and it was great fun too!

Julia provided professional experience and insight, supportive encouragement and energy, valuable challenge and honestypriceless, cloud-clearing, assistance. Market wise and business savvy, Julia explored many aspects of my novel (market, genre, proposal etc) and gave valuable feedback and insight to a developing business proposition as well.

I value and trust Julia’s judgement and came away excited at taking the next steps on my journey. I went into the coaching day with a box full of jigsaw pieces … I came out with a picture!

Mark Rutterford, writer




Karen KnowlerI contacted Julia to work with her on a new book idea (now successfully published) because I knew it had a lot of potential and wanted to make sure that I submitted the best possible proposal to my agent.

As a result of our half day coaching session, I greatly expanded my vision of what my book could offer people, deepened the processes within it and we also came up with exciting new title possibilities that would really best sum up what this unique book is truly about.

Julia is a true professional and deeply committed to helping her clients in the best possible way. If you are committed to your book in the same way that I am then I would wholeheartedly recommend that you work with Julia McCutchen."

Karen Knowler, author of Eat Right for Your Personality Type www.TheRawFoodCoach.com



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Susie PearlI signed up for one-to-one coaching with Julia at the start of my book writing process. She helped me get clear on who I was as a writer and gave me a wonderful starting point for getting my writing plan together.

In less than a year, I had my book fully completed.  I used the excellent tools in her home study masterclass on How to Write the Ultimate Book Proposal and found myself a leading literary agent and a worldwide book deal followed within a few short weeks!

I highly recommend Julia as a coach and mentor.  A big thank you to her for the excellent advice, support and guidance along the way.

Susie Pearl, personal development mentor and author of Instructions for Happiness and Success, www.susiepearl.co.uk




Ruby SpeechleyI met Julia at a book launch a few years ago and knew how much her guidance had helped my friend achieve publication. Last year, I reached a crucial point in my novel, so I contacted Julia about her Mentorine Series.

I was nearing the end of a Writing MA and have a personal tutor I see a couple of times a year, but we focus on the work, not on my motivation or confidence.

Deep down, I began to wonder if I was capable of finishing my novel. I felt I was blocking my own progress but I wasn’t sure why.

Over the past five months, Julia has shown great sensitivity and understanding throughout our sessions. She has helped me to look at each issue with fresh eyes, turning what I saw as blocks into monumental strengths - not only in my character, but in the true source of my creativity. My whole outlook is transformed; the doubts have vanished and my novel is almost complete.

Ruby Speechley, freelance writer and editor of Jolly Tots Magazine, www.jollytotsmagazine.co.uk




Kimberley JonesI came to Julia because I was looking for some guidance on finding my 'voice' as a writer and, more broadly, the process I would need to follow to get my book published.

Working with Julia was one of the most transformational and supportive experiences of my professional life, something just clicked. I've been a passionate writer since childhood but didn't quite have the confidence to believe I could write my first book.

Julia gave me practical tools and a new way to work with my creative power. More than that Julia offers a deep space of intuitive listening. She is a gentle witness to and catalyst for your emerging authentic voice. I'm half way through my first book and I have the tools and belief to get it finished, published and out into the world. Thank you Julia!

Kimberley Jones, Spiritual Mentor and Energy Intuitive empowering awakening women. Founder of The e-Wakening Academy




Kimberley JonesWorking with Julia is like accelerated learning. I felt as though I had moved months in a matter of minutes! Our session together gave me great focus and helped me see my writing through the eyes of a publisher. What I needed to do became clear.

Julia also helped me find my authentic voice, something I had been struggling with for a long time. I had been wishing for this opportunity to come along and couldn't believe it when I heard about the coaching packages on offer.

I am so glad that I jumped at the chance of working with Julia in this way - I didn't need asking twice! I feel so supported and motivated as a result and I am now able to take my project all the way - watch this space!”

Heather Bestel, author of the series of children’s relaxation CDs: Magical Meditations 4 Kids www.MagicalMeditations4Kids.com




Emma TraherneI started to work with Julia on her Mentoring Series to have some support from someone who I felt was inspiring.

I had harboured a desire to write and share knowledge around my work for a long time. I really knew nothing of writing and especially how to communicate on the page. The only writing I had experienced was research papers. I felt I had so much to discuss that I was incapable of ordering my thoughts clearly.

Through the coaching with Julia I learnt valuable techniques that support my ongoing work. I became able to write for pleasure, finding that not only would some of this be part of the process, but that it gave me the freedom to express myself with the authenticity Julia speaks about.

Julia has the ability to listen. She takes the coaching session and shapes it around your needs. It is truly a one-to-one, as opposed to a set pattern. She uses her knowledge and intuition effectively and equally, allowing you to explore your own abilities and desires.

I now order my time more effectively, take opportunities I was previously missing and thoroughly enjoy the creative writing process."

Emma Traherne, Holistic therapist and founder of Nuveya Healthcare, www.nuveya.com




Ruby SpeechleyI first signed up to the Mentor Program in 2008/09 after meeting Julia at a friend’s book launch. Julia has an “inside out” method of working which helped me to unlock an inner opposition I had only been vaguely aware of, but it had stopped me writing in the way I knew I could.

After working with Julia on uniting two opposing sides to my personality, I suddenly felt whole again and my confidence and creative flow have soared!

Coupled with this, I followed Julia’s excellent tips on breaking down the editing process into manageable chunks and I finished my novel several days ahead of my deadline. This proved invaluable to me. Not only because I went on to graduate with an MA in Writing, but because I had time to travel to the funeral of a dear uncle.
I am now editing my second novel and have called on Julia’s expertise once again. This time I need to delve deeper into my characters and therefore myself to reveal the core theme of the story on the page, which I know I am holding back on.

Julia has a graceful, sensitive and holistic approach based on cultivating conscious awareness and intuition. The process once again will involve writing from the depths of my inner truth, whilst accepting what arises with an open and forgiving heart. Without such expert guidance I doubt I would be able to reach those deep places with such calm and authenticity.

Julia’s practical advice on how to develop my author platform, organise my editing schedule and prepare the proposal package for agents, will also ensure I stay totally focused and energised. I know that by the end of six months working together, I will have made another huge leap forward.

Ruby Speechley, freelance writer and author, @rubyspeechley



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SrimatiMeeting with Julia for a Breakthrough Coaching Session provided me with a quantum leap in clarity and confidence on how to finally embark on book writing.

From years of coaching, article writing and creating courses, I had so much material scoped out that I didn't know where to begin, how to get the first book written or what I should be aiming for in terms of publication.

Julia absorbed my background and questions with great warmth, sensitivity and insight - itself a very valuable and affirming experience.  She helped make conscious which writing project is dearest to my heart and to my great relief, discerned a way forward that is simple, manageable and intuitive.

Feeling greatly encouraged by Julia's expert perspective, I am establishing a writing rhythm with "a little structure and a lot of freedom" that ensures book writing remains a pleasure whilst getting the job done. My first book, Deep Down You Know, is on it's way!

Srimati, The Inner Wisdom Coach, www.srimati.com




Jillian LavenderThe Breakthrough Coaching Session is aptly named. After just one session I was able to make a crucial upgrade in my approach to my writing. Julia's intuitive sense of the process coupled with her pragmatic, grounded publishing experience was key to allowing me to identify the blocks and expand the scope of my writing.

I'm now thinking bigger and feeling on track about the direction and impact of what I am doing. It was a pivotal moment in the process and I am very grateful for the guidance I received from Julia.

Jillian Lavender, author, meditation teacher and mentor, www.londonmeditationcentre.com




Nikki Highmore SimsThank you for an amazingly helpful session, which truly was a ‘breakthrough’ in every sense of the word. For years I’ve been stuck with this seemingly solid perception of what’s ‘not possible’, being blocked by it but not questioning it purely as it was so very solidly lodged.

In just an hour you’ve helped me uncover the true origin of that previously unquestionable belief and loosen – or even dissipate – it to the point where suddenly ‘it’ is indeed possible, and even probable!

You say you work intuitively, and yes you do, but even more than that … you’re a truly gifted coach. I am immensely grateful to have worked with you and I am sure I shall do so again!

Nikki Highmore Sims, author of The Complete Guide to Designing and Running Brilliant Workshops and Meetings.



Antoinette Dale HendersonI came to Julia because I was looking for some guidance on finding my 'voice' as a writer and, more broadly, the process I would need to follow to get my book published.

In the two hours that we had together, Julia completely exceeded my expectations. Yes, she provided me with excellent counsel on the steps I would need to take to get my book 'out there'. Yes, I came away reassured that I could do this.

But most importantly, Julia helped me get much clearer on my purpose and identity as a writer. The message I was planning to convey. Finding alignment between head, heart, body and spirit. And looking deeply into myself to find the words that I wanted to convey.

After my Breakthrough Coaching Session, I was confident that my dream was an achievable reality and that I had Julia alongside me as a guide, mentor and friend on my writing journey.

Antoinette Dale Henderson, Trainer, Coach, Change Catalyst www.zomicommunications.co.uk


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Dave RobsonAbsolutely brilliant! What a star you are, to be sure. Your coaching has unlocked a mystery for me.

Now I know where I have been going wrong and what to do to put it right. You’ve absolutely made my day… thanks a million.

Dave Robson, author of The Five Pillars of Happiness www.daverobsoncoaching.co.uk




Menna Van PraagWorking with Julia was a fantastic boost that fired me on, practically and emotionally, to publication.

Having her read my work was brilliant because I knew I could trust her feedback (sometimes unlike that of well-meaning family and friends) and it was just wonderful to get advice from a publishing professional!

In ten years I'd barely had any feedback from the dozens and dozens of publishers and agents I'd submitted my work to.

Julia has the know-how that can transform your book from a long cherished dream into a reality! Menna Van Praag, author of Men, Money & Chocolate, www.menmoneyandchocolate.com




jackee_edited-2Julia works at such a deep and intuitive level. She's insightful and on the ball whilst being loving and compassionate with her thoughts and wisdom.

Her session both inspired and energised me to look at myself and my work in a new way.

Jackee Holder, author of Be Your Best Life Coach www.jackeeholder.com




PhilippaLubbockJulia, you are not only a truly gifted communicator and teacher, but also a soul whose 'inner light' radiates into the world. Your insight, advice, and enthusiasm helped me re-shape my proposal and, within days of submitting it, I was contacted by two publishers.

My book is now successfully published and I couldn't have a more brilliant guide and mentor for what continues to be an exciting adventure as an author.

I'm also excited to experience the new dimension to your work that will help all of us delve ever deeply into the creative process and apply it to all aspects of our lives.

Philippa Lubbock, Life Alignment practitioner & author, www.breathingspace.eu.com



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I’ll look forward to guiding you to enjoy conscious & creative success with your deas!






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