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How to Write the Ultimate Book Proposal
Home Study Masterclass

5 Steps to Book Proposal Mastery
with Julia McCutchen



Instant access to digital audio and text documents
designed exclusively to enable me to guide you step-by-step
through the process of writing your ultimate book proposal.

To cut to the chase

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One of the biggest challenges you face when looking for a traditional agent or publisher is inspiring them to give your book the serious consideration you know it deserves.

Publishing professionals have an extremely limited amount of time,  a very short attention span, and are usually overwhelmed with new projects to assess.

When they finally get to read your submission, often outside regular office hours, you have a few short moments to impress them with the presentation and content of your proposed book.

A first-class book proposal will inspire agents and publishers
to review your book thoroughly AND take you seriously as an author.

Having spent many years working in-house as a publisher receiving countless book proposals from aspiring authors, and making publishing decisions based on those proposals, I am able to speak from firsthand experience.

I know the inside story of what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to writing book proposals. And if you want to succeed as a traditionally published author, your book proposal represents the most important tool in your writer’s tool kit.

My skill set combines the perspectives of publisher, consultant, author, coach and mentor so you can benefit from the high level experience contained in the Home Study Masterclass.


I purchased your Home Study Masterclass yesterday evening and quickly got myself organised with it.  I have just listened to your first audio and am excited to be embarking on my first assignment.

After my initial experience of your clear and inspiring guidance style, I am without doubt that it will be the catalyst that allows me to produce my first proposal.

I am also appreciative of the structure it has provided me and am well aware that without it I may have become lost in a sea of words and ideas.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. As a novice I am in awe of your eloquence and effortless ability to simplify a daunting process.

Andreana Stewart, teacher, coach and aspiring author.

The Ultimate Book Proposal Home Study Masterclass
enables you to

  • Avoid the 3 classic, time-wasting mistakes that many writers make with their book proposals
  • Rely on the expert guidance of an experienced former publisher in the knowledge that the information is "tried and tested"
  • Be well-prepared with all the information you need before you write your proposal
  • Understand how agents and publishers think, work and make decisions so that you can pitch your book effectively
  • Achieve complete clarity and craft a compelling key sentence to describe the essence of your book
  • Know exactly what to include in each section of the book proposal, and what to leave out!
  • Write a striking covering letter to accompany your book propsal or synopsis
  • Consider relevant additional material to add to your submission package
  • Achieve the highest possible standard of authenticity and excellence with your presentation
  • Decipher the different requirements of individual agents and publishers
  • Approach agents and publishers professionally and with confidence so that your book stands out for all of the right reasons! 

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UBP OMWhat's included?

8 audio recordings in MP3 format:

  • Introduction & How to Make the Most of the Home Study Masterclass
  • Session 1: Introduction & Preparation
    (see below for additional details of the content for each session)
  • Session 2: Your Proposal, Section by Section
  • Session 3: All About You and Reaching Your Audience
  • Session 4: Sample Chapters and Covering Letter
  • Session 5: How to Approach Agents & Publishers Professionally & with Confidence
  • Summary of Assignments
  • Conclusion and Next Steps

A 65 page Workbook  in PDF format:

  • Contains integrated links to each audio class plus comprehensive course notes, worksheets, diagrams, checklists ... and more!

Comprehensive Guidelines for Authors on How to Write the Ultimate Book Proposal

  • For both fiction and non-fiction writers.

Additional Worksheets

  • For you to print or complete on your computer.

"Start here" Advice

  • To enable you to make the most of the Home Study Masterclass.

In each of the audio classes plus the accompanying Workbook and Worksheets, I guide you through the process of exploring the right questions and discovering the right information to include in your book proposal.

By the end, you will have completed the
first draft of all the major components of your submission package!



The Ultimate Book Proposal Masterclass was excellent, really well-structured and outlined in practical terms the journey to having a book published.

Julia opened up a new world of knowledge for me. Her style of delivering practical, simple and succinct communication of a multifaceted subject made it easy to learn and take on board the elements of a successful writer’s journey. Fabulous!

Claire Taylor, international healthcare marketing consultant, storyteller and aspiring author.


Before doing the Home Study Masterclass I was unaware of just how critical a really good book proposal is, and only had a rough idea what it consisted of.

The course helped me to understand the world of publishing and produce a good first draft of my own proposal package, which was a very satisfying achievement."

Andrew Church, computer analyst and aspiring author.

Content For Each Session:

Session 1: Introduction and Preparation

  • The inside story on how publishing decisions are made, who is involved and what information they need from you.
  • How to prepare thoroughly for writing your book proposal or synopsis using my signature Foundation of Four approach.
  • How to write your compelling key sentence and know your market

Session 2: Your Proposal, Section by Section

  • The power of a top-notch book proposal or synopsis including important principles which apply to both non-fiction and fiction writers.
  • How to write your Summary of Content and Chapter Outlines pages (non-fiction).
  • How to write the all-important Synopsis (fiction writers).

Session 3: All About You and Reaching Your Audience

  • What information agents and publishers are really looking for about you as an author.
  • Top tips to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • How to come up with, and present, exciting but realistic marketing and promotional ideas.

Session 4: Sample Chapters and Covering Letter

  • Key points about which chapters to send in your submission package.
  • How to write a striking covering letter which attracts serious attention.
  • What additional material to consider including.

Session 5: How to Approach Agents and Publishers Professionally and with Confidence

  • How to find the right people to approach … and then approach them in the right way.
  • What circumstances are appropriate for sending your material exclusively to one agent or publisher versus multiple submissions.
  • How long to wait before you follow up, how to handle the responses … and what happens next!

The Ultimate Book Proposal Masterclass gave me valuable insights into how I need to present myself as an author and the skills I will need to ensure I give my book the best possible chance. It also gave me the confidence to actually entertain the idea that I could be a published author!

I now have more focus and clarity about my book ideas; armed with new-found knowledge, I can see the potential of a successful end-point to my journey - this makes me feel all the more committed to achieving that potential; it has brought the possibility of publication from the realms of ideas and dreams into reality.

Monica Srivastava, content writer/researcher for Green Thing, www.dothegreenthing.com

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Before doing the Home Study Masterclass I had reached a point where my momentum was slowing on the book and I was experiencing a little ‘stage fright’ about preparing my book and submission package to be sent to agents and publishers.

The Masterclass helped to really build my confidence in how best to approach agents and publishers, and overcome anxieties that I had about how to present my work (after all this hard work and effort in writing I was worried I would now let myself down in my submission to agents).

It has also re-energized me and helped propel me towards the completion of the book. Now I feel certain that I will be able to present my work in the best possible way and make a confident and professional approach to agents."

Samantha Lloyd, aspiring author.


Your Questions Answered:

Q: What stage do I need to be at with my writing to make the most of this Home Study Masterclass?

A: Ideally you will:

  • be clear on what your book is about and probably have a working title
  • have gathered your thoughts on most of the detail for your content or story
  • be underway with your writing
  • be ready to make a commitment to the time and energy it requires to take action on getting your book proposal written
  • feel excited at the opportunity of working with information created by a publishing professional to fast track your progress

Q: Is the Online Masterclass Course equally good for both fiction and non-fiction writers?

In short, yes! This is because the majority of the principles, learning and preparation apply to all types of writing. I explain where there are differences in emphasis or requirement between fiction and non-fiction, and you will actually benefit enormously from the additional perspective this brings to the process. Also, the basis of a confident and professional approach is the same for both literary agents and publishers.


Pamela O'Cuneen

I can't over-stress how much it helped me to do your Ultimate Book Proposal Masterclass. It really made me think through what the book was about, what I wanted to get across and how I wanted to present myself.  It has been invaluable and gave me much greater confidence in myself.

I have now signed a contract and my book is published - I am so excited! The second book in the series is already in its first draft form, and I am so happy about all the help I got from doing the Book Proposal Masterclass. Thank you for being such a great mentor!

Pamela O’Cuneen, author of  Culture Shock and Canapes: Adventures of a Diplomatic Wife in Africa, http://cultureshock.ocuneen.com/


UBP OMInvestment

The investment for the Ultimate Book Proposal Home Study Masterclass is
£97 ($232 or EU 185*) and includes instant access to:

  • 8 audio recordings in MP3 format including How to Make the Most of the Home Study Masterclass, 5 teaching sessions,
    Summary of Assignments and Next Steps guidance
  • A 65 page Workbook  in PDF format
  • Comprehensive Guidelines for Authors on
    How to Write the Ultimate Book Proposal
  • Additional Worksheets
  • "Start here" Advice

As film producer Stephen Connell once said,
"A good idea badly presented sounds like a bad idea!"


How to Purchase

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The Ultimate Book Proposal Home Study Masterclass includes:

* 8 audio recordings
* 65 page Workbook
* Comprehensive Guidelines for Authors
* Additional Worksheets
* "Start here" Advice

£97 ($155 or EUR 120*)

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Any Questions?

Julia in gardenIf you have any questions at all,  just email us on info@iaccw.com and we’ll be happy to answer you.

To your conscious & creative success!

PS Maximise your chances of success with agents and publishers by writing a first class book proposal and submitting it professionally and with confidence. The Ultimate Book Proposal Home Study Masterclass will show you how.


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