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Aspire Magazine Cover Feb/March 2016Aspire Magazine

Creativity: A Path to Freedom and Fulfilment in Your Business and Your Life

Creativity is defined in a multitude of different ways from the mundane to the metaphysical and human beings have had a rich and rewarding relationship with creativity for thousands of years.

Yet creativity is not simply something that we do. When viewed from an awakened perspective, it’s clear that creativity lies at the very core of who we truly are.

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Creative Awakening: 3 Steps to Discover and Share Your Unique Gifts

Julia McCutchen shows how conscious creativity leads to freedom and fulfilment.

Creativity lies at the core of who we truly are. It’s been part of our culture for 40,000 years, since the earliest forms of expression adorned the walls of caves around the world.

However, priorities have shifted in more recent years and creativity has been consigned to the domain of the chosen few or a pastime we reserve for hobbies and weekends.

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KindredSpiritmag_cover_Jan2016Kindred Spirit Magazine

Creative Awakening

Julia McCutchen explains how conscious creativity leads you to discover your true self and express your true voice, on the page and in the world.

The idea to paint some dried thistle heads I’d found on one of my forays into the  natural world felt electrifying. I was drawn to them by the wonderful shape and  structure of the sharp spikes at the top of the long, thin stems.

At seven years old, I didn’t hesitate to follow through and joyfully began painting the first one. It was tricky to get the paint right inside the spiky head so that all of the thistles were covered in colour, but I found a way with a mixture of differentsized brushes. Soon my first one was complete.

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ConsciousLifestyleMag_cover009Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Finding Your True Self: 5 Practices for Discovering Your Unique Voice Through Creative Expression

There’s a strong inner impulse underlying the dreams that many of us have; it’s a yearning to re-connect with who we truly are, discover our true calling, and express ourselves authentically in the world.

When we do, our lives are transformed from what often feels like an uphill struggle into a graceful, conscious and creative flow. Challenges still arise; yet we handle them more skilfully as we accept the reality of what is and show up to take awakened action to
share our gifts with purpose and passion.

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WatkinsMag_Nov2015Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine

Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More

Discovering and expressing our true voice is a deep calling that many of us find hard to ignore. Ultimately it’s a journey in to the quintessence of who we are where our core purpose is revealed.

From here we follow the golden thread to find the most accurate forms through which our authentic truth can pour including all kinds of creative expression and all areas of life. For those of us who write – blogs, books and more – these are the words that shape the essence of our ideas, insights and stories.

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3 Ways to Plan for Success as a Published Author

Completing the final draft of a manuscript is a major threshold for any writer to cross, and is certainly worth celebrating as a significant achievement in its own right. Once we have surfaced from whatever degree of conscious and creative recharge we require, a whole new level of our progress towards successful published authorship begins. Naturally, we need to plan ahead to ensure that we stay on track with our intentions to reach our readers with our message and stories.

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Aspire Magazine Cover Oct/Nov 2015Aspire Magazine

3 Ways Conscious Writing Reveals Your Inner Joy

Conscious Writing is a holistic and practical approach to creative awakening that leads you to discover your true self and express your true voice on the page and in the world.

It’s the core teaching for anyone who has a message to share or a story to tell and feels inspired to make a positive difference in the world. It can be applied to any and all types of writing including journaling, blogs, books, social media and business communications, and is a way of blending soul and craft. So how does it reveal your inner joy?

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3 Ways Conscious Writing  Leads You to Express Your True Voice

Julia McCutchen clarifies the keys that unlock the door to authentic communication.

  • Do you have a message to share or a story to tell and feel inspired to make a positive difference in the world?
  • Is communication using the spoken and written word part of your working life?
  • Are you drawn to writing a blog, articles, short stories, poetry, your memoir or other books?

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The 5 Core Practices of Highly Successful Conscious Writers

Having spoken with thousands of highly successful Conscious Writers, and from both personal and professional experience of Conscious Writing in action, these practices come up time and again as the foundation for authentic success.

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Nurturing Our Creative Soul as Conscious Writers

Nurturing our creative soul as Conscious Writers involves frequently filling our inner creative well so that it never runs dry and always allows our creativity to flow freely.

Conscious Creativity teaches us to do this by connecting with the whole creative cycle, and honouring each and every phase.

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3 Ways Conscious Writing Puts You in Touch with Your True Self

Julia McCutchen explains how to reconnect with who you truly are.

You don’t need to have aspirations of authorship to benefit from the principles and practice of Conscious Writing. If you feel an impulse to reconnect with who you truly are, discover your true calling in life, and express yourself authentically when you communicate with your family, friends and colleagues, this practical teaching will show you how.

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Psychologies April coverPsychologies

How to Cultivate a Creative Mindset

Creativity is not just something we do. It is a natural part of who we are and adds a sense of purpose and reward to our lives. But unless we change our approach, we may not fulfil our creative potential.

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