Feedback on Conscious Writing

* Conscious Writing GROUP RETREAT 2016*

Conscious Writing Group Retreat
Dive in to discovering your true voice
and writing from your heart with the voice of your soul

in the sacred landscape of Glastonbury
over a luxurious long weekend from



Feedback on the Conscious Writing experience

Certain words crop up time and again when people describe their experience of Conscious Writing including: amazing, inspiring, clarifying, deep, transformative, wonderful, enabling, illuminating, unusual, liberating, interesting, thought-provoking, confirming, encouraging,  uplifting, and enjoyable.

Statements of experience include:

Magic Book"Brilliant – just what I needed. It opened up material for the book I’ve been sitting on for 10+ years! Excellent on every level."

"I am truly inspired, a very profound experience. Touched me on a deep level, and I was amazed at how much my writing flowed."

"An enlightening and wonderful experience ... really opened my heart and mind with inspiration for how to fan this little flame within me!"

"Way beyond my expectations, very positive, really helpful and fun!"

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. I got so much from it … such unexpected things, all rather delicious! I feel like I've just come out of a lovely warm bath!"

"An amazing and invalubable experience which has left me feeling more confident, inspired and sure of what I am writing."

Wave"Within a short time I had connected with a deeper part of my creative self that I didn’t even know was there. My creative energy was surging through me; I felt I was riding a wave."

"Inspiring, practical, just what I have been looking for on my writing journey. A unique approach that feels just right for the times we are in."

"I feel blessed to have been shown the way to connect with my deeper self and write from my heart. Thank you for such a deep and transformative experience."

Please Note:
There are a limited number of places available
for the Conscious Writing Group Retreat

10-13 JUNE 2016

Conscious Writing Group Retreat

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