What will we do?

* Conscious Writing GROUP RETREAT 2016 *

Conscious Writing Group Retreat
Dive in to discovering your true voice
and writing from your heart with the voice of your soul

in the sacred landscape of Glastonbury
over a luxurious long weekend from



What will we do?

Create SpaceWe will create internal and external space away from the distractions of everyday life and immerse ourselves in a deeply supportive and nurturing environment to explore Conscious Writing as a living enquiry.

Our time together will include cultivating flow, sharpening focus, and exploring the point of balance between the two.

We will consciously integrate these fundamental creative energies within ourselves, remember our natural state of wholeness, and express our highest calling on the page.

The inspiring mix of guided sessions, personal time for reflection, conscious and creative assignments, and of course, lots of writing will include:

  • A theme of the day to guide us through the “conscious” in Conscious Writing, and open up new levels of depth and originality with our writing.
  • The potential for deep creative awakening with inspiration from the rhythms of nature and the sacred landscape of Glastonbury plus visioning to nourish our creative soul.
  • Experiencing the transformative potential of a range of simple yet powerful guided practices drawn from the timeless wisdom traditions and applied to our writing.
  • Releasing the fears and anxieties which hold us back from realising our true potential and overcoming whatever form resistance takes to clear our path to the page.


  • Diving in to an abundance of deep creative writing and learning the practical tools and techniques to shift our writing onto a whole new level for all kinds of writing.
  • Connecting with our fellow Conscious Writers through group and buddy work for sharing, giving and receiving feedback on our work, and peer group support to build confidence and confirm progress.
  • Enjoying time and space for conscious silence and creative solitude for reflection, reviewing and developing ideas, clarifying priorities, and verifying our vision of authorship.
  • Action / Ideas PlanEnsuring that all questions about conscious and creative development, writing, building an author platform and publishing options are answered.
  • Creating a holistic blueprint for success as a Conscious Author including an Action Plan of next steps to keep the momentum going.

"Within a short time I had connected with a deeper part of my creative self that I didn’t even know was there. My creative energy was surging through me;
I felt I was riding a wave.


Please Note:
There are a limited number of places available
for the Conscious Writing Group Retreat

10-13 JUNE 2016

Conscious Writing Group Retreat

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