Examples of what to expect

* Conscious Writing GROUP RETREAT 2016 *

Conscious Writing Group Retreat
Dive in to discovering your true voice
and writing from your heart with the voice of your soul

in the sacred landscape of Glastonbury
over a luxurious long weekend from



Here are some examples of what you can expect from the Conscious Writing Group Retreat

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Zen GardenDiscover new levels of what it means to discover your true voice and write from your heart with the voice of your soul.
  • Align all aspects of yourself in order to bring your whole self to the creative writing process.
  • Nourish your creative spirit through igniting, or re-igniting, the flames of your creative fire.
  • Clarify the vision you have for your writing project(s) and authorship.

pieces of the jigsaw

  • Select, organise and structure your best ideas, and explore a whole range of new ones.
  • Investigate where your personal story meets the universal story.
  • Discover the true source of your authentic writer’s voice and open the way to access it freely.
  • Reconnect with the joy of writing as a valid end in its own right.
  • FlowExperience writing in flow and sharpen the focus of your expression on the page.
  • Understand how to release your anxieties with one powerful Conscious Writing shift.
  • Overcome whatever form resistance takes to clear your path to the page.


  • Enjoy the magic that is an inherent part of the Conscious Writing process.
  • Confirm your progress, build your confidence, and feel empowered as a writer.
  • Open up to new levels of originality, and show up regularly to start, and deepen, your writing practice.
  • Step fully into your truth as a Conscious Writer to write the book(s) and other materials you are here to write.
  • Red TickEmerge positively transformed with tangible results and a body of work to advance your current, and future, writing projects.
  • Create a holistic blueprint for success as a Conscious Author including an Action Plan of next steps to keep the momentum going.
  • Experience living, creating and writing from your true self instead of your everyday self, and in the process, discover a whole new perspective on your ideas, your authorship, and your life.


Please Note:
There are a limited number of places available
for the Conscious Writing Group Retreat

10-13 JUNE 2016

Conscious Writing Group Retreat

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