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* Conscious Writing GROUP RETREAT 2016 *

Conscious Writing Group Retreat
Dive in to discovering your true voice
and writing from your heart with the voice of your soul

in the sacred landscape of Glastonbury
over a luxurious long weekend from



Feedback from Participants of Previous Conscious Writing Retreats



MaggieKay150I’ve had the most fantastic experience at the Conscious Writing retreat. Absolutely wonderful, top quality and a roaring success! Amazing mind, body and soul input. Feeling totally nourished, inspired and energised. It was a revelation; I got so much out of Julia’s incredible experience and deep understanding of conscious writing.  Taught and elucidated so eloquently.  

I found it thrilling and deeply satisfying to have learned SO much on every level. The retreat far exceeded my expectations. I loved all of the components, the depth, and it was a fantastically holistic programme.  Absolutely brilliant to meet other conscious writers. A wonderful, warm experience, and incredible value for money. What a life changing, hugely enjoyable 50th birthday present!  

Maggie Kay, Inner Wisdom Coach and founder of Thrivecraft,



JudeShaw150So, I am back from my weekend of delicious conscious living and creative writing with the talented and warm-hearted Julia McCutchen, wow, what an experience! I feel as if I’ve rediscovered my true writing self – amazing, enriching, inspiring!

Can you have your life and creativity transformed by investing in a professional and passionately put together weekend of inspiration and sharing of knowledge? Hell Yeah!

Jude Shaw, Job Coach for Adults with Learning Difficulties and Raw Food Expert,



Kelley OsborneI came with no expectations, just an openness and desire to reconnect with my inner voice through the written word. And my word, I got so much more than that! I adored the Opening and Closing ceremonies and morning practice.

It was a transformative weekend of consciously co-creating and has benefitted my life on many levels and most definitely my writing. A glorious part of my journey with consciousness, with myself. A heart centred exploration of reclaiming my authentic voice.

Kelley Osborne, Yoga Teacher



ChrisJohnson150A welcome, wonderful experience that I hope to repeat!

In gratitude and appreciation.

Chris Johnson, Psychotherapist and Author



MichelleDiener150This was my first group retreat so I didn’t know what to expect but found it invaluable. 10 out of 10 for realising my personal intentions and end results for the retreat!

There was a perfect balance of components and each one added something – time for reflection, new learning, whole being stillness and movement.  An incredible opportunity to be, grow, deepen old knowledge, learn new skills, and take it all forward.

Michelle Diener, Naturopath, Occupational Therapist and Conscious Writer


Brilliant! It took me in unexpected ways to a necessary clarification.
Thank you!

Antonella Cianfagna, Verification Agent: Security Department



Claire TaylorI thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the retreat. It was an inspiring, relaxing, lovely creative experience. I connected with my muse, gained new insights, connected with some lovely people and received some wonderful guidance – thank you!

Claire Taylor, Business Consultant, Storyteller and Writer



Donna BurgessI’d describe the Conscious Writing Retreat as barrier-busting and heart-opening! I was not expecting to be moved so much!

I was firmly but gently drawn out of my comfort zone to face aspects of myself that I normally shut down. I’m now a total convert to a more spiritual way of living. Oh, and the writing advice was pretty good too :-) I’ll be back for more!

Donna Burgess, Portfolio Manager


Debra GoldstonThis retreat was a deeply enriching experience - I would not have missed it for the world!

I achieved a surprising degree of clarity – thank you so much!  I thoroughly recommend it to anyone serious about consciously creating.

Debra Goldston, College Principla /




Precious. The retreat took the “fantasy” of writing a book into a true possibility, and affirmed for me that I can reach people with my words and have the potential be become a writer.

I have gained an invaluable gift of clarity of life purpose and how writing fits into that.

Ali Williamson-Reeves, Founder of Bluebird Befrienders: Befriending & Advocacy for Women


Powerful and transformative. More than the sum of its parts. An important step on my path as a conscious writer.

Great content and an amazing group of people. Excellent, thank you!

Felicity Collins, Labyrinth Facilitator



HelenaDodds150A remarkable retreat – days of delight and insight. Everything was perfectly aligned with my intentions and far exceeded my expectations!

I loved the full schedule – the time together and alone. The content of sessions triggered deep journeys. I have learnt so much and taken home new techniques and renewed contact with parts of myself that I haven’t been in touch with for years. It was an outward and inwards journey. Perfect!

Following the retreat I set about writing my book with positive intent. It is now complete and ready for editing.

Helena Dodds, Nia Instructor and Homework Expert




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