Logo verticalOur mission is to open the way for you to know your true self, discover your authentic voice, and express yourself consciously and creatively – on the page and in the world.

We teach a holistic approach to writing for publication that includes conscious creativity, conscious writing, developing intuition, building an authentic author platform and exploring contemporary publishing options.

We offer aspiring and published authors guidance to turn the vision of successful published authorship into reality.

Our community of writers is here to support you to create a new future where you write what you are here to write, live your true purpose, make a positive difference in the world, and connect with others who are doing the same.

We believe that:

  • Everyone can learn to overcome resistance and work consciously with the creative process to craft a powerful message to share with the world.
  • New developments in technology and communications, alongside traditional publishing options, are creating more opportunities than ever before for writers to reach their readers.
  • Capturing and correctly structuring ideas, insights and stories means that you can share your work in multiple formats and follow your impulse to reach a wide international audience.
  • Quality information, mentoring and solid support enable you to make informed decisions about the right way forwards for you and your chosen form of creative expression.
  • A ‘whole mind’ approach to writing for publication - where strategy and organization combine with the insight and imagination - leads to the most rewarding experience of authorship.
  • Your authentic voice is your real voice which comes from an alignment of body, mind, emotions and soul, where connection to all that lies beyond your everyday self infuses your words with a timeless and charismatic quality.
  • Authenticity is the key ingredient for success in the crowded marketplace today so that your voice is heard and you stand out from the crowd.
  • Writing for publication is a ‘whole person’ journey and who you become in the process is just as important as what you write.
  • The link between creativity and spirituality leads to personal growth and development which enhances the written and spoken word.
  • Having conversations with other like-minded writers and building a relationship with your readers contribute massively to the enjoyment of published authorship.
  • A conscious and creative approach to writing for publication is the way to experience genuine, long lasting success and to feel totally free to share your unique gifts and shine the light of your full potential in the world.

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