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I hope you enjoy this brief introduction to my work...

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Video#1_screenshot1In video #1: The Power of Alignment you’ll learn that Conscious Writing teaches you to write from the level of your true self rather than your everyday self where your fears and anxieties lie. I also reveal a surprise additional benefit plus a simple ‘take away action’ for you to explore the power of alignment for yourself.

In video #2: The Conscious Writing Mudra Sequence
you’ll learn an effective technique for bringing yourself into alignment as a wonderful way to prepare for doing your writing, and indeed any kind of creative work.


Video#3_screenshot1Video # 3: A Guided Meditation for Conscious Writers leads you into the deep inner space that Conscious Writing is pointing you towards where you discover your true self and the source of your true voice in preparation for authentic creative expression of all kinds in the world.



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My Story

I’ve always known there was more to life than meets the eye and felt drawn to explore life’s most important questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? What’s my purpose?

In my 20s, my long-standing passion for all things conscious and creative led me to the world of publishing where I enjoyed a rewarding and successful career publishing books on creative self-discovery.

Then a single moment in time changed the course of my life. A head injury sustained from a falling stage spotlight when I was at a publishing conference left me unable to work for over a year and overall my healing journey took seven years.

Out of the darkness and uncertainty, a priceless gift emerged – I came face to face with the true nature of reality and myself as an expression of that.

In the process, I reconnected with my true creative core, left the corporate world and have been forging my own path every since. This has led me to the work I’m doing today which is continually unfolding in new and delightful directions yet always related in one way or another to all aspects of conscious and creative living.

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Conscious Writing

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