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Julia McCutchen
Founder & Creative Director
International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers

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The Power of Alignment for Conscious Writers

Video#1_screenshot1In this video, you’ll learn that Conscious Writing teaches you to write from the level of your true self rather than your everyday self where your fears and anxieties lie.

And a powerful way to access the deepest levels of authentic truth within you is to bring all aspects of yourself into alignment; body, emotions, mind, and to connect with greater awareness beyond your everyday self.

Video#1_screenshot2This is how you discover and express your true voice.

In the video I reveal a surprise additional benefit plus a simple ‘take away action’ for you to explore the power of alignment for yourself.


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The Conscious Writing Mudra Sequence

Video#2_screenshot1The Conscious Writing Process is a series of conscious actions that serve as a direct way to transition from everyday life into the deeply present and aligned state of being you need for any kind of original creative work.

Here you'll learn one part of that process, the Conscious Writing Mudra Sequence. This is an effective stand-alone technique for bringing you into alignment and connection with greater awareness beyond your everday self. It works as a wonderful way to prepare for doing your writing, and indeed any kind of creative work.

Video#2_screenshot2Once you've learnt the simple sequence of eight gestures you can do the practice in a matter of moments whenever you need to feel grounded, centred and connected.

Or you can expand the time you spend at each position and turn it into a full practice in its own right to benefit from the balancing effects it has.


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A Guided Meditation for Conscious Writers

Video#3_screenshot1This guided meditation practice leads you to explore one of the core questions at the heart of Conscious Writing which all Conscious Writers need to ask themselves.

The significance of it is that it leads you into the deep inner space that Conscious Writing is pointing you towards where you discover your true self and the source of your true voice in preparation for authentic expression in the world.

Video#3_screenshot2Set aside at least 15 to 20 minutes for the practice and have your writing tools ready.

And watch out for the final tip at the very end of the video which is the single most popular tip with the people I work with because it's very simple but makes a big difference to the quality of your creative work.

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