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Can Mindfulness Make You a Better Writer?
A sceptical Anita Chaudhuri finds out for Psychologies magazine...


Psychologies Review

‘You are now standing on a beach looking out over the ocean. The sand is soft and white. The sea is calm and a brilliant turquoise. You feel the warmth of a hot sun overhead seeping through you, relaxing you even more deeply, as you let go of the everyday world....’

Good riddance everyday world, this is the life. Only in reality I’m not basking on golden sand at a ritzy five-star resort, I’m in a conference room in London’s Notting Hill where author Julia McCutchen’s beautiful voice is leading us through a guided meditation. In her forthcoming book Conscious Writing, she suggests that mindfulness can make writing easier and more enjoyable.

To be honest I was skeptical about this before I arrived. All very well to make such claims if you don’t have to write for a living, facing a barrage of daunting deadlines. That said, I find myself drifting off into a lovely daydream without a care in the world when abruptly I’m given the instruction: ‘Pick up your writing tools and begin your writing now...’

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Inklings of a Bookworm Guest Blog Post:
Susan Nefzger on Conscious Writing by Julia McCutchen


Susan Nefzger CW Book Review

Seeking to clear a writer’s block or gain inspiration to begin your writing? If you are interested in a holistic, spiritual way of clearing the way to creativity in your writing, look no further. Julia McCutchen shares her pioneering movement, Conscious Writing, in her newest publication, Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More.

According to McCutchen, “Conscious Writing is an original approach to creative awakening, which leads you to discover your true self and express your true voice on the page and in the world.”

Transformed through a crippling accident that took seven years from which to recover, the former publishing executive completely changed her perspective resulting in an expansion of consciousness that she shares through her passion for writing.

In the forward, author Eric Maisel of Coaching the Artist Within says, “Writing is only incidentally about words-it is more fundamentally about showing up, paying attention, being authentic-and growing conscious. All this Julia McCutchen explains beautifully in her new book, Conscious Writing.

Through a step-by-step process, the book outlines the ways in which we, as writers, can clear our minds and our consciousness in order to permit the flow of creativity to happen.

This process allows us to access our authentic voice and write what we are meant to write, not what we think we should be writing. As such, the message and the voice are unique to our experience. Writers, if you have a message for the world, reading this book will help you share it.

Continue reading of Insights and Guidance! By Faith
An excellent book, full of so many insights and guidance to becoming more conscious and authentic with your writing. Great for anyone thinking about writing a book or even a blog and also for those already doing it! I can't recommend this book highly enough!

Highly recommended By Jeanine
A new approach to writing, Julia's takes us on a journey that is both remarkable, enlightening and rewarding. Discovering our authentic creative voice is a new paradigm to our writing experience. Highly recommended.

Experience as you read By Helena
The clear calm and beautiful way this book is written puts you right in touch with conscience writing. I've not read all yet. So far, the journey is inspirational.

Amazon.comA Winner For Writers Looking to Find Their Voice and Write Authentically By Lisa C. Tener
How does one write with an authentic voice? Conscious writing provides the tools--and a specific set of steps--to write from a deep place. McCutchen teaches readers to start with silence and discover a deeper sense of knowing from there. Conscious Writing is part inspiration, part detailed toolkit and manual, satisfying both left brain and right--the yin and the yang, as McCutchen puts it. Readers will likely find themselves in the stories of clients who were blocked and broke through by using this process. A publishing industry veteran, Julia McCutchen came to this work through a healing process she undertook, employing the healing tools to the writing process.

Step by Step Process Elevates Your Writing By Susan Nefzger
The step by step process described in the book, along with excellent research embodies a true holistic approach to writing that accomplishes a total transformation in your writing and within yourself. The book is excellent with easy to follow exercises and tips for making the transition from business, everyday, ordinary writing to Conscious Writing. The difference in my writing has been a dramatic breakthrough!

I love this book! By CCB
I pre-ordered this book and was not disappointed upon receipt! The book has really resonated with me for a number of reasons. I blog about living authentically and this book has helped me to confirm that my real voice is being shared with my audience. To me, the book has energy within its pages and has forever transformed how I view myself as a writer. The author is authentic and reachable. You can tell that she really cares about what she is teaching and is truly living from her heart.



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