Past Events

  • Mindful Writing for Conscious Writers

    Mindful Writing for Conscious Writers

    Guest Brenda Miller
    Date Thursday 7th March

    How do we create space for writing or creativity in a world crowded with many distractions? How can we gain access to our deeper selves in the midst of our busy lives? In The Pen & The Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World, Brenda Miller and Holly J. Hughes guide us in contemplative and writing practices that help us pay attention in simple and profound ways.

    At the heart of mindful writing is the ability to slow down and simply observe what is happening, both inside and outside the self. In this conversation with Brenda Miller, she will describe how the power of detailed observation can be translated into writing, and how writing, itself, can become an important contemplative practice.

    We will cover many topics, including:

    • How to create physical and mental space for mindfulness and writing
    • How to heighten awareness as a basis for writing
    • How to practice writing that articulates the concrete, tactile, sensory world
    • How to write quickly, but effectively
    • How to take risks in writing
    • How to write both alone and in community.

    Brenda Miller is the author of three essay collections that explore spirituality and writing: Season of the Body (Sarabande Books, 2002), Blessing of the Animals (Eastern Washington University Press, 2009), and Listening Against the Stone (Skinner House Books, 2011). She is co-author of The Pen and the Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World (Skinner House Books, 2012), and Tell it Slant: Creating, Refining and Publishing Creative Nonfiction (McGraw-Hill, 2012). She has received six Pushcart Prizes for her work. She is a Professor of English at Western Washington University, and the Editor-in-Chief of Bellingham Review. For more information see

  • How to Develop a Book Marketing Plan

    How to Develop a Book Marketing Plan

    Guest Dana Lynn Smith
    Date Thursday 7th February

    No matter where you are in your publishing journey, a good marketing plan is critical to success.

    • If you're writing a book proposal to submit to agents or publishers, you'll need to include a marketing plan outline to convince them that you understand how to promote the book.
    • If you're in the process of writing your book, it's important to get your marketing foundation in place early and start building a following now.
    • If your book is already published, you need a strategic action plan to make the best use of your time and resources for maximum results.

    The key to successful book marketing is to understand your target audiences and develop a strategic plan for reaching them and persuading them to buy. Here's what you'll learn in this interview:

    • What marketing tools you need to have in place before your book is published
    • What steps to follow in creating your book marketing plan
    • How your website serves as the hub of everything you do
    • What are the most important promotional strategies for nonfiction, novels, and children's books
    • How to overcome five common roadblocks to successful book marketing

    Don't wait too late or let inertia or lack of marketing knowledge keep you from realizing the full potential of your book. Get started now on the road to successful book sales.  

    Dana Lynn Smith, The Savvy Book Marketer, helps authors and indie publishers learn how to sell more books through her how-to guides, training programs, blog, newsletter, and private coaching. She has 17 years of publishing experience and a degree in marketing. Dana is the author of seven book marketing guides including How to Get Your Book Reviewed and How to Sell More Books on Amazon, as well as the acclaimed Savvy Book Marketing Newsletter. Her newest training program is the Ultimate Book Marketing Plan Workshop. For more information visit

  • On Being a Writer: A Path of Enquiry

    On Being a Writer: A Path of Enquiry

    Guest Robert Holden
    Date Thursday 10th January

    True creativity has been described as a living enquiry and the creative act of writing is replete with uncertainty. This can deter all but the most committed creative souls from facing the blank page with courage and fortitude.

    Yet, when we approach writing as a path of enquiry, we learn to ‘live the questions’ as Rainer Maria Rilke famously advised in his seminal work Letters to a Young Poet. In doing so, the answers gradually present themselves.

    As writers, our enquiry leads to answers about the deepest levels of our content and how we can become an open-hearted conduit for the right words to meet the page.

    With multiple bestselling books to his name, Robert Holden explains, ‘Writing helps me to make sense of my life. Through my journal, blog, Facebook posts, and books, writing supports me to pay attention and avoid falling into the unconscious daily blur.  It helps me to be present, to listen, to learn, and to live.’

    In this interview, we will explore writing as a meditative path of enquiry and discuss:

    • The purpose of writing – what inspires you to write?
    • Writing as a spiritual practice – who is doing the writing?
    • Your relationship with the blank page, and how to make friends with it.
    • Not feeling ready to write, and other common blocks to writing.
    • Your dialogue with your inner critic – how to write and be free.
    • Recognizing your authentic voice, and daring to be more authentic.

    Robert Holden’s work on psychology and spirituality has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, a PBS special Shift Happens! and in two major BBC-TV documentaries. He is author of Happiness NOW!, Shift Happens!, Authentic Success (formerly titled Success Intelligence), Be Happy, Loveability and Holy Shift! 365 Meditations from A Course in Miracles. His latest book is Life Loves You co-written with Louise Hay. Robert writes a weekly newsletter for his website and hosts a weekly show on Hay House Radio called Shift Happens!  He posts daily on his Facebook page (drrobertholden).  See

  • Heal Yourself with Writing

    Heal Yourself with Writing

    Guest Catherine Ann Jones
    Date Thursday 6th December

    Our lives may be determined less by past events than by the way we remember them. Expressing and listening to one’s own life story is an ancient mode of healing.

    So how do we learn to listen more to the stories that heal? Put together the pieces of our past? And rewrite our life story so that pain becomes meaningful and promotes growth and transformation?

    In this interview, award winning author and IACCW Expert Catherine Ann Jones will lead us through a step-by-step journey of discovery and re-visioning which revolves around focused journaling, a practice that can enable healing and empowerment. You will learn how to make meaning out of memory and put the past where it belongs — behind you.

    By the end, you will have an insight into:

    • The story you are living and why you want what you can’t have
    • What soul dialogues are and how they help us get in touch with our inner visionary
    • The powerful transformational mirror of focused journaling
    • How to integrate opposites by standing in the light and facing the darkness
    • What it means to transcend archetypes and discover your personal myth
    • Going beyond traditional psychology and overcome trauma
    • The best way to create space and time for inner growth.

    Catherine Ann Jones holds a graduate degree in Depth Psychology and Archetypal Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute where she has also taught. In addition to being an award-winning playwright (On the Edge, The Women of Cedar Creek) and screenwriter (The Christmas Wife, Unlikely Angel, and for the Touched by an Angel series),  Jones was a Fulbright Research Scholar to India studying shamanism, and has taught at The New School University, University of Southern California, and the Esalen and the Omega Institutes. Her books are The Way of Story: The Craft & Soul of Writing and Heal Your Self with Writing. Jones lives in Ojai, California, and leads The Way of Story and Heal Your Self with Writing workshops throughout the United States, U.K., Europe, and Asia.

  • Transform Your Beliefs as a Conscious Writer using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

    Transform Your Beliefs as a Conscious Writer using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

    Guest Kate Marillat
    Date Thursday 8th November

    New Science is proving that it is our core beliefs that control our thought patterns, provide fuel for our emotions, drive the chemical changes in our body and essentially produce our reactions and attractions to the external world.

    Are your beliefs about success, failure or exposure keeping you from the page? Do you believe your work is ‘good enough?’ Is writing ‘hard’ work or do you believe it can be easy?

    Using the widely accepted and scientifically proven energy psychology modality, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) it is possible to dissolve any negative emotions and trace them back to when this reaction and belief was first imprinted.

    In this interview, Kate Marillat will take you on an interactive journey to discover how your beliefs are shaping your relationship with writing, and more importantly, discover how you can transform them using EFT.

    You will learn:

    • Why your beliefs are so important & how you formed them from past experiences
    • How the emotional impact of your beliefs could be hindering your writing success
    • Your emotional reaction to your writing identity
    • How EFT can help you regain control of your emotional reactions and be as creativity productive as possible.
    • How to use basic EFT; Kate will guide you through an interactive EFT sequence so you can experience this life-changing technique first hand and use it for times of creative overwhelm, writer’s block and even manifesting literary success.

    Kate Marillat is an author, coach, EFT trainer, and all round motivator. Her first non-fiction book Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life EFT Tapping using Matrix Reimprinting was published by Hay House and received accolades from Robert Holden, Sonia Choquette and Dr.Bruce Lipton.

    Kate Marillat combines her expert knowledge of EFT and creativity to ease people into a state of flow and attract the success they deserve. Through personal sessions, webinars and workshops, she empowers writers to transform their beliefs about living a creative life, eliminate procrastination and develop a deep respect for their imaginative work and emotional wellbeing. Read more at

  • Do You Need a Literary Agent?

    Do You Need a Literary Agent?

    Guest Susan Mears
    Date Thursday 11th October

    Over the last few years, the world of publishing has changed dramatically. A whole range of publishing solutions are now available for writers who feel inspired to share their ideas, insights and stories with the world at large.

    Empowering though this may be for aspiring authors and those who are already working on their second or third books; it’s also a double-edge sword as it raises important questions about what the best route to market actually is. It also requires informed decisions to be made about which professionals to work with.

    In this interview, experienced literary agent Susan Mears will bring you up-to-date with the latest developments in publishing and explain:

    • How to decide on self-publishing or traditional publishing for your book(s)
    • What level of marketing is right for you whichever publishing option you choose
    • If you need a literary agent and what the benefits are from working with one
    • How to find and approach an agent professionally and with confidence
    • How the market is evolving and what to focus on to succeed as an author today

    Susan Mears trained in publishing at Random House and worked as a Senior Editor in three other publishers before founding the Susan Mears Literary Agency in 1993. Since then she has worked internationally representing her authors to the major publishing houses and also to her extensive contacts in the fields of film and television. Her main base is in London but she also maintains a presence in Dubai and New York. Her agency has a tremendous reputation for discovering new talent and has taken a number of authors from start up author to international bestseller status. For more information visit

  • Content Marketing for Conscious Writers

    Content Marketing for Conscious Writers

    Guest Michelle Carvill
    Date Thursday 6th September

    Once upon a time the publishing of content for a wide audience was in the domain of a few publishing houses, broadcasters and media moguls. Today, anyone can publish written, audio or video material, and share it with the world simply via their mobile phones.

    This freedom to publish means there is content overload. So, how do you cut through the noise and ensure that your content is compelling, useful, and encourages people to do what you want with it?

    Whether your objective is to get someone to read your book, subscribe to your blog, share your content with others or purchase something, you need to begin by asking and answering a few questions:  what’s your objective, who are your audience, where are they, and how can you engage with them?

    By the end of this talk you will understand:

    • How to make the most of the content you create and share on social media channels.
    • Why the concept of ‘You are what you share’ – is an important one.
    • How to think objectively about your goals and social media activity, and answer one key question before you begin.
    • The best way to put a strategy in place for creating fresh and purposeful content regularly.
    • The simple and effective model of Plan, Listen, Analyse to help you deliver on your specific objectives.
    • How blogging is a central and flexible vehicle to share your content and strengthen your visibility online.

    Michelle Carvill is Founder of Carvill Creative – a marketing, social media and web agency founded in 2002 – and is co-author of The Business of Being Social – A Practical Guide to Harnessing, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for Business . Michelle provides strategic marketing advice to clients covering both traditional and online marketing. Passionate about 'the digital future' – she advises clients on creative Online Marketing Communication Strategies, Social Media Strategies and Website Effectiveness Planning. Whilst experience counts for much of her knowledge, Michelle is a fully ‘qualified’ marketer with a Masters in Business & Marketing. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a fully qualified Chartered Marketer. For more information see

  • How To Make Every Day a Writing Day

    How To Make Every Day a Writing Day

    Guest Judy Reeves
    Date Thursday 9th August

    Every writer dreams of “getting away”, of finding a time and place where she can really focus on her writing. A mountain cabin; a cottage by the sea; a secret, hidden retreat where there are no “musts” or “have tos” or “shoulds.” If we could just get away, we think, we could get that novel written, get a serious start on our memoir, finish that short story,  screenplay or book we started months ago. “Away” is where we long to be as we arm-wrestle the elements of our daily lives to make time for our writing.  

    But what if “away” is a state of mind and that secret, hidden retreat is as near as your sofa or kitchen table or the café around the corner? It’s called writing practice and it’s in creating such a practice that the novel or memoir or story will actually get written. Through writing practice, every day becomes a writing day.  

    Writing practice is setting aside a time every day (half an hour, an hour, even 15 minutes), when you put pen to page or fingers to keyboard and write. By taking the time for writing practice, you honor yourself as writer. When you write on a daily basis your self-confidence increases. You explore what interests you; you’re free to make mistakes, to roam the far edges of your imagination, and in the practice, you become a better writer. You become a writer who writes.

    In this interview, you’ll learn:

    • How to create a daily writing practice
    • Tips and techniques for finding time and creating space
    • How to get started (and how to keep going)
    • Why and how to use writing prompts
    • What stuck looks like and how to get unstuck
    • How to avoid the critic, the editor and the censor
    • What the 12 essential guidelines for writers are

    Judy Reeves is a writer, teacher, and writing practice provocateur who has written four books on writing including A Writer's Book of Days and Writing Alone, Writing Together. Her work has appeared in magazines, journals, anthologies and in the spoken word compilation First Friday: Year 3. She's also the editor of the Brown Bag Anthology, and a cofounder of the Writing Center, a nonprofit literary arts organization. In addition to leading writing practice groups, Judy holds private workshops, teaches at University of California San Diego Extension; San Diego Writers, Ink; and writing conferences internationally. She lives in San Diego, CA. Visit her online at

  • How to Write a Highly Successful Book Proposal

    How to Write a Highly Successful Book Proposal

    Guest Lisa Tener
    Date Thursday 5th July

    People often ask whether it's still possible for a first time author to get a book deal with a major publisher. The answer is a resounding YES!

    Many first time authors sign 5- and 6-figure book deals with HarperCollins, Random House, Simon and Schuster, Hay House, Beyond Words and many more top publishers. One of the secrets to their success is writing a truly compelling book proposal.

    If you've read the books about book proposals but aren't sure how to apply the specifics to your book, or if you wonder what's going through an agent's or publisher's mind as they read each section of the proposal, look no further.

    By the end of this interview you will understand:

    • 5 secrets for 6-figure book deals
    • What agents and publishers really want to know
    • Everything you need to write a highly successful book proposal
    • How to think like an agent or publisher
    • The 3 biggest mistakes to avoid
    • The easiest, most effective and quickest ways to build your author platform

     Author Expert and Award Winning Book Proposal Coach Lisa Tener specializes in helping experts, enlightened entrepreneurs and others write and publish a compelling how-to book, self-help book or memoir—taking them step-by-step through her unique process. She teaches on the faculty of Harvard Medical School’s CME publishing course, at national writing conferences, and in her own private book writing courses.  Lisa’s clients have signed 5- and 6-figure publishing deals with major publishers and appeared on the Today Show, Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN and in national publications. Lisa has been on ABC World News, PBS TV and been quoted in Glamour, USA Weekend, The Boston Globe, and Providence Journal. She is a published author and creator of the Stevie Award winning Bring Your Book to Life Program. She blogs on writing and publishing on the Huffington Post. See

  • 6 Things Conscious Writers Need to Know About Memoir Writing

    6 Things Conscious Writers Need to Know About Memoir Writing

    Guest Linda Joy Myers
    Date Thursday 7th June

    Are you writing a memoir? Prepare for an amazing and inspiring journey into your legacies and soul journey.                         

    Memoir writing draws on all aspects of who we are— body, mind and soul. We are challenged to dig deep, to remember, and once again inhabit the skin of who we were and what we have learned. Writing a memoir is an act of testimony, witnessing, healing. When you write a memoir, you draw upon layers of your consciousness and discover your true nature, your essential self, and are transformed by the process.

    For every journey into the unknown you need guides and skills—and a little magic—to make the discoveries that will enhance your life. In memoir writing these skills are guiding principles that help you create a great story.

    In this interview you will learn:

    • How to find the turning points that illuminate the themes of your memoir.
    • How to create scenes that bring your story alive—and why you need scenes.
    • What the various narrators do in your story to manage time and guide the reader.
    • Find the themes that will hook your reader into turning the pages.
    • How writing your authentic truths will free you from the past.
    • That memoir is a path of transformation and healing—for you and your readers.

    Linda Joy Myers is president and founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, and has been a therapist for 33 years in Berkeley, CA. She's the author of Gold Medal prize winning Don't Call Me Mother—A Daughter's Journey from Abandonment to Forgiveness, The Power of Memoir—How to Write Your Healing Story, and Journey of Memoir. Linda co-edited the anthology The Times They Were A'Changing—Women Remember the 60s & 70s. Three of her books, including her first book Becoming Whole—Writing Your Healing Story have been finalists in the ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award. Her fiction, non-fiction, and memoir pieces have been published in literary journals and online. She writes for the Huffington Post, and co-teaches the program Write Your Memoir in Six Months. Linda is a speaker about memoir, healing, and the power of writing the truth, and offers editing, coaching, and manuscript evaluation for memoir, nonfiction, and fiction writers. See

  • How to Craft Compelling Online Courses from Your Creative Content

    How to Craft Compelling Online Courses from Your Creative Content

    Guest Mark Matousek
    Date Thursday 3rd May

    Most of us who write understand that earning an abundant living exclusively from writing books is the exception rather than the rule. This is the case even when our books are published and promoted by traditional publishers (or not as the case may be!) and we’re actively engaged in building our platform to connect directly with our readers.

    The reality is that the bulk of our income as authors is likely to come from the related activities we create to share our ideas, insights and stories. There are multiple possibilities for doing so such as speaking engagements, leading workshops and retreats, offering mentoring and more.

    One of the most popular options today, particularly for appealing to an international audience, is to develop online courses – taught live and through audio or video – to share the material from any body of work we’ve created, including books.

    In this session, you’ll learn how to:

    • See your content with fresh eyes and understand what participants will need
    • Extract material from what you already have and add practical details to craft your course
    • Turn one book or body of work into several different online courses
    • Identify the best way to teach your course – live and/or through video and audio
    • Decide whether to offer your course exclusively to your own audience or partner with others for a broader reach

    Mark Matousek is the award-winning author of five books, a featured blogger for Psychology Today, Purple Clover, and Huffington Post, and contributor to numerous anthologies and publications including The New Yorker, O: The Oprah Magazine (contributing editor), The New York Times Magazine, and many others. A popular lecturer and writing teacher, he is on the faculty of the New York Open Center, The Omega Institute, The Mandala Center, Kripalu, and Esalen, amongst others, and is the Creative Director of V-Men (with Eve Ensler), an organization devoted to ending violence against women and girls. His latest book is Ethical Wisdom for Friends. For more information see

  • The Power of Self-Belief: Owning Your Worth as a Writer with a Message

    The Power of Self-Belief: Owning Your Worth as a Writer with a Message

    Guest Nancy Levin
    Date Thursday 5th April

    Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I to write a book?” Are you longing to share your own experience in service of others, but question being good enough? Do you desire giving voice to your truth, yet also fear being fully seen?

    Your greatest gift, your most powerful power is giving voice to your truth. True connection and intimacy can only be found when our vulnerabilities meet in that sweet spot of resonance and recognition. We need your truth because when we read it or hear it, we also feel it—giving us permission to feel ourselves.

    During this interview, best-selling author, master coach and lifelong writer Nancy Levin will guide you to recognize, harness and actualize your strengths inside, as she sheds light on themes including:

    • Uncovering, revealing and expressing your truth
    • Listening the whispers you’ve been shooing away
    • Honoring your resistance
    • Shifting the limiting shadow beliefs that are blocking your power
    • Unconcealing the unconscious commitments that are sabotaging your success
    • Reclaiming your worth out from the hands of others so you’re no longer seeking external validation  

    Nancy Levin is the author of Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth, Jump … And Your Life Will Appear, Writing For My Life. She’s a Master Integrative Coach and the creator of the Jump Coaching and Worthy Coaching Programs, working with clients – privately and in groups – to live in alignment with their own truth and desires. She was the Event Director at Hay House for 12 years and hosts her own weekly call-in show Jump Start Your Life on Hay House Radio. Nancy received her Masters in Creative Writing and Poetics from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado and she continues to live in the Rocky Mountains. You can visit her online at

  • A Conscious & Creative Approach to Launching & Marketing Your Blog

    A Conscious & Creative Approach to Launching & Marketing Your Blog

    Guest Marianne Pestana
    Date Thursday 8th March

    Move from 'How to Wow' in developing a blog that follows your conscious path while inspiring your creativity, and your readers!  

    Many people struggle with developing content for blogging and particularly with self promoting. Yet there are many simple (and in many cases free) tools to keep you authentic and excited about blogging and marketing your unique gifts.

    In this session, you’ll learn how to find creativity in your day, how to market yourself with a conscious approach as well as creative and inspiring ways to move into being a more expansive blogger generally. We’ll discuss:

    • What to think about before launching your blog
    • What platforms are the easiest to use in creating your blog
    • Tools to turn on your creativity
    • How staying heart-centred attracts your tribe online
    • Shifting perspectives to shift your writing world
    • Marketing 101 for the conscious blogger
    • Taking your blog to the next level with heart-centred marketing
    • Shining you light in the world one blog post at a time

    Marianne Pestana is the highly acclaimed radio show host of Moments with Marianne on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network & WMEX 1510AM Boston, heard in over 135 countries with over 800k listeners.  Marianne’s entrepreneur experience, previously as a VP of Sales and currently a highly successful Literary Publicist, Marketing insider and Social Media Strategist for over 13 years, has uniquely equipped her to train and mentor thousands of people worldwide from first time entrepreneurs to high level CEOs and corporations. Her conscious and intuitive perspective to life and business provides an innovative and out of the box approach that inspires all those she comes in contact with. For more information visit and

    It’s time for you to stand in the light, add more fun to your creative process and shine!

  • What Conscious Writers Need to Know About Writer's Block

    What Conscious Writers Need to Know About Writer's Block

    Guest Rosanne Bane
    Date Thursday 1st February

    Most writers wonder at times what the heck is going on inside their heads when they want to write, but can’t.

    Why do we make progress with our writing for while, then – for no reason we can discern – sabotage our own best efforts? Why do we procrastinate, follow distractions, criticize ourselves, demand perfection and delay the writing that we’ve been given to share?

    It’s so easy to slide into blaming ourselves and feeling embarrassed, guilty and confused. But we don’t experience resistance because we lack will power, discipline or talent. We move forward and we jump back from the thrill/anxiety of writing because that’s what our brains are wired to do. Resistance is just as normal and instinctual as the desire to create.

    When we understand what’s happening inside our brain, we can learn to overcome resistance in the moment and rewire our brain in the long term to develop productive, sustainable writing habits.

    In this session with self-professed brain geek Rosanne Bane, you will:

    • Learn about your brain in easy-to-understand, layperson’s terms
    • Understand why a limbic system takeover trumps your writing commitment and creativity
    • Discover what you can do to reverse those limbic system takeovers and put your creative cortex back in the driver’s seat
    • Recognize why habits are far more valuable and reliable than discipline or will power
    • Identify the three habits that support the writing life
    • Decide which habits you’re ready to adopt and design your commitment plan to build those habits
    • Gain appreciation for your own efforts so far, and be reassured that you can be the writer you want to be and the world needs you to be.

    Rosanne Bane, M.A. is a creativity coach, teaching artist, speaker and author of Around the Writer’s Block: Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance and Dancing in the Dragon’s Den: Rekindling the Creative Fire in Your Shadow. A veteran teaching artist of more than 20 years at the Loft Literary Center, University of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota, StoryStudio Literary Center and elsewhere, Rosanne has helped thousands of writers, artists and creative people of all sorts achieve their professional goals and make their creative dreams reality.

    Rosanne specializes in helping creative people understand why it’s so hard (at times) to do the very thing they love to do. Her books, coaching and classes show writers how to break through resistance so they can stop feeling disappointed, frustrated and guilty and get back to doing what they do best and love most. For more information, visit and

  • Creating from the Space Within

    Creating from the Space Within

    Guest Michael Neill
    Date Thursday 4th January

    There is a space within us where the screenwriter Sacha Gervasi tells us, "time stands still and creative ideas flow through like a river.” It’s the space of pure possibility - point zero for any creative endeavor.

    Join me alongside Michael Neill, author of The Space Within, for a fascinating exploration of how close at hand this deeper potential sits, and how to find it within yourself and spend more time in it in your work.

    We will explore:

    • Why self-esteem and self-confidence are largely irrelevant to your success as a writer
    • How to shift your relationship with a blank page
    • A different way of thinking about discipline
    • Spending more time in the river and less time sitting watching from the shore
    • How do you know when you're done?

    Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within. He has spent over 25 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, and creative spark plug to celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and people who want to get more out of themselves and their lives. His books have been translated into 17 languages, and his public talks, retreats, and seminars have touched and transformed lives at the United Nations and on six continents around the world. Michael’s weekly radio show, Living from the Inside Out, has been a listener favorite on Hay House Radio for over a decade; his TEDx talk, 'Why Aren't We Awesomer?', has been viewed by over 150,000 people around the world. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook, and get access to the Caffeine for the Soul podcast and blog at

  • Ensouling Language: The Art of Non-Fiction for Conscious Writers

    Ensouling Language: The Art of Non-Fiction for Conscious Writers

    Guest Stephen Harrod Buhner
    Date Thursday 7th December

    Too often, in our time, writing lacks the luminosity that can make the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Rather than exciting the reader’s soul, it deadens the sensitivity of the heart to the touch of the world upon us, a process that the great literary critic Geoffrey Hartman calls aestheticide.

    The attempts to reduce writing to a series of technical skills in so many writing programs throughout the west, contribute to what literary critic Elif Batuman describes as “the publication of more excellently written books than have ever been published but that no one wants to read.” They have forgotten the most essential thing; how to tell a story that matters.

    Approaching writing as a sacred art, Stephen Buhner explores the core of the craft: the communication of deep meaning that feeds not just the mind but also the soul of the reader. Tapping into the powerful archetypes within language, he shows how to enrich your writing by following “golden threads” of inspiration while understanding the crucial invisibles essential to the art of both fiction and nonfiction.

    By the end of this in-depth interview, you will have an appreciation of how to:

    • craft language with feeling and vision, employ altered states of mind to access the writing trance, and clear your work by recognizing the powerful sway of clichéd thinking and hidden baggage
    • intentionally generate duende--that physical/emotional response to art that gives you chills, opens up unrecognized aspects of reality, or simply resonates in your soul
    • infuse your nonfiction, especially how-to and self-help, with the same power and luminosity as great fiction 
    • reliably induce the dreaming state from which all great writing comes, and apply the core perceptual tools of analogical thinking and the capacity for deep feeling
    • explore the subtle techniques of powerful writing, from inducing associational dreaming in the reader, to language symmetry, sound patterning, foreshadowing, feeling flow, and more. 

    Stephen Harrod Buhner is the multiple-award-winning author of 17 works of nonfiction and one of poetry. He is fully supported by his writing and believes that any writer who puts the depths of themselves into their work and learns how to concentrate that luminous essence powerfully into language can do so as well. He doesn’t like contemporary American literature much (which he considers to fit into the “Drama” category, making it a genre, just not a very enjoyable one).

    He lives in New Mexico on the edge of the Gila wilderness where he is involved in working with wild plant ecosystems, ensouling habitation through a long term project with an abandoned adobe warehouse, and music where he is working to capture the power of duende and language in a newly emerging combined medium. For over twenty years he traveled widely throughout the U.S. and the Western European Isles teaching about duende, Earth relationship, and wild plant medicines. He is currently at work on his 19th book. For more information, visit


  • Navigating the Seven Stages of Creativity

    Navigating the Seven Stages of Creativity

    Guest David Ulrich
    Date Thursday 9th November

    One of the hallmarks of the creative process is readily distinguishable stages of evolution, from conception through completion. Understanding these stages in an experiential manner can help fulfill our creative potential and assist us in deeply serving others through our works.

    In this interview, creativity is viewed as a path towards self-realization, a means of opening to the depth mind, a fertile ground for the necessary encounter with our demons and resistances, and a marriage of self with the sources from which our works spring.

    An awareness of the evolutionary unfolding of the creative process can ally creativity with the search for consciousness, help us open to authenticity and revelation, and assist in unseating the dominance of the ego towards a state of “non-doing” where power and insight may gracefully flow through our pens and minds.

    In this interview, you will learn to:

    • Identify and fully engage the seven stages of creativity
    • Find greater connection to the “writer within,” free of fear and self-limiting inner dialogue.
    • Open to the resonant sources of epiphany and insight, which lie waiting within us all.
    • Use creativity as a means towards self-revealment and greater consciousness of both: the inner and outer worlds.
    • Discover your authentic voice, that which grows from your identity and being
    • Learn techniques for a disciplined approach to craft and for bringing works to fruition and completion.
    • Explore disintegrating your ego and integrating your shadow, and how these dynamics may assist you in growing towards wholeness, authenticity, and fluid creativity—and become a contributory force in the world.

    David Ulrich is a photographer and writer. He is the author of The Widening Stream: the Seven Stages of Creativity, and the co-editor of Through Our Eyes: A Photographic View of Hong Kong by its Youth. His work has been published in numerous books and journals including Aperture, Parabola, MANOA, and Sierra Club publications. He is a Consulting Editor to Parabola Magazine and a frequent contributor. Ulrich’s photographs have been exhibited internationally in over seventy-five one-person and group exhibitions nationwide. He is a program coordinator and faculty member of Pacific New Media, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. He is currently finishing a memoir/essay on seeing and visual perception: Longing for Light: Into the Heart of Vision. Visit and

  • Creating Time to Write

    Creating Time to Write

    Guest Marney K. Makridakis
    Date Thursday 5th October

    For many writers, time is one of the biggest obstacles to fulfilling their potential. But what if you could mould, craft, and create time to be anything you would like it to be based on the understanding that time is in your hands?

    Marney K. Makridakis teaches a pioneering approach to time that goes way beyond time management, and shows how to create time through enlightening ideas, creative perspectives and self-revealing projects to reshape the ways you view, and use, time.

    When we are not chasing time or wishing time was different, we finally set our souls free to write what we are meant to write, and live the lives we are meant to live.

    In a dynamic conversation tailored specifically for writers, Marney will introduce her approach to time and explain the practical tools you need to create time for your writing and for enriching the whole spectrum of meaning and purpose in your life.

    By the end you will understand:

    • Why traditional time management techniques often don’t work for writers
    • An alternative approach to integrate into our writing – and our whole lives
    • The main challenges that writers have with time
    • Creative, innovative approaches to address these challenges
    • How a new relationship with time can dramatically impact your writing and your life

    Time is the ultimate scapegoat when things aren’t going our way, but it is also is the ultimate resource when we can finally learn to tap into its expansiveness and partner with it in new ways.

    Marney K. Makridakis is the author of Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life. She founded the Artella online community for creators of all kinds and the print magazine Artella. A popular speaker and workshop leader, she created the ARTbundance approach of self-discovery through art. She lives in Dallas, Texas. Visit her online at and

  • The Inside Story of Indpendent Publishing

    The Inside Story of Indpendent Publishing

    Guest Michelle Pilley
    Date Thursday 7th September

    The publishing landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. The days of traditional publishers exclusively holding the keys to the gates of authorship are long gone, and the digital revolution continues to present a mix of both challenges and blessings for publishers and authors alike.

    Independent publishers have always been a strong creative force in the publishing world. Those who are thriving in the market today have developed a different, sustainable way of publishing which has enabled their businesses and their authors to thrive.

    Hay House is a shining example of the new face of independent publishing. As a curator of content, they lead the way with a strong commitment to finding creative solutions for one of the key questions facing us all: how to put great books in front of the people who are interested in reading them?

    Join us to hear what Hay House UK managing director and publisher Michelle Pilley has to say on:

    • How the book industry has changed in the last five years
    • Where traditional publishers still triumph over self-publishing
    • What makes an author attractive to an independent publisher
    • How to develop a strong author profile and platform
    • The challenges in the market right now
    • Future opportunities for authors

    Michelle Pilley is the managing director and publisher of Hay House UK. She started work as an assistant to a Publisher of a vintage car and bike company and did her editorial training at a business consultancy. After a couple of years travelling, Michelle returned to the UK to work for Waterstone’s where she was able to explore her passion for spirituality and Mind Body Spirit topics, and draft the first Waterstone’s MBS core stock list. Her next move took her to HarperCollins as a Commissioning Editor for Aquarian and Thorson’s books, where she became the Senior Commissioning Editor for MBS. Then keen to leave London and in search of a new challenge, Michelle accepted the job of Features Editor for Kindred Spirit magazine. After 3 years she was lured back to publishing to help set up Anita Roddick’s publishing house, and finally joined Hay House Inc in 2002 to help to form Hay House UK.  See

  • Show Don't Tell: How Conscious Writers Can Bring the Page to Life

    Show Don't Tell: How Conscious Writers Can Bring the Page to Life

    Guest William Noble
    Date Thursday 10th August

    Imagine you are at the theatre watching an exciting spy drama. The stage action is poised, the spy cornered in an empty room and rescue seems remote. Stage shadows lengthen, the spy hears someone at the door. He looks frantically one way, then the other...

    Everything stops. The lights come up and the director walks out on stage. “Good evening,” he says, “we're at an important moment in the play, and what you are seeing is the play's 'climax' where excitement and drama peak, and the story begins to get resolved...”

    This is the essence of Show Don't Tell and why writers should strive to “show” and not “tell.” Showing offers images, presents a picture, provides a scene where things happen, characters interact and story moves forward. Telling explains and lectures about what's being shown, and when this happens, story progress comes to a halt. Images dry up, characters turn wooden, the audience grows restless.

    In the interview, we'll touch on numerous ways a creative writer can “show” so the reader can see or hear images sparked by words on the page. It works the same with nonfiction as with fiction, with memoir or biography as with a novel or short story. The writer portrays or “shows,” and the reader sees and hears.

    We'll discuss:                       

    • opening a piece of writing so you “hook” the reader
    • developing tension through conflict
    • creating immediacy so “you are there!”
    • valuing similes and metaphors
    • advancing the story though dialogue
    • appealing to and using the senses

    William Noble has been called a “writer's writer” because of his numerous books which explore the conscious elements of writing creatively. He's written on developing plots and dialogue and characterization and scene-setting with both nonfiction as well as fiction. His books for writers are now part of the Classic Wisdom on Writing Series. In addition to his works on the writer's art, he has published books on privacy, psychiatry, classical ballet, step-family relationships, child custody, censorship, life among the Aztecs, and the infamous Watergate affair. In all, he's the author or co-author of twenty-three nonfiction books and hundreds of shorter works of fiction and nonfiction in such diverse publications as Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine and A practicing attorney for seven years, he gave up the law to devote full time to writing and teaching; since 1997, his biography has appeared in Who's Who In America. For more information, see:

  • How to Discover Your Authentic Wild Voice as a Conscious Writer

    How to Discover Your Authentic Wild Voice as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Judy Reeves
    Date Thursday 13th July

    As its name implies, wild voice is untamed and unbounded. It goes deep, like roots. Wild voice is what gives a writer the sentence or phrase that seems to come out of nowhere. Language erupts spontaneously with wild voice. It appears as writing that surprises both the writer and the reader. Wild voice is when the writing comes freely and easily, intuitively. The language is of the writer's own making and the rhythm is the beat of her own drummer.

    Other writing voices may be more restrained, more hesitant; the writer may think or plan before the words get to the page. Some writers edit as they write; they consider what should come next, rather than getting out of the way and letting the writing find its own form. There may be much scratching out and rewriting in the process of writing. Authentic wild voice comes when we trust the pen and the process. The revision and editing stages come after wild voice has had its say.

    In this interview, Judy Reeves will discuss the concept of “wild voice” and how writers can access that voice to give expression to stories, memories, thoughts, and feelings that are often ignored or set aside and how these might be explored for the wisdom they can offer.

    We’ll discuss:

    • What we mean when we use the word “authentic” in context with creative writing.
    • How writing from your authentic wild voice is different than following the directives of writing exercises that focus on the craft of writing.
    • How you can access your authentic wild voice
    • The benefits of writing from the authentic wild voice for Conscious Writers

    Judy Reeves is a writer, teacher, and writing practice provocateur who has written four books on writing, including the award-winning A Writer's Book of Days. Her work has appeared in magazines, literary journals, and anthologies; most recently, Expressive Writing, Classroom and Community. She has edited several anthologies and chapbooks, including those born out of her Wild Women writing workshops, which she has led since 1997. In addition to leading private writing groups, Judy teaches at University of California San Diego Extension and San Diego Writers, Ink, a nonprofit literary organization she cofounded. She also presents workshops at writing conferences and retreats internationally. Born in the Midwest, Judy has traveled throughout the world but somehow always finds her way back to San Diego, where she currently lives. Her website is and she blogs at

  • 5 Storytelling Techniques to Craft Your Signature Talk

    5 Storytelling Techniques to Craft Your Signature Talk

    Guest Carmine Gallo
    Date Thursday 1st June

    Authors are natural storytellers, but can you turn your ideas into compelling talks and presentations in front of live audiences?

    Carmine Gallo has spent 25 years studying the art and science of communication and works directly with leaders who run some of the world’s largest, most admired brands. His approach to communication has been influenced by authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and inspirational business leaders such as Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg, Richard Branson and others. Gallo believes that your story is your competitive advantage in the marketplace of ideas. Learn to share it effectively. 

    In this conversation Carmine will tap into the research he’s used to write his books to demonstrate how authors can speak with power and confidence. 

    In this interview you’ll learn how:

    • To build a visual message map that provides an easy to follow template for your next presentation.
    • Stories inform, illuminate, and inspire
    • To adapt the building blocks of narrative to deliver a presentation your audiences will always remember
    • Your internal narrative is the key to your ultimate ability to inspire your audiences.
    • To create a ‘wow’ moment in your very next presentation that will leave your audience craving more.

    Carmine Gallo is a best-selling author, popular keynote speaker and the communication coach for the world’s most admired brands. Among his eight books are two Wall Street Journal bestsellers, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and Talk like TED. In his new book, The Storyteller’s Secret, Gallo features 50 leaders to explain why some ideas catch on and others don’t. Gallo is recognized as one of the most influential voices in business and communication and has been featured in The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, and ABC’s 20/20. For more information, visit

  • Visibility and Vulnerability for Conscious Writers

    Visibility and Vulnerability for Conscious Writers

    Guest Beth Buelow
    Date Thursday 4th May

    "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." Ernest Hemingway

    Doesn’t this perfectly sum up the writing process? We spill our souls in private, and we alternate between feeling exhilarated and terrified (and every feeling in between!). But the writing is relatively easy compared to what’s next: putting it out there. What was private becomes public, and whether that happens in stages or overnight, it can be vulnerable and exhausting. It’s an experience you can’t quite prepare yourself for… or can you?

    In this interview, we discuss the writing process specifically as it relates to being seen and heard by people who both want to cheer you on and tear you down. You’ll learn how to:

    • Ease into visibility in a way that suits your personality (especially if you’re introverted)
    • Honor your Comfort Zone in service of stretching your Capacity Zone
    • Define “success” on your own terms
    • Recognize what you’re really afraid of when it comes to getting out there
    • Recover from the ultimate vulnerability hangover

    Beth Buelow, PCC, serves as a guide to introvert entrepreneurs who want to amplify their strengths and build sustainable, energetically aligned businesses. She is a professional coach, author, and speaker, is based in the Pacific Northwest and serves introverts worldwide. Her podcast, “The Introvert Entrepreneur,” was named as one of the top 25 business podcasts for entrepreneurs by and was featured in the “Inspiring Women’s Voices” category on iTunes. She’s contributed to articles in The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, Success Magazine, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Psychology Today, among others. Beth is the author of “Insight: Reflections on the Gifts of Being an Introvert” (2012) and “The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms” (Penguin Random House, Nov 2015).

  • Your Life is a Book: How to Craft Your Memoir as a Conscious Writer

    Your Life is a Book: How to Craft Your Memoir as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Brenda Peterson
    Date Thursday 6th April

    Everyone has a remarkable life story. The challenge is to tell it well. A memoir is like a love story, with all the ecstasies, disappointments, and turning points of any relationship. And at the end, you might be surprised to discover that the love of your life is—your life.

    For three decades, acclaimed memoirist and writing teacher, Brenda Peterson, has taught the transformative process of memoir and how telling your life story will open doorways to yourself and the world. She shares the elements of craft specific to memoir—story arc, point of view, epiphanies, characterization and dialogue, and offers proven writing exercises and prompts, as well as insights into traditional vs. indie publication. 

    Whether you’re writing to leave a legacy, for soul work or for publication, Brenda’s approach to memoir is rich with insight, advice and encouragement for anyone eager to bring their real-life stories to the page. In this interview we will discuss:

    • The Ten Best Tips for Writing Successful Memoir
    • Finding Your Own Voice
    • Showing Up: Creating a Character of the Self
    • One Scene that Explains Your Whole Life
    • The Truth, the Truth, and Nothing But?
    • How to Create a Plot of Your Life Story

    Brenda Peterson is a writing teacher and author of eighteen books, including the novel Duck and Cover, chosen by The New York Times as a Notable Book of the Year. Her memoirs are Build Me an Ark and I Want to Be Left Behind, selected by independent bookstores as an Indie Next and “Great Read;” also named among the “Top Ten Best Non-Fiction Books of the Year” by The Christian Science Monitor. Her latest Your Life is a Book co-authored with her long-time New York city literary agent, Sarah Jane Freymann, was selected as an fall 2014 book: “The process of writing about your past can lead to a boost in self-acceptance, self-awareness and fulfillment . . . exercises [from the book] may help you face a difficult experience and recognize your own strengths, personal growth and—yes—wisdom.”— For more information visit

  • How Mindfulness Breathing Can Boost Your Creativity

    How Mindfulness Breathing Can Boost Your Creativity

    Guest Rose Elliot MBE
    Date Thursday 2nd March
    Time 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST

    Like most people, I’d heard of mindfulness, and I’d tried it, too: focusing on what I was doing, accepting it exactly as it is without criticising, commenting, or trying to change it, like experts suggest. I’d tried it while washing up, eating, brushing my teeth – I kept trying it, but it seemed so pointless, and boring, that I gave up.

    Then, I Met a Monk, an experience I have described in my book of the same name, and he gently taught me how to be mindful using my breath… and everything changed from then on.

    It helped me to find the strength and inner peace to get through the most exhausting and saddest time of my life – the illness and subsequent death of my husband of over 50 years – and it also had the most unexpected benefit of boosting my creativity to such an extent that in spite of the difficulties I was experiencing, I was able to write two books!

    During this interview you will learn:

    • The origins of this ancient practice of mindfulness breathing; how I discovered it, and how it has helped me;
    • How to do it – it’s really simple – and ways of practising it and integrating it into your everyday life
    • How mindfulness breathing can help you to feel almost instant strength and peace, any place, any time
    • How through practising it for a few minutes each day you can connect with your own unique creativity, inner strength, and peace
    • How you can gently extend your breathing if you wish into a short period of meditation, with all the proven benefits that this can bring

    Rose Elliot MBE was born into a spiritual retreat centre founded by her grandmother, and wrote her first book as a result of cooking for the visitors there. She became celebrated for her vegetarian cookbooks and dubbed ‘the queen of vegetarian cooking’ but she also has a rich spiritual background expressed in her recent acclaimed books I Met a Monk, and Every Breath You Take. Inspired by her life-changing meeting with a Buddhist monk, both books are very human accounts of how she found inner peace and freedom through the simple practical teaching of the monk, and in particular through the mindfulness breathing that he taught her, which she says saw her through the most difficult period of her life – her husband’s sudden-onset dementia and subsequent death – and brought not only peace and strength but the unexpected blessing of increased creativity and joy. For more information visit

  • How Conscious Writers Can Shift from Procrastination to Creative Genius

    How Conscious Writers Can Shift from Procrastination to Creative Genius

    Guest Samantha Bennett
    Date Thursday 5th January
    Time 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST

    Conscious Writers...

    • When you know it’s time to get out of your own way, but you’re not sure how;
    • When the fear of failure and the fear of success have you paralyzed;
    • When you want to share your gifts with the world, but you have no idea where to begin...

    ... there’s only one place to start to solve these problems, and that’s right where you are.

    Join Creativity/Productivity Expert Sam Bennett for this practical toolkit talk for sensitive writers that will get you unstuck, no matter what. We’ll cover:

    • The sure-fire 5-minute solution to get past any insecurity, anxiety or fear
    • How to stop feeling so overwhelmed all the time (this one will surprise you)
    • Happy Grown-Up Naked Time: what it is and why it matters
    • How to apply all of this directly to developing your ideas and doing your writing!

    “Sam Bennett hears you, knows you, is you. She has been in your shoes, felt your fear and been as stuck as you have. In an astonishing act of generosity, she’s shared all that in [her] magnificent book…It just might change your life.” - Seth Godin

    Originally from Chicago, Samantha Bennett is a writer, speaker, actor, teacher and creativity/productivity specialist and the author of the bestselling, "Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day" (New World Library) which Seth Godin called, “An instant classic, essential reading for anyone who wants to make a ruckus.”

    Her new book is, ""Start Right Where You Are: How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference for Overwhelmed Procrastinators, Frustrated Overachievers and Recovering Perfectionists" (New World Library) She is the creator of the, dedicated to helping creative people get unstuck, especially by helping them focus and move forward on their goals. Now based in a tiny beach town outside of Los Angeles, CA, Bennett offers workshops, keynotes and private consulting. She also makes a heck of a roast chicken.

  • The Quest for Meaning: Finding Your True Calling as a Conscious Writer

    The Quest for Meaning: Finding Your True Calling as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Ralph White
    Date Thursday 8th December
    Time 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST

    The impulse to live a life of meaning that leads to discovering a true calling shared through the spoken and written word is one that Ralph White knows well. As co-founder of the New York Open Center, America’s major urban center of holistic learning, Ralph’s journey has taken him on a 40 year quest through existential crises, mystical awakening and adventures in South America and Tibet.

    Along the way, he discovered his true calling; to create a more holistic and ecological world culture through the development of multiple centers for awakening consciousness – all of which he has now documented in his book The Jeweled Highway: On the Quest for a Life of Meaning.

    This is a rare opportunity to listen to someone who has spent a lifetime deeply immersed in the consciousness field, knows both Britain and America well, and is both a writer and a director of centers and conferences. In this interview, you’ll learn:

    • How a pioneer, adventurer and servant of global awakening dedicated his life to the quest for meaning and the results of that quest.
    • How the journey from alienation to mystical awakening to participation or leadership in multiple holistic centers - Findhorn, Omega, New York Open Center – led to the discovery of a unique calling and the principles you can apply in your own life.
    • The inside story of the ‘Consciousness Movement’, how it has developed over the last 40 years and how it has expanded the market for books that are written consciously.
    • The best way to present your ideas for teaching at one of the world’s leading holistic centers such as the New York Open Center.

    Ralph White is co-founder of the New York Open Center, America’s leading urban center of holistic learning. He is also the author of The Jeweled Highway: On the Quest for a Life of Meaning. He has directed a 21 year series of conferences on the Western Esoteric Tradition, the latest of which just took place and was entitled An Esoteric Quest for the Mysteries of the North in Iceland. He has also co-created for many years conferences known as The Art of Dying: Spiritual, Scientific and Practical Approaches to Living and Dying. He was formerly program director of Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York. A world traveler and lover of the mystical and esoteric traditions, he spent his childhood in Wales, his teenage years in industrial Yorkshire, and has lived in New York City for the last thirty years. For more information, visit

  • CALM: The Foundation to Creative Freedom for Conscious Writers

    CALM: The Foundation to Creative Freedom for Conscious Writers

    Guest Sandy Newbigging
    Date Thursday 13th October
    Time 16:00 BST / 11:00 EDT

    Being consciously aware is the foundation to writing with true creative freedom. CALM, which stands for Conscious Awareness Life Meditation, is a methodology for being conscious of the aspect of the Self that is Aware.

    When we focus too much on what we are usually aware of (our thoughts, emotions, life circumstances) instead of the consciousness within us that is aware, creativity is stifled and stress is inevitable. Awareness on the other hand is a peace-filled presence within that is beyond the beliefs and limitations of the conditioned mind.

    Mahatma Gandhi was once quoted as having said ‘I must reduce myself to zero’ and explained that when ‘he was out of the way’ he did his best work. The invitation in this session is to let go of your conditioned mind to rest into your inner Awareness and be willing to remain at zero - empty of your conditioned concepts - so that you can allow the silent voice of source to speak and write through you.

    We will explore:

    • The difference between writing with the mind and writing with Self-Awareness
    • The habits that keep us caught up in the limitations of the thinking mind
    • How to engage Self-Awareness using Sandy’s simple GAAWO technique
    • Why still silent calm is the key to doing your best work and enjoying the writing journey
    • Why the willingness to experience ALL of life can give you constant calm, liberated living and make you a better writer.

    As Sandy is the author of ten books with three self-published and seven with publishing houses including Piatkus, Findhorn Press and Hay House, he will also offer his insight on what publishing route to take and the pluses and minuses of each option.

    Sandy C. Newbigging is the no.1 bestselling author of six books, a meditation teacher and creator of Calmology. Red Magazine recently described him as the ‘guru of modern-day meditation’ and OM Times said he’s ‘one of the most effective holistic practitioners of the decade’.  Sandy is known for sharing ancient wisdom with a modern twist that makes sense and through his online membership website called Calm Clan has made life-changing teachings accessible to anyone. His work has been seen on television in 30+ countries and he’s personally trained practitioners in his methods from 15+ countries. For more information, visit

  • How to Connect with Your Creative Wise Woman as a Conscious Writer

    How to Connect with Your Creative Wise Woman as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Rebecca Campbell
    Date Thursday 8th September
    Time 16:00 BST / 11:00 EDT

    This era we are living in has been prophesied by the mystics and the sages of all of the ages. The Mayan’s called it the New Dawn, Yogi Bhajan called it The Aquarian Age, some call it the end of Patriarchy, Rebecca Campbell calls it the Age of Light or the Age of the Lightworker.

    We are all being called to light up the world with our presence and for so many of us, our creations and writing are the vehicles through which we will do this. In this inspiring call we will discuss:

    • How to hear the call of your soul and answer it
    • What creations are rising in you right now
    • How to tap into your inner wisdom and hear the whispers of your soul and creative muse
    • Why so many people are scared to share their voice and how to overcome it
    • The power of the female cycle when it comes to creativity
    • The seasons of creativity
    • Tapping into your innate ancient wisdom
    • Inviting Mother Earth to create through you
    • How to find your authentic voice and tribe
    • How to work with and call in your creative muse

    Rebecca Campbell is a bestselling author, spiritual teacher, grounded spiritual mentor and soulful guide. Rebecca has guided thousands of women to listen to the callings of their soul and create a life that is completely aligned to them. Her first book Light Is The New Black will be followed by her second Rise Sister Rise in October 2016. Rebecca has received multiple awards including the ‘Promising New Talent’ by the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London, the ‘Emerging Voice’ award by Kindred Spirit Magazine and the ‘100 Women of Spirit’ award by the Brahama Kumaris for feminine leadership and spiritual service. Drawing on her unique experience as an award winning advertising creative director, Rebecca loves helping people tap into their creativity and lead from a place that is authentic and light up the world in a way that only they can. See

  • How to Align Your Purpose with Prosperity as a Conscious Writer

    How to Align Your Purpose with Prosperity as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Rachel Elnaugh
    Date Thursday 5th May
    Time 16:00 BST / 11:00 EDT

    There's nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul into creating a book (or indeed any other product) and not attracting readers or financial reward at the end of the process.

    This often happens because the creative process takes place in a vacuum that does not include your reader! 

    In this session, entrepreneur and former Dragons' Den star Rachel Elnaugh will help you step into the alignment that will dramatically increase your chances of gaining a strong readership and revenue streams from your creative journey, including simple ideas on:

    • How to de-risk the entire book writing and publishing process
    • Why magnetic marketing is a thousand times more powerful than 'push' marketing - and how to do it effectively
    • Ways to surround your writing process with complementary activity which will drive sales and readership
    • Utilising social media to the max - including pitfalls to avoid
    • Building your publicity and marketing into the heart of the process
    • Maximising revenue streams - especially passive ones!
    • How to take your content to the mass market (should you so desire)

    Rachel Elnaugh is the award-winning entrepreneur who created the £multi-million turnover Red Letter Days experiences brand and who went on to star as a Dragon in the first two series of BBCTV's Dragons' Den.  Her book 'Business Nightmares' was published by Crimson in 2008 and generated her personal revenue streams totalling over £400,000.  Rachel has acted as a mentor to many metaphysical teachers, thought leaders and visionaries and is also co-creator of the marketing portal and business platform SourceTV. For more information visit and 

  • Success With Ease: The Simple Steps to a Fulfilling Career as a Conscious and Creative Writer

    Success With Ease: The Simple Steps to a Fulfilling Career as a Conscious and Creative Writer

    Guest Marc Allen
    Date Thursday 10th March
    Time 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST

    We all have our own definitions of what it means to succeed – as a writer and in life. Yet most of us have been taught that success requires a great deal of hard work, which is a belief almost all of us have accepted as we’ve grown up in this culture. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can experience creative success — as we choose to define it — through an approach that has ease at its core.

    Internationally renowned author, composer, publisher and entrepreneur Marc Allen figured out how to become successful doing what he loved as a writer and seminar leader through trial and error. Over the years, alongside writing and publishing multiple books, he developed an approach that became a powerful audio course called Success With Ease.

    In this interview, Marc will present a condensed version of his Success With Ease audio course, which includes his simple but effective keys to becoming successful doing what you love as a conscious and creative writer and making that work for you financially. He will also share his experience of writing and publishing, so that by the end you will know how to:

    • Create a clear inner vision of the creative life you want to live as a writer
    • Manifest that vision in an easy and relaxed, healthy and positive way
    • Overcome whatever obstacles you encounter including creative resistance
    • Discover the power of partnership and the impact it can have for your authorship
    • Find out whether self-publishing is the right path for you
    • Live the life of your dreams as an author and show others how to do the same!

    Marc Allen has written several books, including The Magical Path, The Greatest Secret of All, The Millionaire Course, Visionary Business, and Tantra for the West. He is an internationally renowned author, composer, and entrepreneur. He co-founded New World Library (with Shakti Gawain) and has guided the company, as president and publisher, from a small start-up to its current position as a major player in independent publishing. He leads seminars in northern California and gives teleseminars that reach people all over the world. For more information visit and

  • Finding Genius for Conscious Writing and Creative Authorship

    Finding Genius for Conscious Writing and Creative Authorship

    Guest Michael Meade
    Date Thursday 7th January
    Time 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST

    The word ‘genius’ is generally used to describe people with exceptional intellectual or creative ability such as Charles Dickens, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Albert Einstein. Yet the original idea of genius refers to the natural spirit and inner qualities of a person; including god-given talents and the way they are aimed at life.

    Each person carries a unique way of seeing the world, and it is this rich diversity of perspectives and styles, talents and aptitudes that is the greatest resource we have as a global community as well as the foundation of original creativity for us as individuals.

    The inner genius is what our ‘calling’ calls forth; and our job as Conscious Writers is to answer the call and risk our unique destiny. In this interview, we will focus on how to:

    • Appreciate the qualities of genius and the territories in which genius can be found
    • Awaken our natural, indigenous genius to discover our greatest creative talents
    • Follow the unfolding story that has been seeded inside us since before birth
    • Find stability, direction, and our deepest purpose as Conscious Writers
    • Discover the true contribution our genius is here to make through our writing and authorship

    Michael Meade, D.H.L., is a renowned storyteller, author, and scholar of mythology, anthropology, and psychology. He combines hypnotic storytelling, street-savvy perceptiveness, and spellbinding interpretations of ancient myths with a deep knowledge of cross-cultural rituals. He has an unusual ability to distill and synthesize these disciplines, tapping into ancestral sources of wisdom and connecting them to the stories we are living today. He is the author of Fate and Destiny: The Two Agreements of The Soul, Why the World Doesn't End, The Water of Life: Initiation and the Tempering of the Soul; editor, with James Hillman and Robert Bly, of Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart; and editor of Crossroads: A Quest for Contemporary Rites of Passage. Meade is the founder of Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, a non-profit network of artist, activists, and community builders that encourages greater understanding between diverse peoples. See

  • How to Access Your Inspired Mind Consistently as a Conscious Writer

    How to Access Your Inspired Mind Consistently as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Marlise Karlin
    Date Thursday 10th December
    Time 16:00 GMT/11:00 EST

    All writers require a regular flow of inspiration from a mix of inner and outer sources. Yet it isn’t always easy to access the inspired part of ourselves amidst the stresses and strains of everyday life.

    Through her synthesis of the landmark sciences of Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics, and holistic therapies, Marlise Karlin, the founder of The Simplicity of Stillness® method, has a solution that enables you to access your inspired mind at will. The SOS method includes a unique Meditation Technology that works even if your mind isn’t still, and guides you into an advanced meditative space that results in renewed vitality, inspired insights and deep peace.

    In the last decade many people have used this scientifically researched method to tap into their creative potential; a Hollywood producer won top awards, a former addict wrote a book that has transformed people’s lives, and an editor incited positive political change with the 60 seconds spot on national TV.

    In this interview, you’ll learn how to increase your ability to find balance and flow as well as how to:

    • access the dynamic intelligence in you – in only five minutes
    • diminish self-defeating patterns 
    • understand why 'writers block' is a myth
    • expand your ability to bring your dreams of authorship into reality
    • become more courageous, creative and prosperous as a writer

    Marlise Karlin, pioneering researcher, humanitarian activist, and author has been interviewed on NBC and Fox News and shared the stage with numerous renowned thought leaders including Gregg Braden, Panache Desai, and Dr. Eric Pearl. Converging research from 20+ years in Eastern holistic traditions and modern science, including Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity, Marlise developed The Simplicity of Stillness®, SOS Method. Over a decade of case studies from 6 continents has shaped this advanced meditation technology that has the power to release self-defeating patterns, activate energetic flows in the body, and imprint new neural pathways to accelerate healing and your highest potential. For more information, visit

  • Stand Up and Stand Out as a Conscious Writer

    Stand Up and Stand Out as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Jo Wilson
    Date Thursday 5th November
    Time 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST

    Standing up and presenting to a group of people the passion and message behind your book excites you and makes you feel really confident? That’s fantastic!

    The thought of being filmed for a promotional video for your book launch fills you with joy and calm? Wonderful!

    No? Well it may be a relief to hear that you are not alone!

    And yet being able to connect with a wider audience and enable them to know you, your story and your book is essential for any serious conscious writer isn't it?

    In this interview confidence, communication and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) specialist Jo Wilson will share with you highly effective ways to stand up and present yourself and your message with confidence so that you stand out and your message is heard. Not only that but she will teach you the keys to actually enjoying doing so!

    She will explain some top strategies to:

    • Have complete confidence in yourself and your message.
    • Get your message across in a way that’s fun both for you and for your audience.
    • Get rid of those unhelpful negative beliefs you have about your ability, your confidence or your audience (and staying shot of them for good!)
    • Really connect with your audience and project the level of confidence that gets the result you want.
    • Master some easy tips on talking to the camera with ease.

    Jo Wilson is a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a specialist coach and trainer in communication and confidence. As a Director of Beyond Training Solutions she believes that people tend to hold themselves back because they have built up a barrier to their own success over time, usually subconsciously (therefore not intentionally) and she is passionate about enabling them to remove those barriers. Whether it be through her empowering and interactive live UK events, her full NLP training programmes or her breakthrough coaching programmes, she utilises her expertise and experience to empower us as individuals to meet the challenges in our lives head on, and connect with and communicate our passion so we can stand up and stand out in the way that we truly want to. See

  • Understanding the Spiritual and Psychological Dimensions of Creativity and Flow

    Understanding the Spiritual and Psychological Dimensions of Creativity and Flow

    Guest Richard Barrett
    Date Thursday 8th October
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT

    A landmark study by George Land reported in Break-point and Beyond explored the creativity of sixteen hundred children in the U.S. as they grew up to become young adults. Land gave the children eight tests of divergent creative thinking at different ages. He discovered that 98 per cent of the children scored with genius levels of creativity at age three to five but only 10 per cent scored genius level creativity ten years later.

    Two-hundred thousand adults over the age of twenty-five have been given the same tests and only 2 per cent scored at the genius level. What happened to our creativity?

    Richard Barrett began his writing career in 1995 and has been writing full time since 2009. He has published a new book each year and plans to continue this rhythm through to 2017. He puts his strong and sustained outburst of creativity down to one single factor—alignment with the motivations of his soul.

    In this interview Richard will explain the spiritual/psychological dimensions of creative writing and you’ll learn how to reconnect with your creativity by embracing your soul through understanding:

    • The seven stages of psychological development;
    • The influence of ego soul-dynamics on creativity and flow;
    • What prevents you from accessing your creativity;
    • What you need to do to get into alignment with the creative impulse of your soul;
    • How to get and stay in flow.

    Richard Barrett is an author, speaker and internationally recognised thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society. He is the founder and chairman of the Barrett Values Centre, a Fellow of the World Business Academy, an Advisory Board Member of the Centre for Integral Wisdom, Honorary Board Member of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank. For more information, visit

  • Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More

    Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More

    Guest Julia McCutchen
    Date Thursday 3rd September
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT

    Conscious Writing is an original approach to creative awakening which leads you to discover your true self and express your true voice – on the page and in the world.

    When you are conscious, fully present in the moment and with all aspects of yourself in alignment, a deep space of authentic truth opens up within you which gives you access to your most original ideas. It also leads you in to the source of your true voice so you can write what you’re truly here to write.

    In this interview, IACCW founder & creative director Julia McCutchen will explain this deeply holistic and practical journey in to the essence of who you are, and how to express your truth through the stories you tell and the insights you share including:

    • Why ‘going the extra mile’ enables you to discover your core message and naturally stand out from the crowd
    • How to overcome any and all challenges that keep you from fulfilling your creative potential
    • Where to start on your journey to become a fully fledged Conscious Writer
    • How to access the source of your true voice and bring it to each stage of the writing process
    • The steps for creating your own Conscious Writing practice as a reality in your life.

    Julia McCutchen is an author, intuitive mentor and the founder and creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). Following a successful career as a publisher of spiritual, personal development and lifestyle books (Element and Random House) she experienced a life-changing accident in 1999 which triggered a series of major quantum leaps in her spiritual awakening. Today Julia guides people to discover their true self and express their true voice - on the page and in the world. She is the author of The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication and Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Self Through Mindfulness and More (Hay House, September 2015). See

    Note from Julia

    Janey Lee GraceI’m delighted to welcome media training expert Janey Lee Grace back to the IACCW who will be interviewing me for this pre-launch session ahead of my book’s publication on Tuesday 8 September!

    Janey spoke to us a few months ago on How to Maximise Your PR and Media Success as a Conscious Writer and is the creator of the You Are the Brand digital workbook and live masterclass audio seminar (her next one is on Wednesday 23 September at 20:00 BST/15:00 EDT).

    You Are the Brand - Janey Lee GraceThis package guides you to turn your passion into confidence, clarify what makes your offering different, and establish yourself as an expert. Janey is a freelance journalist, the author of five books including an Amazon No 1, and a presenter on BBC Radio 2 so she knows what it takes to succeed in the media. For more information see

    I’m honoured that she has agreed to interview me about my new book. I hope you’ll join us!

  • Step Out of Your Story: Writing Exercises to Reframe and Transform Your Life

    Step Out of Your Story: Writing Exercises to Reframe and Transform Your Life

    Guest Kim Schneiderman
    Date Thursday 6th August
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT

    Every life is an unfolding story, a dynamic, unique, purposeful, and potentially heroic story with bright spots, turning points, and abounding opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

    Sometimes the story of our lives read like a comedy; other times, like a tragedy. But if we read the text through the proper lens, we can always read our stories as an adventure of personal growth and our current challenges as a character-development workout.

    In this inspiring interview, Kim Schneiderman will introduce a series of structured writing exercises designed to help writers and readers re-imagine themselves as the heroes of their unfolding story with the power to reclaim their personal narrative through choice and voice.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Apply classic storytelling elements to your own life, using the third-person narrative to elevate your perspective
    • View your personal story, and your writing life, through gentler, more compassionate eyes
    • Weave together seemingly fragmented chapters of your life into a meaningful narrative
    • Appreciate how antagonists can help us grow
    • Flesh out your memoir by creating a character sketch of yourself in the third-person narrative
    • Create a "My Life Story" chart to help you organize your memoir.

    Kim Schneiderman, LCSW, MSW, is the author of Step Out of Your Story. She counsels in private practice and teaches as a professor and guest lecturer at venues including New York University. She also writes a biweekly advice column for Metro Newspapers and blogs for Psychology Today. 

    Ms. Schneiderman has been writing professionally for the past 20 years, authoring stories on such topics as addiction, grief, autism, career issues, and spiritual counseling. Visit her online at

  • How to Shine on Social Media as a Conscious Writer

    How to Shine on Social Media as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Katie Brockhurst
    Date Thursday 9th July
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT

    As a creative writer social media is one of the best places for us to connect directly with an audience. We can do this in many different ways and on many different platforms which can feel quite overwhelming - especially if we are not natural social media users.

    In this interview for those new to social media as well as more experienced users, Katie Brockhurst will show us how to shine on social media as Conscious Writers by finding out your own social media style. From here it becomes crystal clear what content to share on which of the key platforms and how to concentrate our time and efforts in order to meet our specific goals and connect with as wide an audience as possible.

    Katie will also explain ways to simplify, organise and automate our social media content, so that it still feels good and authentic, allowing us to free up time to write and create, rather than lose ourselves in the social media vortex.

    You will learn how to:

    • Understand your goals for social media so you can create an actionable social media cross-platform strategy that works for you as a creative writer.
    • Produce authentic content quickly & easily in a way that feels good to you.
    • Re-purpose and recycle your content.
    • Understand insights so you can create a simple editorial plan that will make you and your content shine.
    • Find out the best times to post and right formats to post for YOUR audience.
    • Understand the Facebook Edge Rank algorithm so your posts have more chance of getting seen.
    • Give you the confidence and know-how to create your own images & great graphics (as social media IS visual).
    • Save bundles of time using scheduling tools and by planning ahead.
    • Unblock any social media paralysis you might have.

    Katie ‘Kdot’ Brockhurst delivers social media platform management, strategy, consultancy and coaching to a wide range of clients. Working with popstars to Princesses’, with Duchesses’ to DJ’s, Katie also delivers campaigns for O2, Penguin and Harper Collins. She specialises in working with authors and brands within the self development industry and works closely with Hay House UK, the world’s leading Mind Body Spirit publisher, managing platforms and growing thriving communities for a number of their bestselling authors.Katie is on a self development journey being coached through the content she works with on a daily basis, and is also training with a strong team of experts including John C. Parkin (The F**k It Life), Shaa Wasmund (MBE, Founder of & Simon Coulson (The Internet Business School). Kate believes we can change the world by making a living and improving people’s lives with positive digital content, creating authentic conversations and building relationships on social media. For more information see

  • How to Maximise Your PR and Media Success as a Conscious Writer

    How to Maximise Your PR and Media Success as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Janey Lee Grace
    Date Thursday 12th March
    Time 16:00 GMT/11:00 EST

    There are three areas of PR that every successful author, expert and teacher should have some knowledge and experience of. As of today, how would you rate yourself from 1 – 10 as a:

    • Public Speaker?
    • Great interviewee?
    • Go-to expert for print media, radio and TV?

    When a journalist calls from a mainstream publication you need to know how to handle that call. When a producer wants to book you for a TV show, you need to feel quietly confident. And when you are asked to do a TED talk, you need to know how best to prepare yourself to shine.

    In this interview you will learn:

    • What the media (journalists / producers) are looking for and importantly what they aren’t!
    • What it means for us as authors to “be the brand”.
    • How to establish our USP as authors.
    • How to present ourselves credibly to attract opportunities and then maximize them.
    • How to develop a solid PR and Media Strategy.
    • How to prepare for an event like a TED talk so you can speak with clarity and confidence.

    Janey Lee Grace is the author of five books including an Amazon No 1. She is a freelance journalist and a Media Relations expert specializing in helping individuals and experts get clarity on their USP and find the right PR strategy get their message out to a wider audience.  Janey has worked in the media for over 25 years, and is currently a presenter on the UK’s most listened to Radio Station BBC Radio 2. She has also worked as a TV presenter and in production.  Janey incorporates her own experience in getting her own book to become an Amazon number one best seller. For more information see

  • Writing to Awaken: Self-Realization for Conscious Writers

    Writing to Awaken: Self-Realization for Conscious Writers

    Guest Mark Matousek
    Date Thursday 8th January
    Time 16:00 GMT/11:00 EST

    Every life is a work of fiction.  Awakening to this important truth, using writing as a tool for self-realization, we are liberated from the myth that our stories are us and freed of the limits that self-created narratives impose on who we actually are.

    This provocative conversation with Mark Matousek introduces students of all levels to his unique brand of transformational teaching, "Writing To Awaken," which has helped people around the world to step outside their comfort zones to deepen their writing and personal insights.  "When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed," Matousek believes. When we learn to tell the whole truth about experience, and discern our own soul’s odyssey, we come to understand the mythic dimension of our personal struggles, triumphs, confusions, longings, digressions, and so-called mistakes.

    In this talk, we'll discuss the building blocks of Matousek's teaching, investigating the mysterious connection between the person we believe ourselves to be and the internal witness who sees beyond the conscious mind into the secrets of our hearts. By putting our feelings down on paper, and learning to shape life’s raw materials into art, we discover that our challenges are also our greatest sources of wisdom, and that even our darkest (or most unexpected) interludes carry within them the seeds of redemption.

    You will learn how to: 

    • tell "the untold story”
    • use beginner’s mind as a point of departure in storytelling 
    • recognize the interplay of fear and desire in the writing life 
    • use self-inquiry -- the question Who Am I? -- as a doorway to awareness, creativity, and personal power
    • use epiphany, wonder, and awe as brightening agents in our work 
    • recognize that we are a "chorus of selves" with various voices and different perspectives
    • use writing as a spiritual practice that awakens us from our life myths

    Mark Matousek is the author of two award-winning memoirs, Sex Death, Enlightenment: A True Story (an international bestseller) and The Boy He Left Behind: A Man's Search For His Lost Father (Los Angeles Times Discovery Book), as well as When You're Falling, Dive: Lessons in the Art of Living and Ethical Wisdom: The Search for a Moral Life.  A featured blogger for Psychology Today, Purple Clover, Huffington Post, he has contributed to numerous anthologies and publications including The New Yorker, O: The Oprah Magazine (contributing editor), The New York Times Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Yoga Journal,  Details, The Saturday Evening Post, AARP, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, and many others. A popular lecturer and writing teacher, he is on the faculty of the New York Open Center, The Omega Institute, The Mandala Center, Kripalu, Esalen, Hollyhock, and Mount Madonna, and is the Creative Director of V-Men (with Eve Ensler), an organization devoted to ending violence against women and girls. His latest book is Ethical Wisdom for Friends. For more information see

  • Brain Optimization for Conscious Writers

    Brain Optimization for Conscious Writers

    Guest Dr Dani Gordon
    Date Thursday 6th November
    Time 16:00 GMT/11:00 EST

    Blocks, overwhelm, disorganization and lack of focus are often huge hurdles writers face which can seriously damage the creative process.

    Getting into the creative ‘flow’ state can seem like a lottery. However, with the latest advances in brain imaging technologies, we now know what is involved from a brain perspective for entering into these creative states and can train the brain and the body to make it happen.

    By the end of this interview you will understand:

    • How to optimize your brain for maximum creativity
    • What foods and supplements are fundamental for brain functioning
    • How meditation and breathwork can be used to enhance creativity.
    • How neurofeedback and other brain technologies can take your creativity to the next level

    Dr. Dani Gordon, MD, CCFP, ABIHM is a Canadian Medical Doctor and American Board Certified Integrative Medicine Specialist Doctor. She is a leading international expert in brain optimization, neuro-nutrition and supplementation, and works with clients who want to reach their peak performance and get the most out of their work and lives. See

  • How the Divine Feminine Reveals our Creative Potential as Conscious Writers

    How the Divine Feminine Reveals our Creative Potential as Conscious Writers

    Guest Meggan Watterson
    Date Thursday 9th October
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT

    Have you heard the voice of your soul?  Is your desire to allow writing to be a spiritual practice that aligns you to the presence of love within you?

    The innately feminine art of going within is an ancient contemplative practice that allows us to connect to the highest aspect of our being - the soul. The texts and spiritual legacy of the Divine Feminine reveal a quiet, unassuming tradition and practice that allows us to powerfully connect to the truth within us - to that voice of love that speaks incessantly to us if we can only get still enough to listen.

    Harvard-trained theologian Meggan Watterson will draw on ancient stories and lesser-known sacred texts of the Divine Feminine making them modern and accessible to reveal the spiritual process she went through. She suggests that being spiritual is simply about stripping down to the truth of who we really are - to the soul-voice within. Being spiritual, for Watterson, encourages rather than denies embodiment, and inspires her to be courageous enough to go within and follow the dictates of her soul whether she’s at her keyboard or moving out into the world.

    In this interview we will discuss the...

    • Radical and empowering shift of seeing your life’s story from the perspective of the soul
    • Innately feminine art of going within
    • Essential sacredness of embodiment 
    • Intimate connection you have to the voice of your soul
    • Soul-voice meditation as a spiritual tool for conscious writing 

    Meggan Watterson is an author, international speaker, and a Harvard trained scholar of the Divine Feminine who inspires seekers to abandon their fears but never themselves, and to live from the audacity and authenticity of the voice of their soul. Her first book with Hay House titled REVEAL: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually Naked is described as "ignited prayer" by Eve Ensler, "life-changing" by Dr. Christiane Northup, and "a blessing to the world," by Gabrielle Bernstein. Meggan facilitates the REDLADIES, a spiritual community that encourages women to reclaim their bodies as sacred and to be led by the soul-voice inside them. (Some break bread together; REDLADIES break dark chocolate.) She founded REVEAL, an annual event in NYC that’s a triumvirate of one part fiery soul-voices, one part ritual, and one part dance party. Meggan has a Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and a Masters of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University. She lives in NYC with her little boy and his imaginary goose, Goldie. Read more here

  • Quantum Creativity for Conscious Writers

    Quantum Creativity for Conscious Writers

    Guest Dr. Amit Goswami
    Date Thursday 11th September
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT

    Cultivating creativity is essential for writers of all kinds. Whether we are writing fiction, memoirs, non-fiction, or are working on our latest blog post, we need to draw on our richest creative ideas in order to reach our readers in a way that will have lasting impact. So how can we access the deepest possible creative inspiration?

    According to quantum physics, reality occurs on two levels: possibility and actuality. Quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami uses this same duality to explore what he calls “quantum thinking” which focuses on the conscious mind of actuality and the unconscious mind of possibility. If all objects of our experience begin as quantum possibilities for consciousness to choose from, the question of writing creatively then comes down to how best to make our choices.

    In this interview, we will discuss the recent advances in our understanding of quantum physics and consciousness to elucidate how one can make creative choices that transform, and Dr Goswami will explain:

    • What quantum physics teaches us about the fundamental reality of being;
    • The stages of the creative process including inner and outer creativity;
    • How to overcome the barriers to creative choice;
    • The essence of quantum creativity and how to apply it as Conscious Writers;
    • How we align ourselves with the evolutionary movement of consciousness.

    Amit Goswami, Ph.D. was a full professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Oregon where he served from 1968 through 1997. He is a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness,” an idea he explicated in his seminal book, The Self-Aware Universe where he also solved the quantum measurement problem elucidating the famous observer effect. Goswami has written several popular books based on his research on quantum physics and consciousness which have been translated into sixteen languages. He was featured in the film "What the Bleep Do We Know?" as well as the award winning documentary on his life and work, “The Quantum Activist.” For more information see

  • How Conscious Writers Can Gain Intuitive Insights and Ideas Instantly

    How Conscious Writers Can Gain Intuitive Insights and Ideas Instantly

    Guest Becky Walsh
    Date Thursday 7th August
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT

    Imagine if you could write a book that changes the world. Not one that is purely researched and gathered from information that you already know. But a book that is truly inspired and relevant for our future.

    Many books join the dots of current ideas in order to create a new picture, but a book that is born out of a new age of thinking is rare. George Orwell's 1984 published in 1949 has bone chilling insights of our current times. Or Eckhart’s Tolle’s A New Earth which becomes more relevant as society reaches a state of ambivalence bombarded by choice and opinion.

    How can you, as a writer become tomorrow’s voice?

    There are multiple ways we know what we know. Your own intuition is a remarkable way to access information you don’t consciously know you know with your mind. Don’t you just love those moments when you read something and think ‘wow, that’s genius… wait! I wrote that!’ If you want more of those moments, you want in on this call!

    You will learn:

    • How to create liminal space for your intuition and the Muse to create together (then you become a dictation secretary of brilliance!)
    • How to find your ‘born to write’ book idea with intuition. What were you born to say? What is your ego hiding from you? Your intuition knows!
    • The difference between gut and heart intuition and how to use heart intuition to get over the inner critic voice of ‘who the heck do you think you are to write?’
    •  How to jump two years ahead, to what the world will need at the point you will be publishing. How to be ahead of your time in insight using intuition.
    • How to use your somatic intuition to hear what voice you are writing in.

    Becky Walsh has been turning the world of self-development on its head for years with her unique humour and ground-breaking, smack-on-the-forehead insights that put YOU in control of your own life. Becky is a Hay House author of You DO Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly, a revolutionary book which turns to neuroscience, psychology and spiritual teaching to put all of the pieces together. As the author of three more published books and five e-books, Becky is a sought after speaker internationally,, and has appeared at the world renowned Hay House seminar ‘I can do it’.  She has a wealth of media experience having hosted her own award winning show on LBC 97.3 radio in London and a show on Hay House Radio which enjoys a peak audience of two million listeners worldwide. Becky also delivers comment and analysis in the national and trade press, including The Sunday Times, Psychologies magazine, as well as being a blogger for the Huffington Post. For more information, see

  • Writing Wild: How Conscious Writers Can Form a Creative Partnership with Nature

    Writing Wild: How Conscious Writers Can Form a Creative Partnership with Nature

    Guest Tina Welling
    Date Thursday 10th July
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT

    “As above, so below,” is an old spiritual law that tells us that everything we need to know about how to manage, protect, and express our creative energy is demonstrated in nature.  The natural world is the macrocosm and our personal creative energy is the microcosm.  So nature holds the patterns, rhythms, and keys to the mystery of our creativity.  It’s a natural resource of wisdom for writers.

    We learn from nature, for example, that we can’t always be producing written material, but that we must also allow times of stillness, of re-charging, and growing inwardly.  We can watch how a plant begins in the dark underground, as a writer does privately, and moves into the light, as a writer does publicly, and understand that both parts are necessary and that both parts have their dangers and their rewards. A writer who keeps her work a secret doesn’t fully bloom as an artist and yet a writer who fails to experience that underground growth may never acquire her authentic voice or material.

    Joseph Campbell said, “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” Capital N. Following his advice, Tina Welling developed a simple three-step process of interacting with the natural world that reminds us how to focus consciously in the moment, and to align the rhythms of our attention and our body with the earth. She makes the process of developing a fruitful relationship with wildness inside and out accessible to all writers.

    In this interview we will explore:

    • How nature triggers our personal stories.
    • Lessons from the natural world on how to manage our creative ideas.
    • The importance of following our longing to write.
    • The value of questions for conscious writers.
    • How a Spirit Walk improves our writing skills
    • The number one piece of advice for creative writers.

    Tina Welling is the author of three novels published by NAL Accent/Penguin, including Cowboys Never Cry. Her nonfiction has appeared in The Sun, Body & Soul, and a variety of anthologies. She lives in Jackson Hole, WY. For more information, visit

  • How to Embody Mythic Reality in Your Writing and Your Life

    How to Embody Mythic Reality in Your Writing and Your Life

    Guest Dr Jude Currivan
    Date Thursday 5th June
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EST

    The solar heroes of the epic stories are often ordinary people undertaking extraordinary missions – and their journeys are as relevant for us today as when they were first told. The legends relate how the choices made at each step of the hero’s journey unfold as the destiny of their higher, but often unseen, purpose. Indeed the deepest meaning of their epic journeys of inner and outer transformation is for the hero to understand and embody their spiritual wholeness.  

    The language of myth, the journey of the solar, or soular, hero – his or her inner pilgrimage to wholeness - is a unique path for each of us. Yet, wherever we begin and whatever route we take, we all share the same ultimate destination.

    As we begin our journey, we start to embody its mythic reality and our awareness progressively expands beyond the fears and limitations of our ego-based selves. We begin to access newly available energies. We recognise that our individual choices now will make the collective difference to our cosmic destiny. We are called to re-member who we really are.

    At this momentous time, we all have within us, everything we need to make a real difference – through our writing and in our lives. Like all soular heroes of myth, all we need to do to begin is to take the first step of the journey ….

    In this interview, we will explore:

    • How to hear and listen to the mythic call to destiny
    • What are the three most valuable attributes for the journey
    • How to apply such mythic awareness to your writing
    • Practical tools for embodying mythic reality in your everyday life

    Dr Jude Currivan is a cosmologist and previously one of the most senior businesswoman in the UK. She has journeyed to nearly seventy countries around the world, has experienced multidimensional realities since early childhood and worked with the wisdom keepers of many traditions.  She now works globally as a planetary healer, author and futurist.

    She holds a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Reading in the UK researching ancient cosmologies and a Masters Degree in Physics from Oxford University specializing in cosmology and quantum physics and is the author of five books currently available in 15 languages and 25 countries. These include CosMos co-authored with Dr Ervin Laszlo and most recently HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth

    Jude was presented with the 2010 CIRCLE award by Won Buddhism International, cited for her ‘outstanding contribution towards planetary healing and expanding new forms of consciousness’ and is their Ambassador for Women, Science and Business. She is also a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle. For more information visit    

  • Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Writing: Creative Tools for Conscious Writers

    Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Writing: Creative Tools for Conscious Writers

    Guest Dr Clare Johnson
    Date Thursday 10th April
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EST

    Lucid dreaming is when you know that you are dreaming, and can consciously guide and shape the dream if you want to. It is currently a very hot topic. Academic, experiential and scientific research is showing that waking up in a dream can benefit us in terms of creative thinking, problem-solving, dissolving psychological or creative blocks and improving skills. It can also help us to live our lives more consciously.

    It can be difficult for some people to learn to lucid dream. With Lucid Writing, which is like a waking version of lucid dreaming, you can create your own lucid dream while sitting at your writing desk and benefit from the creative depths and original insights this technique can lead to.

    Join lucid dream researcher, writer and workshop facilitator Dr Clare Johnson to learn more about lucid dreaming and to learn the technique of Lucid Writing that she developed as part of her doctoral research. The first draft of Dr Johnson’s first novel, Breathing in Colour, emerged almost entirely from her Lucid Writing and she drew on her lucid dreams at every stage of the creative process.

    By the end of this talk you’ll understand:

    • What lucid dreaming is and what it can do for you as a conscious writer
    • How working with dream imagery both during and after the dream can lead to surprising insights and deep psychological truths, and in doing so, enhance your writing practice
    • How to turn off your critical mind and enable your imagination to flow freely
    • How to use Lucid Writing as a creative tool
    • How to become more conscious in your waking life as well as in your dreams

    Dr Clare Johnson was one of the first doctoral researchers to explore lucid dreaming as an aid to creativity. She developed the Lucid Writing technique, which can help with nightmares, creative thinking, artistic processes and conscious living. She has been teaching this technique for a decade at international workshops and creativity retreats, and recently introduced an entire auditorium of people to it at the Gateways of the Mind conference in London.

    Under her pen name of Clare Jay, she has won short story and poetry competitions and written two lucid dream-based novels: Breathing in Colour (2009) and Dreamrunner (2010). Dr Johnson is currently writing a nonfiction book on creative dreaming and is actively seeking reports of dreams that have led to creativity in the waking state such as problem-solving, healing, art, writing and music. If you would like to share a creative dream with her, please contact her at or  

  • How to Write Yourself Well as a Conscious Writer

    How to Write Yourself Well as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Jackee Holder
    Date Thursday 9th January
    Time 16:00 GMT/11:00 EST

    Writing changes lives and lives are changed by writing!

    The New Year welcomes the opportunity for new and fresh approaches to our writing life. Join writer, well-seasoned coach and group facilitator Jackee Holder as she distills and gets down to the writing bones of the virtues and rewards of what it means to write yourself well as a conscious and creative writer.

    Over the last twenty years there have been over 400 research studies on the therapeutic and psychological benefits of journal writing and expressive writing. The evidence is both exciting and encouraging with new findings being discovered with each new piece of research.

    In this month’s talk Jackee will help you understand what some of these benefits are and how they can impact your development and growth as a conscious writer.  You’ll discover how cultivating a practice of writing yourself well through a range of exercises and writing practices can have ripple effects and generate a greater impact in the quality of your writing life whatever medium of writing you are engaged in.

    By the end you will be able to:

    • Clarify the many different approaches to writing consciously and the therapeutic benefits that emerge on the page and contribute to evidenced based ways of writing yourself well
    • Discover how a personal commitment to journal writing and/or reflective observations can benefit your creative writing life both on and off the page
    • Make the links between how consciously writing about your emotions and feelings can be a useful way for building emotional intelligence and emotional resilience
    • Explore how the concept ‘who you are on the page is who you are off the page,’ empowers you to bring the authentic self more to your work and writing lives
    • Enjoy two short write yourself well writing practices that can be easily embedded into your daily writing routines

    Jackee Holder loves writing and reading and has done so from childhood. She’s the author of three non-fiction books, 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well, Be Your Own Best Life Coach & Soul Purpose, and has been featured and contributed to a number of articles and magazines in the UK and internationally. When she is not head down in a book or writing away in one of her many notebooks she finds time to work as a Executive Coach, Coaching,  Leadership & Management Trainer, Conference and seminar speaker and creative writing tutor. She holds a Masters in Personal Development in Creative Writing from Sussex University, a Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Lancaster University, is an accredited Coach Supervisor with the Coaching Supervision Academy and an ordained interfaith minister. Amongst many other things she is a self confessed bookaholic and believes in the power of the pen to transform our lives from the inside out. For more information visit: and

  • The Creative Compass for Conscious Writers

    The Creative Compass for Conscious Writers

    Guest Dan Millman and Sierra Prasada
    Date Thursday 10th October
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EST

    You want to write but you’re not sure what exactly. Or maybe you produce draft after draft without necessarily feeling as though you’re moving forward. Or you’ve completed a manuscript — but how can you connect with readers?

    Bestselling author Dan Millman and his daughter Sierra Prasada, an author and freelance journalist, offer direction, structure, and inspiration in the form of five universal stages of creativity: Dream, Draft, Develop, Refine, and Share.

    At whatever point you’ve reached in your creative work, the co-authors have been there before, and they map their own journey and yours in their new book The Creative Compass: Writing Your Way from Inspiration to Publication.

    The stories, ideas, and exercises they present in this special interview will illuminate how you can: 

    • generate ideas with which you most strongly connect;
    • overcome doubt and inertia;
    • find lasting encouragement and confidence in “master metaphors”;
    • trust your gut when sorting through feedback;
    • work in layers so as to develop early drafts to professional-quality;
    • build your own writing practice and career.

    Dan Millman is the author of 17 books read by millions of readers in 29 languages. Way of the Peaceful Warrior was adapted to a film released by Universal Pictures in 2007. A popular international teacher and speaker, Dan has influenced leaders in the fields of psychology, health, education, business, politics, sports, entertainment, and the arts.

    Sierra Prasada is a Washington, D.C.-based author, journalist, editor, and teacher. While living in and reporting on the Middle East, she gained proficiency in Arabic and wrote her first book, Creative Lives, profiling Lebanese artists. Her current undertakings include a ten-year 20th Century Project, a screenplay adaptation, and other fiction and nonfiction projects.

  • How Conscious Writers Can Find their "Thing" and Share it with the World

    How Conscious Writers Can Find their "Thing" and Share it with the World

    Guest Lucy Whittington
    Date Thursday 6th June
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EST

    One of the aspects of authorship that can be challenging for some writers is building an authentic platform. Yet, sharing your ideas, insights and stories with as wide an audience as possible in as many different ways as possible can be a deeply rewarding experience. Certainly, these activities are on the agenda at one level or another for all authors who aspire to have their voices heard in the marketplace today.

    One component of all the activities involved in marketing your work authentically and successfully which shifts you out of effort and into flow, is knowing what the essence of all that you are about as a writer is. This includes your unique voice and your core message or passion which allows you to stand out and be noticed for the contribution you are making.

    Once you have identified that, you then need to know how to share it fluently in your blog posts, articles, interviews, and events. Lucy Whittington has a passion for supporting people to find what she calls their ‘Thing’, and then share it with the world in a way that is easy to do and which works to get people known for what they do that’s brilliant.
    By the end of this interview, you will understand how to:

    • Explain easily to people what you are ‘about’ as an author in a way that creates intrigue (and gets you remembered)
    • Be super-confident that no-one writes what you write in the way that you write it so you love sharing your core passions as you know they are different and needed
    • Tell stories to market you and your Thing to readers, agents, and publishers
    • Work out your ‘media Thing’ so your marketing feels simple and easy – online and in the ‘real’ world
    • Stand out when you attend a book signing, literary festival, networking group, conference or bookshop event, and when you hang out online
    • Have people instantly ‘get you’ as a writer so they pay real attention to all that you are sharing as an author in the world.

    Lucy Whittington spent many years being ‘good’ at marketing and worked for a range of businesses from start-ups to international Plcs alongside getting overqualified with an MBA, and running her own website and marketing business. From all this experience, she realised that her ‘Thing’ was seeing other people’s ‘Thing’, and supporting them to transform their success by sharing it with the world. This is now Lucy’s primary focus but when she’s not ‘Thinging’, speaking, running events, working with business celebrities, spending too much time on Facebook and eating cake, the other things Lucy loves are her two ‘small people’. She also loves living by the seaside—and loves reminding everyone of that too! See

  • How Conscious Writers Can Flip the Switch from Inner Critic to Inner Coach

    How Conscious Writers Can Flip the Switch from Inner Critic to Inner Coach

    Guest Suze Casey
    Date Thursday 4th April
    Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EST

    Conscious writing is so much more than the mere relaying of facts or the telling of a story. Calling from the depths of our knowing, conscious writing demands the presence of the authentic self. Beckoning from beyond and drawing from deep within, the chasm is bridged, and from there the writing emerges.

    Finding and maintaining that creative space is a journey of self discovery and expanded awareness, where the unresolved comes forward to be examined in the new light, and all previous knowing is questioned, only to be discarded or transmuted into certainty.

    Suze Casey explains that she “writes because she cannot not write”. Yet, moving from writer to widely published author took more courage than she knew she could muster. She had to face all the vulnerabilities, doubts and fears she had developed from the responses and feedback she had ever received. She had to come to know and value herself in a stronger and more committed way.

    In this interview, you will discover:

    • how to enter into – and out of – your creative space with ease
    • an effective and efficient way to move through writer’s block or any other form of doubt or fear
    • how to effectively acknowledge what has been in the way and give yourself permission to speak openly from the heart
    • a simple decision-making process that will open the doors to new ways of writing
    • how to recognize your authentic voice and have it become your way of being – in all areas of your life.

    The developer of the Belief Re-patterning® technique, Suze Casey holds a Master of Education Degree in Learning Styles and Curriculum Development, with a minor in psychology. Her fascination has always been with the mysteries of the human mind - how we learn, choose and consciously create our lives. Twenty years as an educator, from grade 6 to post-graduate, since 1999 she has completely followed her passion - supporting others to learn, grow and embrace their potential.

    April 2012, saw the international release of her book Belief Re-patterning: The Amazing Technique for “Flipping the Switch” to Positive Thoughts (Hay House). Within 4 months she went from unknown new author to the #7 host on the airwaves of Hay House Radio alongside colleagues including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Michael Beckwith, Caroline Myss with her weekly show “Flipping the Switch” with Suze Casey. Based in Canada, Suze travels extensively offering workshops, seminars and conference keynotes as well as maintaining a vital international coaching practice.  For more information see and

  • How to Harness the Transformative Power of Consciousness as a Creative Writer

    How to Harness the Transformative Power of Consciousness as a Creative Writer

    Guest Marilyn Schlitz
    Date Thursday 7th February
    Time 16:00 GMT/11:00 EST

    Your consciousness is the quality of mind that determines how you perceive and experience the world and profoundly influences your experience of daily life. Your state of consciousness also determines the quality of your writing, and whether or not you show up to write at all!

    Becoming more aware of your awareness can lead to new insights – seeing the familiar with new eyes, finding new meaning in everyday experiences.

    Transformations in consciousness can come as you shift your perspective on what has meaning and purpose, inviting in to your life a dynamic engagement with all the richness that comes from even the most common acts and experiences. Washing dishes, tending the garden, spending time with family, can all be an opportunity to embrace a new quality of being and can inform the nature of your writing and creative self-expression.

    In this interview you will learn how to:

    • Shift your awareness from the outer world and open new doors to the inner world.
    • Gain insight from modern science that can open you to your highest creativity.
    • See the familiar with new eyes to inspire your ideas and enrich your writing.
    • Build new habits that encourage original insights and learn to listen to the guidance that comes from your most authentic inner voice.
    • Use simple transformative practices to set your intentions in ways that nurture creativity and broaden your attention to embrace possibilities beyond those you have learned to expect – for your authorship and for your life.

    Marilyn Schlitz, PhD is Ambassador for Creative Projects and Global Affairs and Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, where she has worked for over 19 years.  For more than three decades, Marilyn has been a leader in the field of consciousness studies. As a scientist and anthropologist, she has pioneered clinical, laboratory, and field-based research in the areas of consciousness, human transformation and healing. 

    A researcher, speaker, change consultant, and writer, Marilyn’s books include:  Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life (co-authored with Cassandra Vieten and Tina Amorok) and Consciousness and Healing:  Integral Approaches to Mind-Body Medicine. Marilyn is currently working on a compelling new movie and education program with Deepak Chopra called Death Makes Life Possible which is sponsored by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Chopra Foundation. For more information visit and

  • Awakening to Your True Creative Potential as a Conscious Writer

    Awakening to Your True Creative Potential as a Conscious Writer

    Guest Steve Taylor
    Date Thursday 10th January
    Time 16:00 GMT/11:00 EST

    When we 'wake up', our whole lives become an expression of a higher state of consciousness. Awakening transforms our relationships, our values, goals and our perspective of reality. It also often opens us up to a great reservoir of creativity. 

    The normal human state is one of ‘psychological discord’, due to the restless ‘thought-chatter’ of our minds and an undercurrent anxiety of ‘ego-isolation’ – our sense of being separate and distinct individuals. This psychological discord is often the cause of 'writer's block’.

    But we all have regular moments when this discord fades away – moments of ‘harmony of being’. In these moments, we feel a sense of ease and well-being, and a sense of connection to our surroundings.  And in this state of inner harmony, we become much more creative. Transcending ego-separateness means connecting to our surroundings, to other people, and also to our own deeper selves – including our innate creativity.

    In this conversation you will learn:

    • Why there is such a strong connection between spiritual awakening and creativity  
    • Why so many poets and authors have been spiritually awakened, and so many spiritual teachers have also been poets and authors
    • The sources of the surface discord of the human mind and how to transcend it 
    • How to cultivate a state of inner harmony which will naturally give rise to creative expression
    • What 'awakening experiences' are and how to generate them as a Conscious Writer

    Steve Taylor is a lecturer in psychology at Leeds Metropolitan University, and the author of several best-selling books on psychology and spirituality. He was recently included (at no. 31) in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s list of the ‘100 most spiritually influential living people.’ His books have been published in 13 languages and include Waking From Sleep, The Fall, Out of the Darkness and his new book Back to Sanity. Eckhart Tolle has described his work as 'an important contribution to the shift in consciousness which is happening on our planet at present'.

    Steve's articles and essays have been published in over 40 academic journals, magazines and newspapers, and his work has been featured widely in the UK media, including on BBC Breakfast, BBC World TV, Radio 4 and 5, and in The Guardian, The Independent and The Daily Mail. He is also a poet; his first book of poems and spiritual reflections, The Meaning, has just been published. See

  • The Way of Story

    The Way of Story

    Guest Catherine Ann Jones
    Date Thursday 7th October

    In the Beginning was Story … Stories orient the life of a people through time, establishing the reality of the world. Without story, it could be said that we do not really exist. The power of story is how we discover who we are.

    The Way of Story offers an integrative approach to writing narrative, combining solid craft with experiential inner discovery. Craft alone is not enough. To guarantee a good story, craft has to be combined with the intangible inner dimensions of writing.

    Writers of all levels and all narrative forms – fiction, non-fiction, plays, screenplays, stories, novels, and memoir - will benefit from understanding the way of story.

    In this insightful interview, Catherine Ann Jones will reveal how to: 

    • understand and use the seven steps to story structure
    • create memorable characters and effective dialogue
    • establish your theme and track the story through-line
    • balance your writing craft with your intuitive skills
    • invite the “invisibles” and free the story within you
    • write the story outline as a successful marketing tool
    • apply story techniques for all levels and all story genres                        

    “Catherine Ann Jones is in possession of a powerful talent … nothing is more rare in my opinion.” Norman Mailer                                            

    Catherine Ann Jones, an award-winning playwright and Hollywood screenwriter of such films as The Christmas Wife, Unlikely Angel, Angel Passing which premiered at Sundance winning 15 awards in the US and internationally. She was also a writer for the popular TV series, Touched by an Angel. A Fulbright Scholar to India studying shamanism, graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute, author of The Way of Story, she teaches worldwide. Online courses are available at For writing consultant service & workshop schedule please visit

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