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  • Navigating the Seven Stages of Creativity

    Navigating the Seven Stages of Creativity

    Guest David Ulrich
    Date Thursday 9th November

    One of the hallmarks of the creative process is readily distinguishable stages of evolution, from conception through completion. Understanding these stages in an experiential manner can help fulfill our creative potential and assist us in deeply serving others through our works.

    In this interview, creativity is viewed as a path towards self-realization, a means of opening to the depth mind, a fertile ground for the necessary encounter with our demons and resistances, and a marriage of self with the sources from which our works spring.

    An awareness of the evolutionary unfolding of the creative process can ally creativity with the search for consciousness, help us open to authenticity and revelation, and assist in unseating the dominance of the ego towards a state of “non-doing” where power and insight may gracefully flow through our pens and minds.

    In this interview, you will learn to:

    • Identify and fully engage the seven stages of creativity
    • Find greater connection to the “writer within,” free of fear and self-limiting inner dialogue.
    • Open to the resonant sources of epiphany and insight, which lie waiting within us all.
    • Use creativity as a means towards self-revealment and greater consciousness of both: the inner and outer worlds.
    • Discover your authentic voice, that which grows from your identity and being
    • Learn techniques for a disciplined approach to craft and for bringing works to fruition and completion.
    • Explore disintegrating your ego and integrating your shadow, and how these dynamics may assist you in growing towards wholeness, authenticity, and fluid creativity—and become a contributory force in the world.

    David Ulrich is a photographer and writer. He is the author of The Widening Stream: the Seven Stages of Creativity, and the co-editor of Through Our Eyes: A Photographic View of Hong Kong by its Youth. His work has been published in numerous books and journals including Aperture, Parabola, MANOA, and Sierra Club publications. He is a Consulting Editor to Parabola Magazine and a frequent contributor. Ulrich’s photographs have been exhibited internationally in over seventy-five one-person and group exhibitions nationwide. He is a program coordinator and faculty member of Pacific New Media, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. He is currently finishing a memoir/essay on seeing and visual perception: Longing for Light: Into the Heart of Vision. Visit and

  • Ensouling Language: The Art of Non-Fiction for Conscious Writers

    Ensouling Language: The Art of Non-Fiction for Conscious Writers

    Guest Stephen Harrod Buhner
    Date Thursday 7th December

    Too often, in our time, writing lacks the luminosity that can make the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Rather than exciting the reader’s soul, it deadens the sensitivity of the heart to the touch of the world upon us, a process that the great literary critic Geoffrey Hartman calls aestheticide.

    The attempts to reduce writing to a series of technical skills in so many writing programs throughout the west, contribute to what literary critic Elif Batuman describes as “the publication of more excellently written books than have ever been published but that no one wants to read.” They have forgotten the most essential thing; how to tell a story that matters.

    Approaching writing as a sacred art, Stephen Buhner explores the core of the craft: the communication of deep meaning that feeds not just the mind but also the soul of the reader. Tapping into the powerful archetypes within language, he shows how to enrich your writing by following “golden threads” of inspiration while understanding the crucial invisibles essential to the art of both fiction and nonfiction.

    By the end of this in-depth interview, you will have an appreciation of how to:

    • craft language with feeling and vision, employ altered states of mind to access the writing trance, and clear your work by recognizing the powerful sway of clichéd thinking and hidden baggage
    • intentionally generate duende--that physical/emotional response to art that gives you chills, opens up unrecognized aspects of reality, or simply resonates in your soul
    • infuse your nonfiction, especially how-to and self-help, with the same power and luminosity as great fiction 
    • reliably induce the dreaming state from which all great writing comes, and apply the core perceptual tools of analogical thinking and the capacity for deep feeling
    • explore the subtle techniques of powerful writing, from inducing associational dreaming in the reader, to language symmetry, sound patterning, foreshadowing, feeling flow, and more. 

    Stephen Harrod Buhner is the multiple-award-winning author of 17 works of nonfiction and one of poetry. He is fully supported by his writing and believes that any writer who puts the depths of themselves into their work and learns how to concentrate that luminous essence powerfully into language can do so as well. He doesn’t like contemporary American literature much (which he considers to fit into the “Drama” category, making it a genre, just not a very enjoyable one).

    He lives in New Mexico on the edge of the Gila wilderness where he is involved in working with wild plant ecosystems, ensouling habitation through a long term project with an abandoned adobe warehouse, and music where he is working to capture the power of duende and language in a newly emerging combined medium. For over twenty years he traveled widely throughout the U.S. and the Western European Isles teaching about duende, Earth relationship, and wild plant medicines. He is currently at work on his 19th book. For more information, visit


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