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  • Conscious Listening for Authors

    Conscious Listening for Authors

    Guest Julian Treasure
    Date Thursday 4th April

    We are surrounded by sound from before birth right through to death, and it affects our lives profoundly – but largely without us noticing. The modern world is increasingly noisy, so we've become used to suppressing our awareness of sound, and increasingly unconscious of its effects on us.  

    In this fascinating interview, Julian Treasure, the world's leading expert on business sound and an international speaker, will share some truly transformative perspectives that just might change the way you listen to the world forever. Join us and be prepared for whole new areas in your writing, personal and creative productivity to be opened up. 

    We'll cover:

    • the four effects of sound on human beings
    • the hidden power of super-additivity
    • five simple yet powerful techniques to rediscover your conscious listening
    • the eight expressions of a brand or business in sound
    • how to triple your creative productivity by changing your soundscape
    • the sounds that are good – and bad – for your health 

    Julian Treasure is an expert on the effects of sound – and particularly on the effective use of sound for business benefit. His seminal book Sound Business was the first map of the exciting new territory of applied sound for business. Julian has been widely featured in the world’s media, including TIME Magazine; The Economist; The Times; TV and radio, as well as many international trade and business magazines. He is an international speaker on sound and listening, and is one of very few people with three talks on Collectively his TED talks on sound have been viewed more than forty million times! 

    Julian is chairman of The Sound Agency, a UK-based consultancy that helps international clients like Coca-Cola, BP, Harrods, Nokia, Honda, Marks & Spencer, Bank Muscat, Waldorf Astoria and BAA achieve better results by optimising the sound they make in every aspect of business. Julian’s vision is to make the world sound beautiful by helping individuals to listen consciously, and companies to discover that good sound is good business.

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