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UBP OMHow to Write the Ultimate Book Proposal
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8 audio classes PLUS
65 page Workbook PLUS
Guidelines for Authors PLUS
Worksheets & Start Here Advice

(MP3 & PDF downloads)

Price:  £97 ($155 or EUR 120*)

                           Instant access to digital audio and text documents designed exclusively to enable me to guide you step-by-step through the process of writing your ultimate book proposal. This 5 step Masterclass on book proposal mastery enables you to:

  • Avoid the 3 classic, time-wasting mistakes that many writers make with their book proposals
  • Rely on the expert guidance of an experienced former publisher in the knowledge that the information is "tried and tested"
  • Be well-prepared with all the information you need before you write your proposal
  • Understand how agents and publishers think, work and make decisions so that you can pitch your book effectively
  • Achieve complete clarity and craft a compelling key sentence to describe the essence of your book
  • Know exactly what to include in each section of the book proposal, and what to leave out!
  • Write a striking covering letter to accompany your book propsal or synopsis
  • Consider relevant additional material to add to your submission package
  • Achieve the highest possible standard of authenticity and excellence with your presentation
  • Decipher the different requirements of individual agents and publishers
  • Approach agents and publishers professionally and with confidence so that your book stands out for all of the right reasons!

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