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At the IACCW we are passionate about a whole new approach to
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options which open the way for you to discover your authentic
voice – on the page and in the world.

We provide inspiration, information, support and connection for
you to overcome isolation, move through resistance, and
experience the sense of freedom and purpose which
comes from fulfilling your true creative potential.

Whether you are an experienced author or are just
starting to write, we invite you to join us today and
enjoy the journey of taking your message to the
market successfully and with soul.

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Conscious Writing Scholarship – Applications Now Open!

February 20, 2015

CW_Scholarship_2014_LORES._150jpg“Do your little bit of good where you are.
It’s those little bits of good put together
that overwhelm the world.”
Desmond Tutu

To learn how you can receive individual guidance and support
to do your “little bit of good” as a Conscious Writer in 2015
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Desmond Tutu’s words have become associated with the annual Conscious Writing Scholarship and Mentoring Series, and I am delighted to announce that Applications for 2015 are now open!

They aren’t the exact words I would use to express my passionate belief that as artists of life we are all living a Hero’s Journey. When we do so consciously and creatively, we make the greatest possible contribution and receive the greatest possible reward. Yet the essence of Desmond Tutu’s message is pointing in the same direction.

It is the direction of wholeness and alignment, where head and heart team up with words and actions, and connect with something greater than our individual selves to inspire our ideas, insights and stories.

Doing a little bit of good at the IACCW with our 3rd Conscious Writing Scholarship offering

The resounding success of the experience for all participants of the Scholarship so far has strengthened our commitment to offering it again this year.

To read Scholarship Stories from previous winners
click here

There are three places on the Conscious Writing Scholarship andone applicant will receive a whole six months of coaching, consultancy and mentoring completely FREE!

To read all about the Conscious Writing Scholarship
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Conscious Writing Retreat 2015 – Two Pay Option Tickets on Sale Now!

February 13, 2015

Retreat_LOGO_150I am delighted to announce that Two Pay Option tickets for the Conscious Writing Group Retreat which is taking place from Friday 22 to Monday 25 May are on sale now!

The Early Bird tickets have already sold out but we have created a Two Pay Option to support you to spread the cost over two months.

These will only be available for a limited time, so dive in and see what we’ll be getting up to by clicking here.

A Wonderful Long Weekend

Abbey House thumbWe have a wonderful long weekend ahead of us during which we will dive deeply into the “conscious” of Conscious Writing, explore the essence of the creative mystery, and emerge positively transformed with tangible results and a body of work to take away.

There will be an inspiring mix of guided sessions, personal time for reflection, conscious and creative assignments, and of course, lots of writing! Additional activities include walking and yoga (optional).

Video and Text Testimonials

We have created a page of video and text testimonials from some of our retreat participants from last year. To watch and read their inspiring comments, click here.

During our time together, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover new levels of what it means to write from your heart with the voice of your soul.
  • Align all aspects of yourself in order to bring your whole self to the creative writing process.
  • Clarify the vision you have for your writing project(s) and authorship. 
  • Select, organise and structure your best ideas, and explore a whole range of new ones.
  • Discover the true source of your authentic writer’s voice and open the way to access it freely.
  • Reconnect with the joy of writing as a valid end in its own right.
  • Understand how to release your anxieties with one powerful Conscious Writing shift. 
  • Create a holistic blueprint for success as a Conscious Author including an Action Plan of next steps to keep the momentum going.
  • Experience living, creating and writing from your deep self instead of your everyday self, and in the process, discover a whole new perspective on your ideas, your authorship, and your life.
To read more, see the schedule
and to book your place
Click here

JuliaMcCutchen_darkpurple150I hope to have the opportunity to guide you to experience the deep and transformative magic of Conscious Writing in a few short months from now. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing


PS The retreat starts on Friday 22 May and completes on Monday 25 May, and there is detailed information including what we’ll do and who the retreat is for here.

Choosing Happiness

February 11, 2015

CH-Cover-200x278Hi Conscious & Creative Writers!

I’m delighted to support Inspired Living Publisher Linda Joy with the launch of her new book today called Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness.

The book features the soul-inspiring stories of 27 amazing women who share their intimate stories of transformation. It also includes Reflection Questions after each story which will empower you to integrate the vital lessons of each woman’s journey into your own life.

I love the collaborative nature of the creation and publication of this book. It’s inspiring to see what possibilities are available to us all as authors today. The content is certainly a key component of all that we teach related to Conscious Writing, which in itself is a powerful journey of transformation that leads to authentic happiness and creative fulfilment.

There are over 40 transformational gifts on offer (for a limited time) if you decide to dive in and purchase your own copy of Choosing Happiness, so here’s where you can read more and see the courageous writers who have decided to step up and share their story

Enjoy :-)


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The 5 Core Practices of Highly Successful Conscious Writers

February 2, 2015

Iceberg2While I’m focusing on making the last refinements to my book before delivering the manuscript to my publisher Hay House, I’ve decided to share an article that was originally published a couple of years ago yet remains perennially appropriate. Enjoy :-)

The image of an iceberg is a wonderful metaphor for the creative writing process.

The 10% we see above the surface of the water represents the actual words of the blogs, books and other communications we write. It arises out of the 90% that is largely hidden from view yet without which the iceberg would not exist at all.

The same principle applies to our writing. A large proportion of the work we do as writers is invisible to our readers but greatly determines the quality of our work and the contribution it makes to the world.

The following 5 practices may not be obvious as part of the mix from the outside looking in when we read the latest book from our favourite author.

Yet, having spoken with thousands of highly successful Conscious Writers, and from both personal and professional experience of Conscious Writing in action, these practices come up time and again as the foundation for authentic success.

I invite you to dip into one or all of these practices to the extent it feels right for you at this time and see from your own personal experience what contribution they make to your writing, your authorship, and your life. (more…)

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IACCW Member Event: Show Don’t Tell: How Conscious Writers Can Bring the Page to Life

January 29, 2015

Julia McCutchen interviews William Noble WilliamNoble250
on Thursday 5 February

Showing offers images, presents a picture, provides a scene where things happen, characters interact and the story moves forward. Telling explains and lectures about what’s being shown, and when this happens, story progress comes to a halt. Images dry up, characters turn wooden, and the audience grows restless.

In the interview, we’ll touch on numerous ways a creative writer can “show” so the reader can see or hear images sparked by words on the page. It works the same with nonfiction as with fiction, with memoir or biography as with a novel or short story. The writer portrays or “shows,” and the reader sees and hears. We’ll discuss:

  • opening a piece of writing so you “hook” the reader
  • developing tension through conflict
  • creating immediacy so “you are there!”
  • valuing similes and metaphors
  • advancing the story though dialogue
  • appealing to and using the senses

William Noble has been called a “writer’s writer” because of his numerous books which explore the conscious elements of writing creatively. In all, he’s the author or co-author of twenty-three nonfiction books and hundreds of shorter works of fiction and nonfiction in such diverse publications as Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and A practicing attorney for seven years, he gave up the law to devote full time to writing and teaching; since 1997, his biography has appeared in Who’s Who In America. For more information, see:

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January Inspiration for Conscious & Creative Writers

January 27, 2015

road-368719_640“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

The secret to getting started is

breaking your complex overwhelming tasks

into small manageable tasks

and then starting on the first one.”

Mark Twain

Conscious Writers know that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,
and this moment in time will always be
the perfect Now for getting started
on the journey to completion.

               To your conscious & creative success!


PS Please take a moment to add your comments below here.

PPS Early bird tickets for the Conscious Writing Retreat
Friday 22 to Monday 25 May 2015 are on sale Now!
Read more and book yours here.

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What’s new this month?

January 7, 2015

JuliaMcCutchen_darkpurple150Hi Conscious & Creative Writers!

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a joyful festive season and are feeling recharged for all that 2015 has in store for you.

A new year offers us an excellent opportunity for a fresh start. As the old year completes, a new phase of life begins.

When we are present to the possibilities, we can make conscious choices about the components we want to include in our lives, and let go of those which no longer serve us.

What will you write into this next chapter of your life?

As Conscious Writers, we work towards carving out time and space to follow our heart and fulfill our creative dreams through bringing our book and blog ideas to life.

This will not happen from pushing ourselves to do more in less time. It comes from consciously choosing our priorities and following through by taking action.

Here at the IACCW, we are committed to supporting you to realize your full conscious and creative potential, so we have two main offerings for you over the next couple of months:

1. Conscious Writing Retreat – 22 to 25 May

We will be announcing all the details and releasing Early Bird tickets soon so keep an eye on your inbox for our announcement!

2. Conscious Writing Scholarship

Applications for our 3rd annual scholarship which offers FREE and discounted places for the six month Mentoring Series will open during February. More details in next month’s IACCW Journal.

Whatever decisions you make about your priorities this year, I urge you to make them consciously and with your own creative requirements at the top of your list.

Here’s to a wonderfully conscious & creative year for us all!


PS This “Welcome” note is reproduced from the latest issue of the monthly IACCW Journal. If you’re not receiving our newsletter regularly, register with your name and email address in the Start Here box at the top of this page.

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7 Timeless Tips for Conscious Writing Success

January 5, 2015

electricity-505869_640A few years ago I wrote an article on how to create a New Year strategy for success and inject a fresh burst of energy into your plans for writing and publishing your book. We republished it last year and received a positive reaction from writers who found it inspiring and helpful.

This year, while my focus is on completing the writing of my new book ready for delivery to Hay House in February, I’ve decided to share these timeless tips with you one more time.

So if you’re ready to follow through on your impulse to write what you are here to write in 2015, bring these tips to life by taking action within the next seven days. Then keep the momentum going by connecting with other Conscious Writers who are doing the same. Enjoy!


IACCW Member Event: Writing to Awaken: Self-Realization for Conscious Writers

January 1, 2015

Julia McCutchen interviews Mark MatousekMarkMatousek150
on Thursday 8 January

In this talk, we’ll investigate the mysterious connection between the person we believe ourselves to be and the internal witness who sees beyond the conscious mind into the secrets of our hearts.

By putting our feelings down on paper, and learning to shape life’s raw materials into art, we discover that our challenges are also our greatest sources of wisdom, and that even our darkest (or most unexpected) interludes carry within them the seeds of redemption.

You will learn how to: 

  • tell “the untold story”, and use beginner’s mind as a point of departure in storytelling
  • recognize the interplay of fear and desire in the writing life
  • use self-inquiry — the question Who Am I? — as a doorway to awareness, creativity, and personal power
  • use epiphany, wonder, and awe as brightening agents in our work
  • use writing as a spiritual practice that awakens us from our life myths

Mark Matousek is the author of two award-winning memoirs and three other successful non-fiction books. He is a featured blogger for Psychology Today, Huffington Post, and has contributed to numerous publications including The New Yorker, O: The Oprah Magazine (contributing editor), The New York Times Magazine, and many others. A popular lecturer and writing teacher, he is on the faculty of the New York Open Center, The Omega Institute, Esalen and more. His latest book is Ethical Wisdom for Friends. For more information see

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Winter Solstice Inspiration for Conscious & Creative Writers

December 21, 2014

snow-383875_640“In the depth of winter
I finally learned that there
within me lay an
invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

Conscious Writers dive in to the darkness of winter
and return to shine the light of summer in the world
through their words and actions throughout the year.

To your conscious & creative success!

PS Please take a moment to add your comments below here.

PPS Early bird tickets for the Conscious Writing Retreat
Friday 22 to Monday 25 May 2015
on sale in January!


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