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Conscious Writing Scholarship Results

April 18, 2014

We are delighted to announce the winners
of the 2014 Conscious Writing Scholarship!

1st Place: Maggie Kay

2nd Place: Margaret O’Connor

3rd Place: Gita Wolfsteiner

Many congratulations to one and all -
I am looking forward to working with you!

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Last chance to apply for the new Conscious Writing Mentoring Series

April 11, 2014

Application Deadline Today:

Read more here.

“I signed up for one-to-one coaching with Julia’s Conscious Writing Mentoring series at the start of my book writing process. She helped me get clear on who I was as a writer and gave me a wonderful starting point for getting my writing plan together.

In less than a year, I had my book fully completed!

I also used the excellent tools in her Home Study Masterclass on How to Write the Ultimate Book Proposal and found myself a leading literary agent. A worldwide book deal followed within a few short weeks!

I highly recommend Julia as a coach and mentor.  A big thank you to her for the excellent advice, support and guidance along the way.”

Susie Pearl, personal development mentor and author of Instructions for Happiness and Success,



Guest Article by IACCW Expert Eric Maisel – Writing Life Purpose Fiction

April 7, 2014

I am delighted to introduce this guest article from IACCW Expert and America’s foremost creativity coach Eric Maisel. Enjoy!

Fiction writers find themselves under a certain pressure to “develop their characters.” Is this actually a fair pressure? Do all protagonists in fiction need to be “developed”?

If “character development” means that a character is obliged to grow or change during the course of a novel, then authors should perhaps feel under no particular obligation to always “develop their characters.” Sometimes characters need not to change!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot as I’ve been writing fiction in the category of what I’m calling “life purpose fiction.” Can’t a good novel be built around the following sort of central premise?

Say that your main character makes a strong decision about his life purposes and then goes about living those life purposes, only to come up against certain threats and obstacles. Can’t the energy of the novel come from his defiant efforts to persevere?


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Inspired Living Giveaway – till Sunday 13 April

Hi Conscious & Creative Writers!

Last year I interviewed Linda Joy, publisher of Aspire Magazine and authentic marketing expert. We spoke about Authenticity & Collaboration and she shared a wealth of tips based on her feminine approach to marketing which enables us as Conscious Writers to share our message authentically in the world.

Linda invited me to participate in her “Inspired Living Giveaway” which over 100 visionary women have contributed to. It provides over 100 self-discovery and transformation gifts to support us all to “Master the Art of Living” – consciously & creatively.

To read more and access the free gifts by SUNDAY 13 APRIL
Click Here

Each gift is dedicated to inspire, empower and support us to master every area of our lives. You are invited to download these high-value resources from some of today’s leading experts, visionaries and new thought leaders, as well as up-and-coming movers and shakers.

Linda Joy explains: “The Universe provides each of us with exactly what we need to HEAL, GROW, EVOLVE, TRANSFORM, CREATE and THRIVE in every area of our lives. The secret to Mastering the Art of LivingTM lies in our ability to allow ourselves to receive the abundance of resources, wisdom and support all around us.”


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Guest Article: Creativity & Wellbeing by Kevan Manwaring

April 4, 2014

There is a saying from Ghana, one that I often share with my writing and storytelling students, which goes: ‘Until the lion learns to write the hunter will always tell the story of the hunt.’

This profound wisdom sums up, for me, why creativity is essential to well-being. We all deserve to be heard, to be seen, to be witnessed. When we are not, we can suffer, sicken, even die. Creative expression is essential for the health of individuals as well as their communities – soul hygiene, if you will. The greatest tragedy when a loved one is taken from us suddenly by death, is not the cold fact of their extinction, but that a life has been somehow unfulfilled – that it has failed to live up to its promise; its narrative has been arrested.

So many of us postpone our happiness, through apparently practical, ‘realistic’ reasons, until retirement – only then do we learn how to paint, to sing, to travel, to write, to manifest our dreams – but that retirement might never come. This moment is all we have – there may not be another.

The received wisdom is that creativity is for the ‘gifted’ – the virtuosos and geniuses – but life is a gift we all receive, and it is an insult to that gift, to the sacredness of life, to squander it, for even a single second. To not to at least strive to achieve our potential, as human beings, is anathema to the maxtrix of Creation, that ever unfolding field of potential of which we are all participants, not bystanders.

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IACCW Member Event: Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Writing: Creative Tools for Conscious Writers

April 3, 2014

Julia McCutchen interviews Dr Clare Johnson

Lucid dreaming is when you know that you are dreaming, and can consciously guide and shape the dream if you want to. Lucid Writing is like a waking version of lucid dreaming. You can create your own lucid dream while sitting at your writing desk and benefit from the creative depths and original insights this technique can lead to.
By the end of this talk you’ll understand:
  • What lucid dreaming is and what it can do for you as a conscious writer
  • How working with dream imagery both during and after the dream can lead to surprising insights and deep psychological truths, and in doing so, enhance your writing practice
  • How to turn off your critical mind and enable your imagination to flow freely
  • How to use Lucid Writing as a creative tool
  • How to become more conscious in your waking life as well as in your dreams

Dr Clare Johnson was one of the first doctoral researchers to explore lucid dreaming as an aid to creativity. She developed the Lucid Writing technique, which can help with nightmares, creative thinking, artistic processes and conscious living. Under her pen name of Clare Jay, she has won short story and poetry competitions and written two lucid dream-based novels: Breathing in Colour (2009) and Dreamrunner (2010). If you would like to share a creative dream with her, please contact her at

New Conscious Writing Mentoring Series – starts in April

March 27, 2014

Six Months of Coaching, Consultancy and Mentoring
with IACCW Founder & Creative Director Julia McCutchen

The Conscious Writing Mentoring series provides a rhythm, structure and positive accountability for you to begin, develop or deepen your writing with regular feedback on your work to ensure you are always on track with your core purpose as an author.

All work done as part of the Mentoring series is individually tailored to suit you and your specific circumstances.

You will learn the principles and practice of Conscious Writing as it applies to the stage you are currently at with your creative development, your writing and your authorship.

In addition, you will benefit from general coaching, consultancy and mentoring based on the experience I have gained from working directly and indirectly with thousands of writers over the last 25 years.

Applications Invited by

Read more here.

March Inspiration for Conscious & Creative Writers

March 25, 2014

“Simplicity is the final achievement.

After one has played a vast quantity of notes,

and more notes,

it is simplicity that emerges

as the crowning reward of art”

Frederic Chopin

Conscious Writers embrace the elegance of simplicity
by removing all that doesn’t directly serve
the ultimate purpose.

To your conscious & creative success!

PS Please take a moment to add your comments below here.

PPS The new Conscious Writing Mentoring Series starts in April. Read more here.

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What’s new this month?

March 12, 2014

Hi Conscious & Creative Writers!

I’m back from my Bali adventure and what an amazing month it has been!

After a few delightful days in tropical paradise at the coast, I spent the rest of my time in and around the cultural centre of Ubud.

I love the lifestyle there – meditation, yoga and creative pursuits such as writing are the norm, and spending so much time outdoors with an abundance of sunshine and heat has an opening effect at every level.

In this Eat, Pray, Love territory, verdant rice paddies lie adjacent to the hustle and bustle of a vibrant “village” filled with “location independent” ex pats and (mostly) smiling Balinese.

Directly off the main street, there are multiple spaces of serene beauty – oases of calm which stretch back into lush gardens serving delicious food or fresh coconut milk drunk through a straw directly from a newly opened coconut.

Retreats Update

I also visited a few retreat centres with a view to leading a Conscious Writing retreat there next year. They all have their distinct qualities but the only one I resonated deeply with is in fact where I stayed when I first visited Bali two years ago.

It is an extremely popular centre and there are very few openings for new retreats as leaders return year after year and have first refusal on the available time.

However, I am in trust that if it is meant to be, it will work out, and if not, that’s fine too. There may be other possibilities on the horizon that I’m not yet aware of. We’ll see.

In the meantime, the Conscious Writing retreat which is scheduled for the end of May in Glastonbury is now sold out!

I am delighted that this has proved so popular, and we have started a waiting list for anyone who would like to come in the event of any cancellations and for first refusal on places for future retreats. To add your name, click here.

Scholarship Application Deadline Today

Finally, here’s a quick reminder that the deadline for the Conscious Writing Scholarship is today, Wednesday 12 March. If you’d like the chance to benefit from six months of free coaching and mentoring, read more and click the link to apply here.

As you will see, this month’s article is inspired by being in Bali. I hope you enjoy reading it and taking action on the tips. As always, we love to hear from you so do take a moment to share your experiences, reactions and comments.

Have a wonderfully conscious & creative month!

PS If you’d like to check out some of my Bali photos, including some views of my writing spaces, visit (and please “Like”) the IACCW Page on Facebook

PPS This “Welcome” note is reproduced from the latest issue of the monthly IACCW Journal. If you’re not receiving our newsletter regularly, register with your name and email address in the Start Here box at the top of this page.

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Conscious Seeing for Creative Writers

March 11, 2014

I’m sitting on a folded purple shawl which softens the concrete ledge where people of all nationalities are gathered, waiting in anticipation for the performance to begin.

The intense heat continues well into the night here in Bali, and the pitch black frames the brightly lit square of the Palace courtyard.

Red and gold instruments of the gamelan orchestra wait patiently for the musicians to arrive, and are soon rewarded with the presence of men who know precisely how to release their song for the delight of us all.

The music melts the murmuring crowd into silent attention and calls the richly clothed dancers with painted faces through the ornately carved doorway.

Their intricate and precisely detailed movements of feet, torso, arms, hands, fingers, and eyes – all of  which have been trained since tender years –  tell the spectacular and ancient story which unfolds through dance before us.

The explosion of moving colour and sound are mesmerizing, and I feel the truth of what Thoreau meant when he spoke of “seeing with the unworn sides of the eyes”.


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