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Important Announcement

April 17, 2019

Hi Conscious Writers!

You may have read in the last couple of issues of the IACCW Journal that the winds of change have been blowing and gathering pace over the last couple of months especially.

My work has always been a reflection of my commitment to living from the inside out, and as my capacity to translate my deepest insights into everyday life expands, my work continues to evolve.

Following my intuitive inner impulse has led me to realize that after 9 years of serving conscious and creative writers, it is now time to bring the IACCW in its current form to an end and the last day the site will be accessible is TUESDAY 30 APRIL.

New Beginnings

Of course endings always lead to new beginnings, and I’m delighted to share that I’m currently creating a whole new offering that will be ready later this year.

As a result, you’ll still be able to access an abundant flow of inspiration, guidance and practical support… but in a new way.

For now, however, I’m pausing to acknowledge the magnitude of this completion which is requiring me to take a deep dive into the courage it takes to let go and move on fearlessly.

Member Interviews

So thank you for sharing this conscious and creative adventure with me so far and I genuinely hope that your IACCW membership has served you well.

You have until TUESDAY 30 APRIL to download any interviews you haven’t yet listened to, and you’ll find these on the “Past Events” page once you’ve logged in to the member area here

After that, the site will no longer be available so please don’t leave it too long before taking action!

Current Highlights

Alongside this, it’s business as usual! So I’m delighted to share that I’ve just launched a brand new six month Mentoring Programme with the expanded focus of Conscious Writing, Living and Leadership.

When you feel called to make a real difference, embracing a conscious approach leads you to experience intuitively inspired creative breakthroughs that can be focused on any facet of writing, living and informal or professional leadership. Read more here.

If you’d like a live experience of this conscious approach, you have until TUESDAY 30 APRIL to take advantage of the Early Bird and 2 People 1 Price tickets for the Discover Your True Voice through Conscious Writing workshop on SUNDAY 12 MAY. Read more here.

Continued Connection

Finally, my invitation to you is to come with me on the next phase of the journey and continue our connection through one – or all – of these options:

  • The Conscious Writing for Creative Living blog, read the latest posts and subscribe here
  • LinkedIn, where I’ll be exploring the emerging focus of Conscious Leadership alongside my on-going commitment to Conscious Writing and Living, follow me here
  • I’m also merging the IACCW Journal with the Julia McCutchen News which will keep you up-to-date and arrive in your inbox during the first week of the month. I hope you find it interesting, relevant and enjoyable!*
  • And finally, of course you can also contact me by email any time you like at

I’ll leave it there for now. Thanks again for sharing this unfolding dream with me and I’ll look forward to catching up with you one way or another very soon!

With love

PS IACCW Members please remember you have until TUESDAY 30 APRIL to download any interviews you want to keep!

* You can unsubscribe any time by simply clicking the link at the end of each communication.
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* New * Conscious Writing, Living and Leadership Mentoring

* Six Month Mentoring Programme *
May to November 2019



Explore a new way forwards through bringing your whole self
to writing, living and leading from the inside out to
find your true voice, show up authentically and
make a genuine difference in the world.

A part of you knows you have something of value to share; a story to tell, a message to convey, the benefit of your experience to inspire others to find meaning, purpose and the freedom to realize their full potential whatever form that takes.

If you’re ready to step up to the next level of your personal mastery as a writer and/or an everyday or professional leader mentoring will guide you to find and forge your authentic path.

Your experience will be unique to you and may include one or more of the following examples of focus and intention. You may be drawn to:

  • Discover your true voice, unlock your creativity and show up authentically;
  • Begin, develop or complete a writing and/or business project of your choice;
  • Awaken your intuition to accelerate your progress and amplify your impact;
  • Manage your energy and increase your vitality, health and well-being;
  • Set yourself free from fear and strengthen your emotional resilience;
  • Embrace change wholeheartedly and shed the layers you’ve outgrown;
  • Access your inner resources to consciously write, live and lead by example.

By the end of the six month mentoring programme, you’ll also be clear about your next steps to keep the momentum going – to completion and beyond!

1“Julia is a highly insightful mentor and holds the space for me in a way no other mentor or coach I have worked with has done.

Although I initially approached Julia to help me find my authentic writing voice, her support has proved invaluable to me in a much bigger way. I highly recommend the work she does.”

Maureen Sharphouse, Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Writer.


To read more about
Conscious Writing, Living and Leadership Mentoring
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Take the First Step

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

I love this wise and well-known quote because it beautifully sums up one of the major realizations I’ve had as an approach to living my life consciously and creatively over the last 20 years.

Trust the Unfolding Dream

My version replaces the word “faith” with “trust” (which resonates more deeply for me) and I’ve truly arrived in the space of trusting the unfolding dream; and it feels immensely liberating.

With this trust in place, I’m free to take one step at a time without seeing whole staircase because I know that there’s always a big picture, even when I can’t see it yet.

I trust that it will be revealed and often find that incremental steps lead to the point when complete clarity arrives in an instant – aha!

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Writing Retreats in South West France with Wendy Yorke

April 11, 2019

I’m delighted to share that my colleague Wendy Yorke is leading two writing retreats this year in June and September. Read on for details…

Wendy believes we are all here to help other people and improve other people’s lives. Her retreats help aspiring writers to access their clarity and gain the confidence they need to become published authors; to increase their contribution in the world by sharing their stories through books.

Take a break from the distractions of the world and enjoy nature in the beautiful foothills of the Pyrenees. Surrounded by the ancient wisdom of the Languedoc landscape and historic Cathar culture.

Here, you can: align your senses; reconnect your mind, body and spirit; heal your energy; and access your inner strength and vision. You can give birth to your creative flow and write your
book with love and joy.

Fully catered, with fresh, local and homemade produce, vegan and vegetarian options daily. Inclusive of: luxury accommodation

  • Discover the stillness and peace; or the movement and exercise, you need to deeply connect in nature.
  • Set your author intention with a crystal clear vision of: where you want to go; by when; and with an Action Plan to get you there.
  • Overcome your biggest writing fears and release your greatest brilliance in your book, or even a film script.
  • Activate your clarity and confidence to write your own bestseller with impact.
  • Develop your writing habit, author voice and unique narrative arc.
  • Align your passion and purpose to be fully present and visible in the world.
  • Establish powerful new daily rituals to expand your presence, profile and platform.

For details and bookings visit

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IACCW Member Event: Conscious Listening for Authors

March 28, 2019

Julia McCutchen interviews Julian Treasure

In this fascinating interview, Julian Treasure, the world’s leading expert on sound and listening, will share some truly transformative perspectives that just might change the way you listen to the world forever. Join us and be prepared for whole new areas in your writing, personal and creative productivity to be opened up.

We’ll cover:

  • the four effects of sound on human beings
  • the hidden power of super-additivity
  • five simple yet powerful techniques to rediscover your conscious listening
  • the eight expressions of a brand or business in sound
  • how to triple your creative productivity by changing your soundscape
  • the sounds that are good – and bad – for your health

Julian Treasure is an expert on the effects of sound. His seminal book Sound Business was the first map of the exciting new territory of applied sound for business. Julian has been widely featured in the world’s media, including TIME MagazineThe EconomistThe Times; TV and radio, as well as many international trade and business magazines. He is an international speaker on sound and listening, and is one of very few people with five talks on which collectively have been viewed more than forty million times! For more information visit

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Discover Your True Voice through Conscious Writing – 1 Day Masterclass

March 26, 2019

Devon, SW England


Writing is an integral part of contemporary life. Emails, texts and social media posts are essential ways to connect with family, friends and colleagues.

Add in the impulse that millions of us have to write blogs and books, plus the requirement to write website copy and business communications of all kinds, and no wonder we’re actually writing more than ever before!

Information overload is a real challenge right now. So how do you stand out from the crowd and ensure your voice is heard?

The solution is to write from your TRUE voice for authentic communication with lasting impact.

Conscious Writing is a holistic and transformative approach to discovering your true voice by learning how to write from the deepest part of you that is naturally creative and fundamentally free of judgment and fear.

In this experiential masterclass, you will:

  • Find the clarity you seek through uplifting creative exercises and guided practices.
  • Align your head with your heart, body and soul to bring your whole self to the creative writing process.
  • Transition into conscious flow, and feel the ideas and words flowing through you rather than coming from
  • Visit the Conscious Writing Sanctuary, a powerful inner space where you write in a way that reflects the real you.
  • Be delightfully surprised by the discoveries you make regarding your real purpose as a writer and in life.

“Brilliant – just what I needed.
It opened up material for the book I’ve been sitting on for 10+ years!
Excellent on every level.

 To read more
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What’s new this month?

March 8, 2019

Hi Conscious Writers!

One of my priorities this week is to clear my work space of books, folders and papers relating to areas of focus that I’m moving on from to open the way for new energy to continue pouring in.

I know these transitions well and welcome the process of my work developing as a reflection of my journey into ever deeper states of conscious flow and authentic self-expression.

It feels liberating to let go of all that has been and exciting to embrace the quantum field of infinite possibilities without undue attachment to specific forms and outcomes.

A commitment to Conscious Writing leads to so much more than words on the page!

Yet Conscious Writing is now proven beyond a shadow of doubt as a holistic approach to ticking that box as well as the genuine discovery of voice and vocation.

So it’s a privilege for me to continue teaching, coaching and mentoring people from all walks of life who feel called to make a positive difference through sharing their message and stories with the written word.

The next opportunity to experience Conscious Writing live and in-person for a one day workshop is on SUNDAY 12 MAY at one of my favourite venues, Dartington Hall in Devon, SW England. Read more here.

Mindful Writing and Essential Summary

This month’s Free Member Interview will guide you to write mindfully and experience the power of translating detailed observation into words on the page. Read more here.

Finally, the feature article is on what I call a compelling key sentence and why it’s so crucial to come up with a powerful summary if you want to share your work with others. Read more here.

Have a wonderfully conscious and creative month!

PS This “Welcome” note is reproduced from the latest issue of the monthly IACCW Journal. If you’re not receiving our newsletter regularly, register with your name and email address in the Start Here box at the top of this page.

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Why You Need a Compelling Key Sentence

In the early days of my publishing career, I used to go on the road with sales reps to experience the reality of selling the books I’d been responsible for commissioning authors to write.

It was a sobering experience.

The appointments often took place in busy bookshops and were regularly interrupted by deliveries arriving or customers asking questions.

Information Overload

Gaining the full attention of distracted buyers was a real challenge.

On top of that, there were so many new books to present, it was impossible to share all of the details and enthusiasm we had for each one.

Plus, the buyers would meet several reps from different publishing houses each day so were permanently suffering from information overload.

To continue reading

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IACCW Member Event: Mindful Writing for Conscious Writers

February 28, 2019

Julia McCutchen interviews Brenda Miller

How do we create space for writing or creativity in a world crowded with many distractions? How can we gain access to our deeper selves in the midst of our busy lives?

At the heart of mindful writing is the ability to slow down and simply observe what is happening, both inside and outside the self. In this interview, Brenda Miller will describe how the power of detailed observation can be translated into writing, and how writing, itself, can become an important contemplative practice plus how to:

  • Create physical and mental space for mindfulness and writing
  • Heighten awareness as a basis for writing
  • Practice writing that articulates the concrete, tactile, sensory world
  • Write quickly, but effectively
  • Take risks in writing
  • Write both alone and in community.

Brenda Miller is the author of three essay collections that explore spirituality and writing and is co-author of two books including The Pen and the Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World. She has received six Pushcart Prizes for her work and is a Professor of English at Western Washington University. For more information see

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What’s new this month?

February 7, 2019

Hi Conscious Writers!

February used to be my least favourite month of the year, and for various reasons, often felt like a challenging time for me.

A while back I chose to reframe my relationship with these weeks of overcast skies to focus on the positives as we head towards spring; as a result, my reality has been transformed.

Winds of Change

This year, February has brought the winds of change that have been blowing for some time right to the fore of my conscious experience.

Immersing myself in the flow, I’ve recently experienced a significant breakthrough in relation to the next phase of my work.

Many of the details are still to be sorted out. Yet the intuitive download feels completely in alignment with my highest calling and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

New One Day Workshop

In the meantime, I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be leading a one day workshop on SUNDAY 12 MAY at the utterly delightful Dartington Hall in Devon, SW England.

It’s called Discover Your True Voice through Conscious Writing and is for anyone who feels called to make authenticity a genuine priority for personal and professional writing of all kinds. Read more here.

Marketing and Time

This month’s Free Member Interview will guide you to develop a marketing plan that’s effective and manageable to follow whatever writing you have to share with others. Read more here.

Finally, I recently set myself the challenge to write some “quick read” blogs of 200 words or less which I’m enjoying the process of exploring.

The feature article is the first of these and addresses an equally troublesome challenge of feeling like there’s never enough time! Read more here.


PS This “Welcome” note is reproduced from the latest issue of the monthly IACCW Journal. If you’re not receiving our newsletter regularly, register with your name and email address in the Start Here box at the top of this page.

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