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5 Ways to Live the Questions of Creative Enquiry

July 6, 2015

question-479660_350I am delighted to introduce this extract from my new book ‘Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice through Mindfulness and More’ published by Hay House on 7 September. Enjoy!

Connecting to our creative core is an essential component of Conscious Writing and requires us to cross the invisible threshold that separates the comfort of what we know from the uncertainty of all we don’t.

When we have the courage to let go of certainties and face the mystery fearlessly we are led directly into the unchartered waters of infinite creative potential.

Yet embracing ‘not knowing’ at the level of the everyday mind provides many of us with a real challenge. We have largely been taught that ‘knowing’ and knowledge are highly prized whereas ‘not knowing’ and ignorance are to be avoided by applying ourselves diligently to learning.

So how do we release the feeling that we should know in order for a deeper level of Knowing to arise? How do we engage consciously with the mystery and become a co-creator with it?


IACCW Member Event: Shine on Social Media as a Conscious Writer

July 2, 2015

Julia McCutchen interviews Katie Brockhurst KatieBrockhurst_250
on Thursday 9th July

As a creative writer social media is one of the best places for you to connect directly with your readers. But how do you find your authentic social media style?

In this interview for those new to social media as well as more experienced users, you’ll learn ways to simplify, organise and automate your social media content, and how to:

  • Understand your goals for social media so you can create an actionable social media cross-platform strategy that works for you as a creative writer.
  • Produce authentic content quickly & easily in a way that feels good to you.
  • Re-purpose and recycle your content.
  • Understand insights so you can create a simple editorial plan that will make you and your content shine.
  • Find out the best times to post and right formats to post for YOUR audience.
  • Understand the Facebook Edge Rank algorithm so your posts have more chance of getting seen.
  • Give you the confidence and know-how to create your own images & great graphics (as social media IS visual).
  • Save bundles of time using scheduling tools and by planning ahead.
  • Unblock any social media paralysis you might have.

Katie ‘Kdot’ Brockhurst delivers social media platform management, strategy, consultancy and coaching to a wide range of clients. Working with popstars to Princesses’, with Duchesses’ to DJ’s, Katie also delivers campaigns for O2, Penguin and Harper Collins. She specialises in working with authors and brands within the self development industry and works closely with Hay House UK. For more information see

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Summer Solstice Inspiration for Conscious & Creative Writers

June 21, 2015

sunrise-165094_640Whatever is dreamed on this night,
will come to pass.’

William Shakespeare
A Midsummernight’s Dream

Conscious Writers nurture their dreams
and notice the insights
reflected into waking awareness
which guide their next creative steps.

To your conscious & creative success!


               PS Share your comments below here.

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A Genuine Expression of My Creative Core

June 2, 2015

sun-581299_350I am delighted to introduce this extract from my new book ‘Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More’ to be published by Hay House on 7 SEPTEMBER. This will give you a flavour of the ‘Personal Reflections’ section at the end of the book. I wrote these pieces to share my own experiences of the contents of each chapter and to include the challenges I’ve faced and their ultimate resolution. Enjoy!

I am like the seed cracked open by the cold, dark winter whose harsh bite cuts through the closed form that contains the full potential and creates the gap through which life pours.

The literal crack on the crown of my head from a falling stage spotlight dismantles my everyday shell in an instant, yet my journey through the ensuing darkness seems to last an eternity.

The initial glimpse of grace becomes lost in the uncertainty as my body, mind and emotions struggle to surface from the void. I am completely undone. All I can do is breathe.


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2015 Conscious Writing Retreat Photos and Feedback


‘A magnificent treat!
Delightful, nurturing, informative on every level.
A space where magic happened!’

‘Amazing, an over-used word, but true.
Such a richness of shared experience.
I had not expected the major breakthrough I received!’



‘Beyond expectations and absolutely wonderful!’

‘An incredibly restorative, spiritual, healing and creative experience.’

‘It has been truly profound for me and opened up my creative channels,
put me back in my body and inspired me to write from my true authentic voice.’


IACCW Member Event: How to Discover Your Authentic Wild Voice as a Conscious Writer

May 28, 2015

Julia McCutchen interviews Judy Reeves JudyReeves150
on Thursday 4th June

As its name implies, wild voice is untamed and unbounded. It goes deep, like roots. Wild voice is what gives a writer the sentence or phrase that seems to come out of nowhere.

We’ll discuss the concept of “wild voice” and how writers can access that voice to give expression to stories, memories, thoughts, and feelings that are often ignored or set aside and how these might be explored for the wisdom they can offer. We’ll also cover:

  • What we mean when we use the word “authentic” in context with creative writing.
  • How writing from your authentic wild voice is different than following the directives of writing exercises that focus on the craft of writing.
  • How you can access your authentic wild voice
  • The benefits of writing from the authentic wild voice for Conscious Writers

Judy Reeves is a writer, teacher, and writing practice provocateur who has written four books on writing, including the award-winning A Writer’s Book of Days. She has edited several anthologies and chapbooks, including those born out of her Wild Women writing workshops, which she has led since 1997. In addition to leading private writing groups, Judy teaches at University of California San Diego Extension and San Diego Writers, Ink, a nonprofit literary organization she cofounded. Her website is and she blogs at

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May Inspiration for Conscious & Creative Writers

May 19, 2015

creative_soul+craft300Prepare to Be Creative

‘In order to be creative you have to prepare to be creative. No one can give you your subject matter, your creative content; if they could, it would be their creation and not yours. But there’s a process that generates creativity – and you can learn it. And you can make it habitual.

There’s a paradox in the notion that creativity should be a habit. We think of creativity as a way of keeping everything fresh and new, while habit implies routine and repetition. That paradox intrigues me because it occupies the place where creativity and skill rub up against each other.

It takes skill to bring something you’ve imagined into the world: to use words to create believable lives, to select the colors and textures of paint to represent a haystack at sunset, to combine ingredients to make a flavorful dish. No one is born with that skill. It is developed through exercise, through repetition, through a blend of learning and reflection that’s both painstaking and rewarding. And it takes time… If art is the bridge between what you see in your mind and what the world sees, then skill is how you build that bridge.’

Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit

Conscious Writers combine soul and craft.
Where do you need to place more emphasis at this time?

To your conscious & creative success!

PS Please take a moment to add your comments below here.

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What’s new this month?

May 6, 2015

JuliaMcCutchen_darkpurple150Hi Conscious & Creative Writers

May is one of my favourite months of the year. The vibrant landscape shimmers with new life and the delicate blossom scintillates against the backdrop of a myriad shades of green.

Nature responds effortlessly to the increased light and warmer days. As Conscious Writers, we have the same opportunity to pour forth our creative offerings when the right conditions are present.

This month, here at the IACCW we are focused on the forthcoming Conscious Writing Retreat which has been created to offer you the optimum environment for cultivating your creative ideas and developing your conscious writing projects.

It’s taking place from 22 – 25 May over a luxurious long weekend in the sacred landscape of Glastonbury, and we have just a few places left! Read more here.

We are also delighted to share in this month’s newsletter an extract from a new book The Calm Center by Steve Taylor which is an exquisite example of Conscious Writing. It has been described by Eckhart Tolle as a book that will ‘awaken you to the spiritual dimension.’ Read it here.

Finally, there is still time to benefit from the special discount that Hay House is offering to ALL IACCW Members on tickets for their highly acclaimed Writer’s Workshop event in London on 16 & 17 May. Read more here.

Have a wonderfully conscious and creative month!

PS This “Welcome” note is reproduced from the latest issue of the monthly IACCW Journal. If you’re not receiving our newsletter regularly, register with your name and email address in the Start Here box at the top of this page.

The Calm Center of Your Creative Core

May 5, 2015

Peace-Compass-Inner-Core-350I am delighted to introduce this extract from Steve Taylor’s new book ‘The Calm Center’ as an exquisite example of Conscious Writing. Enjoy!

The Core

It can take a whole lifetime to become yourself —
years of feeling adrift and alone
acting a role you were never meant to play
stammering in a language you weren’t meant to speak
wearing clothes that don’t fit
trying to pass yourself off as normal
but always feeling clumsy and unnatural
like a stranger pretending to be at home
knowing that everyone can sense your strangeness
and resents you because they know you don’t belong.

But slowly, through years of exploration
you see landmarks that you somehow recognize
hear vague whispers that seem to make sense
strangely familiar words, as if you had spoken them yourself
and ideas that resonate deep down, as if you already knew them.
And slowly, your confidence grows
and you walk faster, sensing the right direction
feeling the magnetic pull of home.


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IACCW Member Discount for Hay House Writer’s Workshop 16 & 17 May

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This weekend workshop will give you the combined wisdom of more than 50 years of writing and publishing experience in four information-packed sessions, including workshops with Hay House President/CEO Reid Tracy and Hay House authors Lynne McTaggart and Michael Neill.

All attendees of the workshop are eligible to submit a manuscript to us and one will be selected to win a publishing contract with Hay House and £3000 advance.

You’ll learn:

  • How to organize your thoughts into a book
  • How to rewrite and refine your work
  • How to manifest the determination to publish your book
  • How to get a publisher’s attention
  • How to write a book proposal
  • How to make a business out of being a writer/author
  • And more!


1. Login to the Members area here
2. Locate your special discount code (see Hay House Discount page)
3. Use it when you book your place!

To read more and book your place
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If you have any questions about this event,
please contact Hay House directly.

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