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Full Member Guest Article: Principles for Conscious Living by Chris Johnson

July 15, 2013

Most of us, with even the briefest of religious educations, know about the Ten Commandments. They appear in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and we know them to be biblical “laws” that provide us with ethical guidelines on how to live our lives.

An update on this code for living a socially acceptable life is long overdue. In view of the escalating disenchantment with certain faiths, the rise in fundamentalism across several, and the polarisation within faiths, religious dictates such as the Commandments need reconfiguring and revising if religion in general is to survive and continue to guide our moral behaviour.

A basic set of moralities to follow for decent behaviour towards oneself and others is essential, but any revision should include improved direction on what mental attitudes we can hold that actively promote personal and collective well-being. A more comprehensive set of principles based on the inner universal codes and actions that underpin and vitalize physical existence, might have us appreciate more fully the sanctity of all life.


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Full Member Guest Article: How to Create Your Own Writing Manifesto by Jackee Holder

June 10, 2013

Why Write A Manifesto In the first place?

I believe that creative’s and us writers need as many tools and techniques to support our writing and creativity. One such tool I have found helpful is the process of creating my own writing manifesto for my writing and creativity practice.

The word Manifesto comes from the Latin word manifestum, meaning clear and conspicuous.  At it’s core a manifesto is a private or public declaration of your beliefs, opinions, motives or intentions and was traditionally a public declaration.

Recently I got down to work and created three manifestos for my business, one on writing, one on creativity and one of the importance and value of connecting with nature.

How does it all work?

The idea of creating a Manifesto has always intrigued me.  The idea of bringing together into one place either things that work or putting down on the page what I stand for or believe in has always been attractive to the way I work and think.


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Full Member Guest Article: Write for Yourself – 4 Ways Journaling Can Make You a Better Writer by Lynda Monk

April 8, 2013

Journaling is a form of personal writing practice that can create the sacred ground from which all of your other creative and conscious writing can flow.

Journaling is a record of a life lived and is a tool for observing both your inner and outer world.  Good writing, in part, includes our ability to observe, to really see and understand, from multiple perspectives, the world around us and within us.

I have been journaling, on and off, since I was a young girl.  I never thought of myself as a writer when I was journaling even though I filled thousands of blank pages with words, ideas and stories.

I am not exactly sure when I started thinking of myself as a “writer” but it had something to do with transitioning from writing in the privacy of my journal to writing for the public through articles, blog posts, newsletters, workbooks, training manuals, personal essays, and e-books.

In others words, journaling helped me discover and then claim my identity as a writer.


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