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Celebrating IACCW Member Susan Nefzger’s First Book

February 19, 2018

I’m delighted to share that IACCW member, Conscious Writer (and Conscious Writing Ambassador extraordinaire!) Susan Nefzger has recently published her first book called “A Practical Guide to Awareness”.

She came all the way from Florida to Glastonbury (Somerset, UK) to attend a Conscious Writing Retreat in 2015 where the seeds for this book were planted and the words just “poured” out of her!

She followed that trip up with another attendance at the 2016 retreat and has fully embraced Conscious Writing as a lifestyle choice as well as a way to write her book from the depths of her soul.

I’m filled with admiration for her courage and tenacity which has seen her through to published authorship. Now with a PR background, it’s time to spread the word about the book and I’m delighted to be part of that process so please do click here and check it out.

Huge congratulations to you Susan and I wish you every joy and success with your book and the next phase of your life as a published Conscious Writer!

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Calling all IACCW bloggers and reviewers

November 3, 2017

IACCW member Vicky Arthurs recently launched a new poetry audiobook, Limehavencelebrating the special bond between grandparents and children.

Inspired by childhood memories of her own grandparents, Vicky’s poems capture shared joys and explore themes of love, war, nature and innocence.

Vicky began writing Limehaven while undertaking a series of mentoring sessions with IACCW Founder Julia McCutchen.

“Working with Julia gave me confidence – both in trusting my own creative instincts and in sending my work out to publishers,” said Vicky. “I was lucky to be taken on by IRON Press, which led to wonderful opportunities to read my work at festivals and events. I enjoy performing, so creating an audiobook felt like a natural next step.”

Vicky has released the audiobook under her own imprint, Cedarbird, alongside a new worldwide print edition of the book.

She is currently organising a blog tour for Limehaven and is keen to connect with soulful bloggers and reviewers from the IACCW community. If you are interested in writing a review or interview, or hosting a blog post by Vicky, please email and include a link to your blog/publication.

You can hear tracks from the audiobook at or find out more about Vicky’s work at

Photo credit: © Donna-Lisa Healy
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