Symposium Snippets: Wise Words for Writers – Part 1

May 15, 2012

2012Symposium_logoThe IACCW 2012 Symposium brought together an inspiring mix of bestselling authors and international experts who are each making an important contribution to the world from their particular area of expertise.

Conscious and creative writers have an important role to play in this year of major change and transformation.

Authors who have already succeeded in expressing their message with authenticity and impact have a great deal of experience to offer writers who are on their way to doing the same.

Here are some of the key points from the first three of our Symposium Speakers to support you as an author:

Lynne McTaggart, award-winning journalist and author of six cutting edge books that have been translated into 28 languages, spoke to us on Understanding the Bond: the Power of Stories to Change our World

  • Stories engage people emotionally so you need to draw the reader towards the key point(s) of your book in an enjoyable way by telling lots of stories interspersed with your central message.
  • “Show don’t tell” applies to non-fiction as well as fiction.
  • Make sure your background research is solid and build a relationship with your reader through stories.
  • Be prepared to live and breathe your topic in order to write authentically.
  • It’s time for a new world story and writers have a key role in telling that new story in their own way. We need to look deeply, demonstrate what “is”, entertain, and inspire people to positive action.

David R Hamilton Ph.D., former pharmaceutical scientist, expert on the power of the mind to impact health, and author of six books spoke to us on Choice Point: Conscious Evolution for Writers

  • David’s transition from self-publishing his first book to being signed up by a traditional publisher was hugely supported by the fact that he does about 120 public talks a year.
  • He still finds time to write a book a year despite his busy speaking schedule which he explains by having a massive commitment enabling him to get up early and write.
  • Finding your own voice comes from asking yourself “how would I say this if I were explaining it to a live audience?”, and keeping it as simple as possible.
  • The cycles of life unfold as a spiral. At the end of each cycle, we have a Choice Point where we can embrace the shift onto the new level of the spiral. Collectively we are at such a point right now.
  • Bring empathy into your writing by reflecting on what people’s needs are and how your readers might feel when they read your words. Ask yourself how you can write in a way that is compassionate to your reader. A small group of people with compassion can change the world.

Tami Simon, founder, publisher and CEO of independent multimedia publishing company Sounds True, spoke to us on A Conscious & Creative Approach to Multimedia Publication

  • Tami explained that a sense of desperation to give her gifts and a commitment that came from her heart led her to find the right way to express her self in the world.
  • As a multimedia publisher, she needs to see good quality video clips of potential authors to answer the question “How do they communicate?”
  • She is also interested in what level of multimedia platform an author already has as well as what different media might be possible for their content including books, audio, video, enhanced ebooks and mobile apps.
  • She recommends that authors create some well-made audio and video clips to show what is possible.
  • Her final tips include to be your self, to be willing to create from the inside out, and to have good support.

In the next issue of the IACCW Journal we’ll bring you Symposium Snippets: Wise Words for Writers Part 2 from the remaining three Symposium Speakers.

Q4U: What resonates most with you from these key points? Share your comments below.


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