Conscious & Creative Writers Quick Tip

August 21, 2012

Writing regularly doesn’t happen

from pushing yourself to write.

It comes from consciously choosing your priorities.

What priorities will you choose today?

To your conscious & creative success!


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  1. I totally agree with the statement above, and never have any trouble writing.
    I gave up my job to focus on writing my books because I belive that is what I am meant to be doing.

    Comment by Julia Woodman — August 21, 2012

  2. Writing should not be like we have to do it, it is a passion,
    It is not like work, it is like playing your favorite sport.
    Thinking like this will put you in a different level

    Comment by Alejandro Lamothe — August 21, 2012

  3. I think writing regularly becomes a habit, like swimming every morning or shopping every Monday afternoon. Most often all of those things are enjoyable and something to look forward to, but sometimes they’re not. When they’re not, habit becomes your best friend.

    Comment by Emily Metliss — August 21, 2012

  4. I have had a lull in my writing, but I believe it has been a creative one, as I have needed to sort out what you rightly call my priorities. I believe I am ready now to start writing, and I have started jotting down my insights into my journal, which seem to be coming thick and fast. I have been unable to write because inside me there was a muddle, which I needed to unravel. I think if one is able to stick with this muddle, and the resulting depression, one’s own inner wisdom will work us through it. I now feel ready, hopefully, to get down to some hard work and hone my skills, just like those Olympic athletes who have been such an inspiration to us all!

    Comment by Daphne Radenhurst — August 22, 2012

  5. Hi Julia – great to hear that you don’t have any trouble writing, and I hope that you are enjoying the rewards of making such a commitment to your purpose and your writing craft.

    Comment by julia — August 25, 2012

  6. Hi Alejandro – so true! And yet many writers take a while to shift their mindset sufficiently to reach that different level. Hopefully theses kinds of reminders will speed the process along …

    Comment by julia — August 25, 2012

  7. Hello Emily – yes, and cultivating the habit is very much part of the process. I like to see it as developing a good rhythm with your writing, and I think your comment about habit becoming your best friend in those moments when it doesn’t feel enjoyable will be helpful for many.

    Comment by julia — August 25, 2012

  8. Hi Daphne – thank you for sharing your experience. Taking time away from writing periodically is indeed important too so we can recharge creatively and/or work through the “invisibles” that need to fall into place before we are able to connect fully to the writing flow again.

    In this space, all sorts of unravelling and revealing can come to fruition ready for us to express ourselves on the page, and as you rightly say, we need to stay with it to see ourselves through to that point. Enjoy diving in to write now that you’re feeling ready to do so!

    Comment by julia — August 25, 2012

  9. Julia,
    Thank you SO much for the reminder about consciously choosing our priorities. I need to work on that one.
    My writing has been “on pause” for a while. I seem to have taken a side road down which I need to discover more of what my deeper self wants me to pay attention to. And so I have returned to Therapy, a process that is challenging but so revealing. I think it has something to do with finding my “authentic self / voice”.

    (I just sent you an email; had forgotten about accessing your blog. )

    Comment by Helen Gennari — September 1, 2012

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