3 Conscious Writing Tips from 3 Days on Retreat

June 10, 2014

Following our hugely successful Conscious Writing retreat recently, I am encouraged to share the following three tips drawn from our experience yet applicable to all Conscious Writers as principles to adapt to every individual situation.

CWRetreat_May2014_7cT1. Immerse yourself in an inspiring mix of holistic activities as a lifestyle choice to support your writing.

We all enjoyed a range of holistic activities drawn from the rhythm of my everyday life during the retreat. In fact, many people commented on this being a strong contributing factor in their decision to attend.

These included the opening ceremony when we took a series of conscious actions to open a sacred and safe creative space within which to work.

We also engaged in practices of energy flow, meditation and conscious movement (walking and yoga) as well as dream incubation and more. All of this was alongside learning new creative tools and techniques, and of course, lots of writing!

As a result, we were proactively and continually creating and re-creating the right internal space out of which our ideas and our writing poured.

This is the foundation of Conscious Writing which opens the way for us to shift beyond the usual identification we have with our everyday self and write from the deep self with an authentic voice.

Your take-away:

  • Schedule time in your diary right now to review the current rhythm of your life.
  • Assess the number of components which actively support your conscious & creative growth and development as a writer.
  • Have the courage to introduce at least one small change this month to work towards a mix that increasingly empowers you to make tangible progress as a Conscious Writer. For example, come up with a few simple conscious actions to do each time you write such as lighting some incense, taking a few deep and energising breaths, and sitting quietly for a few minutes to become centred.


2. Stretch out of your comfort zone and be willing to take a risk.

There were aspects of our retreat that were completely new to some people, and most people experienced something unfamiliar over the course of the three days.

Yet, as the retreat progressed and participants opened ever more deeply into the sacred and safe creative space we were individually and collectively creating, the boundaries started expanding.

Bold new steps and courageous creative actions were taken by all. Some of the most moving moments were when brave Conscious Writers took a risk and read their exquisite writing in public for the very first time.

Feeling out of our familiar comfort zone is of course initially unsettling. Yet the writing journey involves a great deal of stretching beyond the small space we sometimes hide inside.

Your take-away:

  • Reflect on where you might be staying too safe as a Conscious Writer.
  • Is your progress slow because you’re “so busy” yet realise that to dive in more deeply feels scary? Perhaps you’re resisting writing that blog you’ve been thinking about for so long because it means that your ideas will finally be out there in front of other people?
  • Having identified where the boundaries of your current comfort zone lie, write down one action you will take in the next month to stretch yourself beyond where you currently are. This could be scheduling more time and space to explore deeper levels with your writing, or making a commitment to take the risk and set up your blog regardless of what anyone else might think.


3. Mix with like-minded Conscious Writers for discussion, feedback and support.

One of the greatest joys for our retreat participants was having the opportunity to meet, connect, and spend time with other Conscious Writers.

Our schedule included a mix of guided time and personal time, with solitude and silence for us to connect in the first instance with our deep self.

Then we had lots of opportunities for connecting and sharing with each other through “buddy” partnerships, work in small feedback groups and discussion with everyone together.

The exceptionally rich connections that were made between people (now on-going) supported huge creative breakthroughs at every level.

Participants were truly “heard” as Conscious Writers and provided with fresh perspectives which shed a clarifying light and opened up exciting new possibilities.

Writing is usually a solitary act, and while this suits many of us who write, there is nothing quite like being able to share something of our experience with others who know what it feels like from the inside out.

Your take-away:

  • However hermit like you may naturally be, and wherever you are in the writing process, remember the importance of mixing with other like-minded Conscious Writers. Whether you are right at the start with your ideas just formulating or with one or more published book(s) already under your belt, you will benefit from mixing with other Conscious Writers.
  • Within the next 30 days, take action to reach out and connect with one or more writers who are on the same wavelength as you, even if it is simply to say hello. If you don’t know anyone in your geographical area, use the multitude of online resources available to writers today including the FREE & FULL Member offerings from us here at the IACCW – all created to serve and support you as Conscious Writers!
  • We have also just re-launched the IACCW Facebook page* where we invite you to connect with each other as well as with us. And of course we’ll also be offering more one day Conscious Writing workshops and three day retreats in the coming months so do make the most of these wonderful opportunities for in-person connection and sharing.

May your next steps be ever more deeply consciously & creatively inspired 🙂

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* Please “Like” our Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/IACCW and enjoy our tips, inspiration and links to useful resources PLUS interact with us, ask questions, make comments AND we invite you to post your latest blog or writing success to share your work with our community of Conscious Writers!


Do you have experience of writing retreats and tips to share with your fellow Conscious Writers? How could you apply one or more of the tips from the article? Post your answers and general comments below.


© Julia McCutchen 2014. All Rights Reserved.

If you want to use this article in your ezine or on your website I’d be happy for you to do so as long as you use the complete article, including the copyright line, and include the following paragraph in its entirety:

Julia McCutchen is an author, conscious writing coach, intuitive mentor, and the founder & creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). A former publisher of books on spiritual and personal development, Julia teaches conscious creativity, conscious writing and a holistic approach to writing for publication that combines the inner journey of creative self-discovery with the practical steps required for writing and publishing books. She is the author of The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication and Conscious Writing (forthcoming). For FREE Membership and resources for writers, visit www.iaccw.com.

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