Four Questions for Conscious Writers to Answer & Share

August 11, 2014

InvitationLast week, two invitations arrived on the same day for me to join Blog Tours which are connecting authors with similar interests and expanding the reach for the greater good of all concerned.

I love the principle of creative collaboration and deeply appreciate the resonance of writers sharing their work and supporting each other – so I’m in!

I decided to share my responses here to the four questions asked for the first Blog Tour of authors who write about intuitive understanding to lift the veil on my current writing and to spread the word about the idea.

My invitation for you is to pick up the Blog Tour thread and take it forwards so as many writers as possible can participate and benefit from the experience.

Here’s how it works. Each writer:

  • Is invited by someone to participate, introduces that person at the start of the post and includes a link to their blog. This invitation from me to you is all you need to get started.
  • Answers four questions about their writing as the main body of the post.
  • Invites another writer to continue the process and introduces them at the end of the post along with a link to their blog.
  • Posts what they have written to their blog and shares it with their audience via social media and more.
  • Asks the next writer to post their answers the following week on an agreed day and to continue the process.
Here we go …

ClareJohnson150I’m grateful to Dr Clare Johnson who invited me to participate, especially as the focus for this Blog Tour is on authors who write about intuitive understanding which resonates so closely with my work on Conscious Writing.

I discovered Clare and her inspiring work with lucid dreaming from her participation in a conference. I have been interested in Tibetan dream yoga for a while and was looking for someone to speak on lucid dreaming in relation to creativity and writing for the IACCW monthly Member Events programme.

When I discovered that Clare was the first doctoral researcher to explore lucid dreaming as an aid to creativity and that she had developed a technique called Lucid Writing, I knew I had found the right person!

We called the interview Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Writing: Creative Tools for Conscious Writers and Clare shared many fabulous tips and examples which echo all that she teaches at international workshops and creativity retreats. She also writes under her pen name of Clare Jay, and is the author of two lucid dream-based novels: Breathing in Colour (2009) and Dreamrunner (2010). Check out more about Clare and her work here


KimberleyJone_250I am also delighted to introduce you to Kimberley Jones who was the second person to invite me to participate in a similar blog tour. I did some work with Kimberley a few years ago when she was in the process of gathering her thoughts for her book, and she has come such an incredibly long way since then!

Kimberley  is a 4th generation intuitive ‘seer’, modern mystic and an award-winning spiritual mentor. She is also an intuitive writer, artist/designer and filmmaker. She describes here purpose in this lifetime as a ‘spiritual midwife’ for the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine in the real lives of real women using her experience, gifts, training and wisdom to empower women as they awaken to their true essence..

In 1998 Kimberley experienced a profound transformation and spiritual awakening following the passing of her mother. Her extraordinary story of awakening has been the subject of psychological research, several books and her own book-progress ‘The Diary of an Awakening Woman’ is currently being adapted for film. For more information visit


What am I working on now?

At the moment I am in the midst of writing a book called Conscious Writing: How to Write from the Heart with the Voice of Your Soul. Everything to do with this holistic approach to deep writing with full awareness has been, and continues to be, intuitively inspired.

From the moment the words “Conscious Writing” came to me as a description of the work I was already doing with individual mentoring clients, I have been intuitively following an inner impulse to develop the detail as an extension of my commitment to conscious (self-realisation) creativity (self-expression).

Over the last few years, this has grown into a body of work which was first offered as an online workshop and then at live events including the first Conscious Writing Retreat which took place a few months ago.

CorePrinciplesColouredQuillThe decision to write the book was triggered by an outer request from a participant at a workshop which immediately resonated on my inner radar, and intuitively I knew that I would indeed commit to writing one.

I wasn’t able to start straight away but I continued working consciously with downloads of insights and ideas that I have been increasingly sharing in the world in a variety of ways ever since.

Over the last year, I have been dipping in and out of the writing alongside other creative projects at the IACCW, and now I am making more time and space than ever before to crack on and complete it!

I am entirely committed to “walking my talk” and writing the book deeply and with the greatest levels of awareness I am able to bring to the page, so the process can’t be driven forwards to meet a tight deadline.

On the other hand, I am loving the increasingly fluid dance between focus and flow, and writing from the space where both are simultaneously present.

The book will be published next year, and intuitively I feel that it will be an important step in my own conscious & creative development alongside offering an expanded range of Retreats and Mentoring in the UK and internationally. I am also committed to continuing the process of building a community for Conscious Writers through the IACCW FREE and FULL Membership.

How does my writing process work?

My writing process echoes how I live my life and all that I am teaching in the book.

The premise of Conscious Writing is that our state of consciousness determines and shapes the writing that we do. So we begin with inner preparation to shift beyond the usual identification we have with our everyday self where our fears and anxieties reside. From here we connect with our deep self and beyond where we discover the richest and most original ideas to inspire our work. Then we bring in the outer skills of writing and authorship.

yoga-386612_640I prioritise maintaining a conscious connection with a clear view of Truth through spiritual practice, meditation, yoga, and more. When I show up to the page, I set the intention for my everyday self to act as the vehicle of expression of all that lies in the unconscious, the archetypal realms and the Mystery beyond.

These practices along with having used the Conscious Writing process itself so often mean I am able to strengthen my inner alignment and open up a creative inner space fairly fast (most of the time!) From here I download ideas which often take the form of a mind map style summary and flow.

When I am ready to write, I close my eyes and invite Truth to pour through me onto the page in the form of words. At the end of a session, I almost always print off a draft version of what I’ve written. This is because my sense of the energetic flow as well as the rhythm, vibrancy, and detail speak to me more clearly when I review the writing on paper. Finally, I tweak what I’ve done to ensure that it feels resonant and harmonious with the essence towards which the words are pointing.

After this, I pause to immerse myself in stillness, silence and space before the cycle begins again.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

The genre for Conscious Writing is a mix of the “Mind, Body, Spirit” and “Creative Writing” categories. I haven’t come across any other similar books. There are some which are published on Spiritual Writing but these tend to describe how to write for publication in the “spiritual” category.

The priority in Conscious Writing, however, is how to make the internal shift from the everyday self to the deep self where we discover our true authentic voice. As we open ourselves to greater levels of awareness, deep truth pours through us onto the page via the words we write and into the world through the awakened actions we take as authors in the world.

QuestionMarkWhy do I write what I do?

I explained in my response to the first question that I am intuitively following an inner impulse which has led me to where I am now in relation to my writing, as well as all aspects of my work and my life in general.

I have always enjoyed writing and have kept a journal on and off for most of my life. However, it wasn’t until I left the corporate world where I had worked as a publisher for many years that I started taking my own writing more seriously.

Although I have fallen in love with writing, essentially for me it is primarily the vehicle through which the essence of Truth is communicated and shared.

My work is fundamentally about the process of becoming fully conscious, and then expressing ourselves creatively in the world from there. Writing is a wonderful way for me to share this core passion with writers all around the world who resonate with my holistic approach and who feel motivated to make a positive difference in the lives of their readers with the blogs and books they write.


I hope that sharing my responses to these questions has been interesting and worthwhile for you to read, and I very much appreciate you doing so – thank you!

It would be lovely if you’d take a moment to share your comments and reactions below, and especially in response to my invitation to pick up this Blog Tour thread and take it forwards from here.

I’d also love to hear from you anytime on the IACCW Facebook page which you can find here and on Twitter at (Please Like the FB page, Follow me on Twitter, and connect with us pro-actively!)


The Next Blog Tour Writer

MaggieKay150Finally, I am delighted to introduce you to the next writer for this Blog Tour – Inner Wisdom Coach Maggie Kay.

Maggie won 1st place this year on our annual Conscious Writing Scholarship so we have been working together since April. She has a wealth of wonderful material on how to access your intuitive inner wisdom and is in the process of shaping it into book form.

Drawing from her background as a former ordained Buddhist Minister, ethical entrepreneur and Life Coach, Maggie provides life, business and spiritual coaching as well as guided meditation, courses, workshops and retreats. She is also founder of the Thrivecraft Academy, offering Accredited Thrivecraft Coach, meditation and meditation teacher training.

Maggie’s blog and details of all the resources she offers can be found at so do check out the wonderful work that Maggie is doing in the world.


  1. Thank you Julia for this inspiring glimpse into your writing process and the book that
    will be born from it! It’s lovely to read this blog tour and see the deep level of intuition writers tap into as they raise their ideas to consciousness. Can’t wait to read your book!

    Comment by Clare Johnson — August 12, 2014

  2. Thank you for inviting me to participate Clare and for your lovely comments. I’m looking forward to reading your book too – perhaps we can do an exchange!

    Comment by Julia — August 19, 2014

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