Consciously Create Your Audience as a Conscious Writer

November 3, 2014

typewriter250I’m delighted to introduce this guest article by PR and creativity consultant Kat Byles. Enjoy!

Once you’ve consciously written your book, what next? Do you hand it over to a traditional PR consultant to present a formulaic strategy? Or, do you continue to work consciously, aligned with source, and embrace PR as the creative energetic heart of your project?

Consciously creating your audience, sharing your message and your book so that it has a powerful, positive impact can be a fulfilling experience and a lot of fun for you as the author. Here are three keys steps to take to align with your inner wisdom and unfold PR that creates visibility and momentum.

Step 1: Set your higher intention

Your higher intention attracts and inspires your audience to join you. Naturally, you would love to sell more books. Plus ask yourself: what is your higher intention?

To illustrate, Simon Haas, author, ‘The Book of Dharma, Making Enlightened Choices’ applies PR to sell more books. And his higher intention is to share the wisdom of The Dharma Code to empower people to make decisions from their higher selves and transform their lives. This is compelling and a purpose you can choose to support.

Step Two. Receive your core message

What is the one message you are here to share with the world? This is the true message of your heart that you will to stand for purposefully and voice passionately with no compromise.

For example, sitting quietly in stillness and asking my higher self to share my core message with me I hear ‘follow your heart’. Short, simple and focused it serves as a reminder to me to allow my heart to show me the way. It is also the message I’m here to voice and encourage at a time when the Western world has a deep need for more love, compassion and well-being as we evolve humanity.

Your core message becomes your north star lending you direction and purpose; it brings you back into alignment when you become overwhelmed or distracted; and provides an anchor and laser focus before interviews.

Step Three. Choose PR activity you love

Tune in to discover the PR activity your heart most deeply desires to create. In your imagination travel beyond your mind, thoughts and feelings, to source and the place in your heart where everything you would love to create with PR already exists. From this experience choose 8 PR results you would love to bring into reality now.

Connected to your true nature and purpose the PR activity that springs forth is surprising and yet obvious at the same time. Always inspiring, energising and expansive it is a very different experience to taking on a formulaic template from PR experts because that’s what worked for someone else.

To illustrate, Simon Haas wanted PR for his book to be featured in yoga and lifestyle magazines. Diving into his heart via his imagination it became clear he would love to share this wisdom in person with many people at yoga festivals. As an introvert speaking to thousands of people is not something Simon would have naturally embraced beforehand.

And then the opportunities opened up seemingly magically, effortlessly, naturally. Within 5 months Simon had a Yoga Studio and Festivals Tour booked, including the British Yoga Festival and Om Yoga Show. He also got the busy blog on Huffington Post, a blog on Elephant Journal, an article and book review in Yoga Magazine that he wanted. No pushing, forcing or convincing required because of the pre-alignment with his inner wisdom and source.

To recap: Your higher intention + core message + PR activity you love = magical, natural, effortless end results that are substantial, fulfilling and transformative. PR becomes the creative energetic heart of your project consciously creating the audience that is ready and waiting to receive your message and the gift of wisdom and inspiration wrapped up in your book.


KatByles250Kat Byles, PR and creativity consultant, is the founder of Authentic PR, communications with integrity, and for six years was the Global Communications Director, Homeless World Cup, using football to transform the lives of over 250,000 homeless people in 70 nations. Kat has now designed ‘PR with Heart’ to serve people with a positive message to align with their inner wisdom and consciously create mainstream visibility and momentum to fulfil their mission.

PrintIf you would love to consciously create an audience for you, your message and your book you can contact Kat by email and schedule a complimentary discovery session. Kat’s PR with Heart Online Course to create visibility, momentum and fulfillment in 2015 begins 17 November. £295. Register here.

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  1. I like the way you came up with the 3 integral parts of the equation to get the business going in the way that enhances your spirit, skills, and senses.

    Comment by Virginia — November 4, 2014

  2. Thank you Virginia. It’s a real joy to work with them in alignment.

    Comment by Kat — November 6, 2014

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