3 Ways to Benefit from Going the Extra Mile as a Conscious Writer

August 11, 2015

05. Intothelight351791SmallI am delighted to introduce this edited extract from the Introduction to my new book ‘Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More’ due out on 8 September (Hay House). Enjoy!

Conscious Writing involves a great deal more than simply following the impulse to write and capturing brilliant ideas in a well-crafted collection of words.

Yet writers around the globe have been doing just that for a very long time, and many have achieved impressive success in the eyes of the world.

So let’s remind ourselves why it is worth going the extra mile and opening consciously to deep inner truth as part of our creative writing practice.

1. Conscious Writing enables us to discover our true voice and write what we are here to write.

Our true voice arises naturally when we’re connected with our true self; we release our fears, realize our true purpose and commit to living our truth in the world, as writers and in all areas of our lives.

If we feel any degree of inspiration to make a positive difference in the world, whatever form it may take, in order to succeed we need our writing to trigger the outcomes we want our readers to experience.

This is specifically in terms of how they feel at the deepest levels during, and after, reading our work. Refreshed, uplifted, transformed, joyful and inspired to take action are a few possibilities.

background-665115_640 Conscious Writing has the potential to transmit a dynamic experience of what Stephen Harrod Buhner so aptly describes in his vibrant book Ensouling Language, as the ‘living reality’ beyond, and through, our words.

When it comes to refining the words we have written, Buhner advises us to, ‘Work to shape them so that they hold the living reality of the invisibles inside the things you are describing. Once you get to congruency between the writing and the thing itself you will know it, you will feel it.’

The vibrancy of this level of writing is likely to remain alive in the hearts and minds of our readers rather than becoming lost as the bedlam of daily life dissolves the clarity we may initially feel from reading anything of significance.

2. Conscious Writing has a direct connection with authenticity which means we naturally stand out from the crowd as authors.

Improving and strengthening the impact of our writing are valuable outcomes of Conscious Writing. If we’re also interested in succeeding as published authors, the intimate connection that Conscious Writing has with authenticity enables us to stand out from the myriad other voices clamouring to be heard in the marketplace today.

The polished persona created to be the professional interface between authors and their audience still works for a minority of already well-known writers. Yet there is a strong swing towards authenticity that has been fuelled largely by the opportunity for direct relationships to be built with readers via connection through blogs and social media sites.

The digital age is making transparency an increasingly important requirement for success in many areas of the public domain, and there is little to match the charisma of an authentic and passionate author who genuinely walks their talk and communicates with impact

Interestingly, the more we immerse ourselves in the universal levels of greater awareness, the more distinct we simultaneously become as individuals.

This is because what we have learnt about who we ‘should’ be naturally dissolves in the crucible of who we truly are as we blend ever more seamlessly with our true self. As a result, the unique qualities that we alone are able to embody and share in the way that we do become more obvious – to ourselves and to others.


Being clear within this authentic truth naturally attracts people and circumstances that resonate with the truth of who we are and which support us on our path. We find people appearing just when we need them or when we set an intention to move in a particular direction. They can be teachers, mentors, agents, publishers, the media and of course readers.

Synchronicity becomes commonplace as we find just the right piece of information from a book mentioned in passing by a friend or are introduced to someone who is willing to provide guidance on an area we need assistance with.

3. Conscious Writing leads us into the essence of who we are and we emerge positively transformed by the process.

All of this reflects the third, and perhaps most important reason why going the extra mile with Conscious Writing is worth every moment of time and attention we give it; it is inherently transformative.

Stephen Harrod Buhner states with succinct precision, ‘We are not only the shaper but the shaped’. As we play with the core practices that contribute to deep writing with full awareness, we find the positive effects spilling over and becoming apparent in us as individuals. The inner sun-581299_350alchemy clears the way for our authentic light to shine through us in each and every moment, not just when we sit down to write.

We feel more alive and aware of ourselves in relationship to our environment and the people who share our world. We become more consistently present to the reality of what ‘is’ in each and every moment, and experience minimal internal, and external, conflict and judgement. We feel a sense of congruence as we follow the prompting of our heart and understand what it truly means to live in the flow of life itself.

Having released the effort of trying to be who we think we should be, we breathe a sigh of relief as we discover how effortless it is to be who we already are.

With our feet confidently planted on terra firma, we feel grounded enough to reach high above the clouds where clarity reigns, ready to shower us with the fragments and totality of lucid vision. From this clear space we see straight into the core and appreciate the elegance of simplicity. Removing what doesn’t serve our purpose becomes a natural part of the process.

ball-443853_250We live the balance between focus and flow, and follow intuitive impulses that adeptly guide us forwards, in thought, word and deed.

Of course, challenges of all kinds still present themselves, yet we tend to handle them more skillfully as we experience the natural ebb and flow of life from a perspective of greater awareness.

Ultimately we reach a default setting of happiness and freedom which arises from a distinct sense of connection and wholeness.

Conscious living then becomes our highest priority as we set clear intentions to express ourselves consciously and creatively in all areas of life, and make the contribution to the world that we’re truly here to make.

Q4U: How curious are you to explore what ‘going the extra mile’ will do for you as a Conscious Writer? Where in your creative life are you currently holding back? What will it take for you to set yourself free and experience the benefits of Conscious Writing for yourself? Share your comments below here.


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Julia McCutchen is an author, intuitive mentor, and the founder & creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). A former publisher of books on spiritual, personal development and lifestyle subjects, Julia now teaches people to discover and express their true voice – on the page and in the world. Her holistic approach combines the inner journey of self-realization (conscious) with the outer actions required for authentic self-expression (creativity). She is the author of The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication, and her new book Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More (Hay House, September 2015). For FREE Membership and resources for writers, visit www.iaccw.com.




  1. Thank you Julia, as a Conscious Writer, currently undergoing transformation —this inspirational message arrived exactly when I had a question surrounding my process. Thank you the answers! It is exactly as described and anyone who has not thought about #ConsciousWriting as a path towards authorship should consider this holistic endeavor!

    Comment by Susan — August 12, 2015

  2. Thank you Susan for sharing your experience of Conscious Writing so far; the positive transformation goes way beyond the benefit to our writing and authorship. Wishing you well with your current conscious and creative unfolding!

    Comment by Julia — August 26, 2015

  3. Hi Julia,
    I just came from the Inspired Living Publishing blog where I read your post last year on Conscious writing. Had to pop over here to read more.

    I’ve held back for so long – fear has ruled me in every area of my life – my insides are ready to burst out and scream for joy!

    I need to get all of this out.

    I’d like to share something in hopes of helping someone else:

    Back when I was in my twenties, one of my journals was read. It felt like my inner soul was laid bare for everyone to pick at and judge. It was then that I decided never to write anything from my heart again.

    It’s been over 20 years and much depression which I think is closely related to me keeping a lot of ‘stuff’ inside.

    Even if I don’t let anyone read it, I’m going to write. I’m totally out of practice and afraid but I’m willing to give it a go.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Sara — September 22, 2015

  4. Hi Sara – welcome and thank you for following your impulse to head on over here to read more!

    I’m sure I won’t be alone in appreciating your courage to share your experience of being held back for so long by fear. Although the details vary, many people have had to break through anxiety of some kind to show up and write from a space of authentic inner truth. So I honour you for your willingness to doing so now.

    You’ll find a variety of resources here to support you with your writing ranging from free articles and membership of the IACCW through to books, events and more.



    Comment by Julia — September 23, 2015

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