3 Ways to Benefit from the Energy of the Equinox as a Conscious Writer

September 23, 2015

autumn-110668_350It’s the autumn equinox today here in the northern hemisphere, the first day of autumn before the darkness of winter leads into the rebirth of spring. The equinox is a time when there is a natural balance between day and night, light and dark.

Paying attention to what is happening all around us as the trees begin to shed their leaves and the seeds that were planted in spring reach maturity provides us with an opportunity as Conscious Writers. Nature shows us the way as the cycle of life, death and rebirth is an elegant metaphor for the creative process.

So this is a perfect moment to pause and take stock of where we are in relation to harvesting the fruits of our creative endeavours. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on the bigger picture of the meaning of life and its fragility. The cooler weather conditions favour slowing down after the exuberance of summer and taking time for introspection.

What insights can we gain from connecting with the energy of the equinox and observing the wheel of life as it continues to turn?

1. Balance the Light and Dark Within

The creative cycle begins in stillness, silence and space, just like the darkness of winter which many perennial seeds require in order to germinate.

Dive In:

  • Schedule time to immerse yourself in the yin, feminine, nurturing energy of stillness and being to balance the yang, masculine, active energy of doing.
  • Remember that you need both in equal measure for your creative work.
  • Gaze at passing clouds, watch the trees sway in the wind and enjoy the simplicity of silence and space for a short time each day.

2. Let Go of What You No Longer Need

The trees have no problem letting go of their leaves when it’s time for them to fall. The autumn equinox is a perfect moment to release what no longer serves your growth and development as a Conscious Writer.

Dive In:

  • Reflect on your deepest thoughts and feelings about your relationship with creativity and writing right now.
  • Review the outer influences both positive and negative in relation to your creative ideas.
  • Write in your journal about what you no longer need and identify action points for each one that will support you to let them go.

3. Live Life Fully

As we begin the descent into the darkness of winter and the inevitable death ahead of the rebirth in spring, take the opportunity to remember the impermanence of life and the corresponding invitation to live life to the full Now!

Dive In:

  • Survey the balance of all the components in your life and check in with how you feel about each of your commitments.
  • Ask yourself if you’re truly happy with the degree to which you’re living your creative truth?
  • Choose one area that could be improved and take action today to move closer towards your ideal, even if it is just one small step. Repeat regularly until you are fully aligned with living the life of your creative dreams.

Please take a moment to share your comments below.


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Julia McCutchen is an author, intuitive mentor, and the founder & creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). A former publisher of books on spiritual, personal development and lifestyle subjects, Julia now guides people to discover and express their true voice – on the page and in the world. She is the author of The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication, and her new book Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More (Hay House). For more information visit www.JuliaMcCutchen.com and www.iaccw.com.


  1. Yesterday I worked from 6.30 am to 7pm taking items out of the storage cupboards in my flat. Cloths I’m going to sew into gifts, use for creating new garments out of old ones or to give away.
    Prints, paintings and framed reminders of journeys, accomplishments and loved ones now on display or ready for giving away
    Books I’ve enjoyed and am ready to let go of, others I will read again
    All visible along with my tools for creating: paper, pens, coloured pencils, paints, clay, threads, needles, pliers and beads.
    Once I started early in the morning I couldn’t stop. It was as if a balancing force urged me to keep on, choosing what to keep, what to let go of.
    At the same time I felt energised by choosing, by refining, by putting things so I could see them.
    That day has given me gratitude, peace and a renewal of the well for creativity. I saved one book that almost made it to the library as a gift. The library wasn’t open at the usual time, so I bought a drink, sat at ‘Eat’ and started reading Edward T Hall’s ‘The Silent Language’.

    Hall contrasted the Western and Eastern concepts of time. The Westerner can think of a ‘long time’ as almost anything from ten or twenty years to a couple of days. The Eastern version could be a thousand years or longer, as described by one of Hall’s colleagues:
    ‘Time is like a museum with endless corridors and alcoves. You the viewer are walking through the museum in the dark, holding a light to each scene as you pass it. God is the curator of the museum, and only He knows all that is in it. One lifetime represents one alcove.’

    I also had the privilege of seeing the Dalai Lama this past Sunday. His message was ‘love and compassion, the oneness of seven billion people.’ His Eastern concept of the purpose of life is happiness, which is the ending of suffering through compassion and love. Linking this view of life with the ‘alcove’ view of time is a wonderful reminder and source for expanding consciousness, filling the well for creativity with calmness.

    Thank you for the reminder about the balance of the Autumn Equinox.

    Comment by Phyllis SantaMaria — September 23, 2015

  2. Thank you for confirmation Julia.
    Contemplating exactly that, and scheduling time to type the written word.
    Lovely article!

    Comment by Susan — September 23, 2015

  3. Hello Phyllis

    What a delightful description you have shared with us of your conscious & creative equinox experience! It sounds like you had a wonderful day and I’m inspired to check out Edward T Hall’s book which I’ve not come across before. How marvellous also that you saw the Dalai Lama so recently whose inner balance is palpable even from afar.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Comment by Julia — September 24, 2015

  4. My pleasure Susan! Delighted to hear that the article resonated with you and I hope your typing of the written word is going well.

    Comment by Julia — September 24, 2015

  5. “Let go of what you no longer need”. As Phyllis is getting rid of tangible things, I feel the need to get rid of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me. This is difficult yet exciting too.

    I’ve always thought of myself as a write but as I get older I feel it slipping away. Maybe it just needs to sleep for a while like a bulb in the dirt waiting for spring.

    Yesterday, I decided to hold off on writing for anyone except myself and it feels great. I no longer have to feel insecure about spelling, grammar, or what others think of my writing.

    As I let go of things over this season in my life, I’m sure I will re-emerge as a lovely daffodil with hope in my future as a writer.

    Comment by Sara — September 30, 2015

  6. Hi Sara – letting go of limiting beliefs is probably the most important kind of releasing we can do so it’s great to hear that you’re setting yourself free from the conditionaing of your everyday self. That way you can create, write and live freely from your true self which is what Conscious Writing teaches us to do. Let us know how you get on in due course and we can celebrate your re-emergence as a lovely conscious and creative writing daffodil with you!

    Comment by Julia — October 5, 2015

  7. Julia,

    “Write and live freely from your true self” is how I used to be back in High School and College. I’m currently participating in a Creativity challenge. It really helps to allow myself to tap into that part of me without expectations.

    Hoping to make it to the call on Thursday.

    Have a lovely day,

    Comment by Sara — October 6, 2015

  8. Sounds good to me Sara. I hope you enjoyed the call!
    You have a lovely day too 🙂

    Comment by Julia — October 30, 2015

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