The Transformative Value of a Conscious and Creative Reboot

March 8, 2016

fire-1021224_640The last year has been a massive reality check for me with regard to the sheer volume of time, energy and effort that is required to see a book through from manuscript completion to successful publication.

Looking back it feels like the conscious writing process to craft the body of work that became my book was the easy part, although it didn’t always feel like that at the time!

Fortunately, my daily practice of yoga, meditation and more largely enabled me to remain present to what ‘is’ through the roller coaster ride of the publishing process. It was a high priority for me to be connected to inner stillness amidst the array of outer activities, all of which involved absolute deadlines.

Yet as the months passed, the more fatigued I felt, the harder it became to maintain the fullness of my balanced perspective. Finally, the moment came when all the major projects were completed, the launch momentum settled and I was able to stop for more than a brief interlude.

Taking time off to recharge was an extremely welcome immersion in the bliss of stillness, silence, space and the restorative energy of the natural world. I subsequently felt prompted to write a short piece to share my experience and encourage you to remember the importance of what I lovingly call a conscious and creative reboot.

Here it is…

It’s so easy to become entangled in the stories of our lives. Remaining fully present through endless activities that all seem important over a prolonged period of time can be a stretch.

When our energy becomes depleted, we’re gradually drawn in to the everyday story and the spaciousness of being becomes obscured by layers of illusion which distort the clear view stop-sign-35069_640from the pure state.

That is until we stop.

Step back.

Let it all go at every level.

Recharge and re-immerse ourselves in the silence out of which all sounds arise, the stillness out of which all movement flows, the space out of which all phenomena manifest, and the solitude through which our innate wholeness is restored to full strength once more.

The resistance from the everyday self to this deep reconnection is huge. Understandably, as the fierce grace of true presence dissolves the everyday banter in an instant and with it the identification we usually have with the story of who we think we are.

Our commitment to Truth needs to be strong in order for us to break free of the boundaries set by our conditioned patterns of belief and behavior which keep us stuck in the repeating cycles of everyday drama.

Releasing the sense of ourselves as the ‘doer’ creates the space within us through which life pours into spontaneous, awakened action. This is the truth of being fully present to what is; from here, all appropriate ‘doing’ naturally emerges at the perfect moment it is required and then effortlessly passes like the clouds coming and going across a clear blue sky.

drip-339939_640Claiming time and space to stop in order to get off the mundane merry-go-round and return to Source is like a conscious and creative reboot that is periodically essential if we are to remain in clear flow.

This is how to nurture and realize our greatest potential, make the contribution we’re here to make and grow into the fullness of who we truly are.

Dive In

  • Schedule some real ‘time out’ for yourself at least once in the next 7 days; and then no less than once a month from this point on.
  • Choose an hour, half a day, a whole day or several days depending on your current circumstances.
  • Immerse yourself in inner and outer stillness, silence, space, solitude and ideally nature too … and simply allow yourself to ‘be’.

Once our inner well is sufficiently refilled, new ideas naturally bubble up to the surface of our conscious awareness and are picked up through the lens of our refreshed perspective.

From here it’s a small step to the next arc of the creative spiral where we effortlessly engage with the dance of creation once more.

Q4U: Have you ever found yourself ‘running on empty’? What are your favourite ways to recharge yourself creatively? Share your reaction to this article and your experience with your fellow conscious writers below.


© Julia McCutchen 2016. All Rights Reserved.

If you want to use this article in your newsletter or blog I’d be happy for you to do so as long as you use the complete article, including the copyright line, and include the following paragraph in its entirety:

Julia McCutchen is an intuitive creator, writer and mentor who guides people to share their unique gifts through creating, writing and living from a conscious and vibrant connection to Truth. A former international publisher, Julia experienced a life-changing accident in 1999 which triggered a series of major quantum leaps in her spiritual awakening. She subsequently developed a tried and tested holistic approach to access the present and aligned state required for original creative expression in all areas of life, especially writing. She is the founder and creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW) and the author of two books including, Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More (Hay House). For more information and a free video series visit and

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