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August 3, 2016

zen-970477_640From the earliest times, sages and mystics have shared an abundance of secrets for waking up to our true nature and becoming fully conscious.

Even the simple yet timeless technique of paying attention to the flow of the breath in and out of our body is a powerful way to still the chatter of our everyday mind and open the way for deeper levels of awareness to arise.

As we increasingly open to there being more to life than meets the eye, we discover a naturally occurring creative impulse that seeks expression in the world.

Making space for a conscious approach to expressing this creative impulse leads us to discover our true calling and make the contribution we’re here to make. Ultimately we reap the full rewards of conscious and creative living as our lives become an authentic reflection of our soul.

What is conscious creativity?

Conscious creativity is a combination of self-realization (conscious) and self-expression (creativity). It’s a holistic way to align ourselves with the creative flow of life and validate the inclination we all have for authentic self-discovery and expression.

japanese-garden-1149852_640Whatever forms we choose to employ for housing the essence of our inspiration, conscious creativity works through the vehicle of our individual interests and aptitudes.

If we feel drawn to writing, for example, our natural tendencies determine what kind of writing we do including blogs, books, business communications and more. They also shape the ideas we express, the words we choose and the way we write.

Conscious creativity enables us to access a deep level of inner truth which lies beneath the stories we tell ourselves about who we think we are and what we may be capable of – or not as the case may be!

Creating Space

One of the fundamental requirements for conscious creativity to flourish is space – in our schedule, in our environment, and most importantly, in our mind.

However we spend our days, space in our schedule is unlikely to arise of its own accord. So we need to start by understanding that stillness, silence and space are actually the birthplace of deep creative insight.

From there, we claim space by making conscious choices about genuine priorities and scheduling time to nurture our creative souls and take action on our creative dreams.

Space in our environment can simply mean a clear desk on which to write or clearing a corner of the room to store our paints and provide a ready workspace when the moment comes to begin our creative work.

zen-178992_640The highest priority of all though is creating inner space by emptying the mind on a regular basis in order to access our richest and most original ideas, and to hear the guiding voice of our authentic truth.

Ultimately, this is also how we realize the deepest levels of truth beyond our habitual patterns which often hold us back rather than encourage us forwards on our conscious and creative path.

The Zen Master and the Tea Cup

There’s a well-known story of a Zen master who taught this lesson to a learned man who came to him seeking enlightenment.

The man had studied for many years and knew a great deal from all of the books he had read. He asked the Zen master to teach him the remaining lessons he had to learn in order to understand Zen and reach enlightenment.

The Zen master suggested they should have their discussion over tea and straight away began preparing it. When the tea was ready to serve, he began pouring it into a cup he had laid out for his visitor.

tea-cup-949907_640He poured more and more tea into the cup until finally it spilled over the edge of the cup, onto the table and over the edge of the table onto the learned man’s robes. Finally he cried, “Stop! The cup is already full and the tea is spilling everywhere!”

The Zen master stopped and gently smiled at the learned man. “You are like this cup of tea. Your mind is already full and there is no room for anything more to be added. First you need to empty your mind. Then you will realize the Truth.”

There are many versions of this story but the essence remains unchanged: space is required to realize our true nature and express ourselves authentically and creatively in the world.

As author Robert Grudin suggests, ‘The creative process might be simplified if we stopped searching for ideas and simply made room for them to visit.’

Whatever creative impulses you feel drawn to explore, creating space for a conscious approach to following through in a way that involves bringing your whole self to the creative process will guide you towards your true calling as the naturally creative person you already are.


What’s your experience of having ideas pop into your mind when you’re relaxing and not thinking about anything in particular? How do you carve out time and space to develop your creative ideas and do your writing? Share your experience with your fellow conscious writers by posting a comment below.


© Julia McCutchen 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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Julia McCutchen is an intuitive mentor, teacher, author and founder of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). A former international publisher, she experienced a life-changing accident in 1999 which triggered a series of major quantum leaps in her spiritual awakening. Her core teaching includes conscious writing and creative exploration to guide people to discover their authentic voice, unlock their creativity and transform their life to live in alignment with their soul. Julia’s speciality is to bring intuitive insight to her work with individuals and groups to reveal their true purpose and provide the clarity they seek. She is the author of The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication and Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More (Hay House). For more information and a free series of conscious writing training videos, visit and

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