6 Weeks to Discover and Express Your True Voice

August 27, 2016

Consious_Writing_Image_No_Text_500“Don’t die with the music still in you!” bestselling author Wayne Dyer implored.

I couldn’t agree more.

Yet I also know from almost 30 years of personal and professional experience it’s tough to find your way in to your creative core where you discover the “music”, the unique sound of your true voice.

Fortunately, there is a practical way forwards in the form of a tried and tested approach to writing with depth, authenticity and impact; it’s called Conscious Writing.

Now, for the first time, it’s available for you to experience with my direct teaching, guidance and support from wherever you are in the world without the need to travel!

The Conscious Writing LIVE Online Course
is an experiential and interactive 6 week process
that leads you to discover your most original ideas,
and express your authentic voice on the page and in the world.

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This is not a course you’ll find anywhere else.

It starts on THURSDAY 22 SEPTEMBER – the autumn equinox which is a perfect time to harvest the fruits of the creative seeds you’ve already planted at some level within you.

Intuitively it will feel right if you’re a writer, coach, consultant, therapist, trainer or business owner looking to communicate your creative ideas authentically through a blog, book or business communication, this practical course will show you how.

writingscene2You’ll learn how to:
  • Write from the level of your true self, the eternal part of you that’s free from everyday anxieties and fears.
  • Align your head with your heart, body and soul to open up a deep space within you where you’ll find the true source of your writer’s voice and your most original ideas.
  • Release your limiting beliefs and clarify your purpose to develop your core message, what you’re most passionate about sharing with others.
  • Discover the most authentic way to express yourself on the page to make the positive difference in the world that only you can make.
  • Plan, organize and structure your work to identify your priorities and know beyond a shadow of doubt what your next steps are to realize your creative vision.

To read the Course Content Summary
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The comprehensive package includes: an individual Welcome Pack; weekly Live Classes (you just need a telephone or Skype to join us – full details for easy access provided); Audio Recordings; Workbooks, Worksheets and Templates for your choice of the suggested weekly assignments; Online Resource Centre and more!

Early Bird

The Early Bird tickets are available now, and in addition to the reduced investment, there’s an additional Bonus for the first 15 people who register: FREE access to The IACCW Speaker Series: Best of 2015 Interviews for Conscious & Creative Writers in MP3 format which includes:

  • IACCW_best-of_2015_packshot_lo-resAward-winning author and international teacher Mark Matousek who speaks on Writing to Awaken: Self-Realization for Conscious Writers

  • “Writer’s writer” and teacher with multiple books to his name William Noble who speaks on Show Don’t Tell: How Conscious Writers Can Bring the Page to Life

  • Award-winning author, teacher, and writing practice provocateur Judy Reeves who speaks on How to Discover Your Authentic Wild Voice as a Conscious Writer

  • BBC Radio 2 presenter, media expert and author Janey Lee Grace who speaks on How to Maximise Your PR and Media Success as a Conscious Writer

  • Intuitive mentor, Hay House author and founder of the IIACCW Julia McCutchen who speaks on Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More

  • Social media expert, consultant and ‘angel’ to many published authors Katie Brockhurst who speaks on How to Shine on Social Media as a Conscious Writer

To read more and register your place
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Whether you’re new to writing and haven’t started yet or an experienced published author looking to shift your work onto a whole new level, the Conscious Writing LIVE Online Course will serve as the creative quantum leap you need.

Let me know if you have any questions by emailing info@iaccw.com. I’m genuinely looking forward to having the opportunity of working with you and to guiding each conscious and creative step you take.

“See” you in class!

PS Release your fears, value your creative impulse and join us to write what you’re here to write – joyfully and authentically!


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FREE Video Series
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3. A Guided Meditation for Conscious Writers

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