Conscious Journaling to Clear Your Mind, Open Your Heart and Unlock Your Creativity

November 8, 2016

journal-431912_640I’ve written a journal on and off for many years and have always felt the benefit of doing so. It complements the ‘project writing’ I do beautifully and periodically I’m reminded of just how much I appreciate having this superb tool in my creative treasury!

Journal writing has supported me in so many ways to navigate the waves of transformation as I release what no longer fits my current reality and make the transition into the next phase of my life and my work.

Right now, I’m inspired to remind you that a conscious and creative approach to journaling, what I call Yin-Style or Conscious Journaling, is an extremely valuable practice that is well worth making a priority in your life. In fact it’s one of the five core practices of Conscious Writing. Here’s why, and how…

Yin-Style Journal Writing

A conscious approach to journal writing ‘Yin-Style’ means that you develop an intuitive relationship with stream of consciousness free-writing based on whatever arises for you in the moment.

It’s like having a deep conversation with yourself and always for your eyes only yet doesn’t need to be done at a particular time of day or with the goal of completing a certain number of pages.

Instead, you build awareness into the practice and follow your deepest impulse to write freely and without judgement as you consciously pour your everyday thoughts and feelings onto the page until you feel done.

Clear Your Mind

In itself, this is an immensely liberating process which clears space in your mind from the daily accumulation of life and shifts your perspective so you’re no longer locked in the story of whatever issues you’re facing.

Open Your Heart

It also opens your heart because you have room to breathe into your musings in a way that allows you to let go of your anxieties and concerns. This either occurs in the moment the words meet the page or following multiple journaling sessions alongside other appropriate practices such as meditation and movement for releasing deeper issues.

Unlock Your Creativity

Conscious Journaling also develops your intuition and unlocks your creativity by clearing the path for deep creative insights to arise into your conscious awareness ready for you to apply to your current writing and other creative project(s).

Dive In

  • Choose a journal to write in that feels right for you – large, small, spiral bound, pretty or practical – the choice is yours.
  • Writing by hand is usually preferable unless there’s a real reason not to in which case switch to using a keyboard or even voice recognition software if necessary.
  • Develop a regular rhythm of Conscious Journaling that suits your current situation and stay with it for as long as you feel it’s serving you; then update your rhythm as required.
  • Set yourself free to break as many rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation as you like, and write about anything and everything that’s on your mind or in your heart at the time.
  • If you don’t know what to write, use that as a prompt to get you started by writing about not knowing what to write! Or simply start with Today I’m feeling…

Q4U: What are your experiences of journaling? Share your practical preferences and the benefits you feel with your fellow Conscious Writers below.


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Julia McCutchen is an intuitive mentor, teacher, author and founder of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). A former international publisher, she experienced a life-changing accident in 1999 which triggered a series of major quantum leaps in her spiritual awakening. Her core teaching includes conscious writing and creative exploration to guide people to discover their authentic voice, unlock their creativity and transform their life to live in alignment with their soul. Julia’s speciality is to bring intuitive insight to her work with individuals and groups to reveal their true purpose and provide the clarity they seek. She is the author of The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication and Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More (Hay House). For more information and a free series of conscious writing training videos,

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  1. Beautiful! because it speaks that creativity is something we all have, it’s not something we must “get” in order to “write.” It’s between you and you. Anyone can do it. Barrier-free zone. Beautiful!

    Comment by zojan — November 8, 2016

  2. Thank you! And yes, creativity is not something we must ‘get’ in order to write; nor is it just something we just ‘do’. Essentialy it’s a natural state of being we can all access once we let go of the illusory barriers in our mind! Thank you for sharing your reaction to the article.

    Comment by Julia — November 9, 2016

  3. Lovely article. I am finding more and more how just getting my thoughts and feelings down onto the page help to free me up and clarify my thinking. Its like having a conversation with myself. I truly am my best friend. I have done this intermittently in the past, but I am realising that it is almost fundamental to my creative life, so that, like meditation, it has become a daily routine.

    Comment by Daphne Radenhurst — November 11, 2016

  4. Thank you Daphne; and I very much appreciate you sharing your experience. It is indeed fundamental to a creative life for most of us and I’m pleased to know that it has become a supportive daily routine for you. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Julia — November 14, 2016

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