Cultivating Creative Self-Leadership

March 20, 2017

Creative Self-leadership is one of the most powerful ways you can live your life. It means being drawn
forward by a deep sense of truth and inspiration to realize your full potential and express yourself
authentically to share your gifts in the world.

Following through on your inner impulse to develop your ideas for personal and professional projects
of any kind are all acts of creative self-leadership. These may include writing a blog or book, starting
or developing a business, or simply showing up as the real you in your relationships with others.

But it’s not easy.

It requires cultivating awareness and the right internal and external conditions to find your voice and
bring your whole self to all that you do through aligning your head and your heart with your body
and soul. This is a daily practice for those who make a conscious choice to cultivate Creative

Julia and Nick have known each other for twenty years. Julia commissioned Nick to write his first book
The Work We Were Born To Do in 1998 and they have remained friends since.

In this lively and honest 40-minute conversation you will learn:

  • What Creative Self-leadership is and what it means to both Julia and Nick
  • The necessity of looking within as a first priority to discover your inner resources
  • Some of the principles you can utilize to create and sustain your own Self-leadership
  • The different kinds of resistance and how they can stop you in your tracks
  • How to take daily steps to show up in the face of your resistance and despite your doubts
  • Some of the ways the world may benefit from you Cultivating Your Self-leadership

Julia McCutchen is an intuitive mentor, teacher and Hay House author who left a successful career
as an international publisher to forge her own path following a deep awakening. Her core teaching
includes conscious writing and creative exploration to guide people to discover their authentic voice,
unlock their creativity and transform their life to live in alignment with their soul. For more information

Nick Williams is the best-selling author of 14 books. He’s spent 25 years coaching, advising and
mentoring leaders in the areas of business the media, entertainment, the law, leadership, academia,
retail, the NHS. His area of expertise is inspiring leaders to listen for and respond to the calling of
their own heart, overcome their resistance and blossom into their next leadership chapter. For more
information see


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the chat between Julia and Nick due for broadcast on Tuesday 28 March

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