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August 18, 2017

Hi Conscious Writers!

The month of August is usually associated with summer holidays, and here in the UK it’s no big surprise for it to be distinctly on the cool side and pouring with rain outside!

It’s a far cry from the hot sunny days I remember from childhood.

Nevertheless, it’s still a good moment to take a break of some kind and step off the merry-go-round of endless activity relating to business and personal projects.

The Value of Space

I’ve had my fair share of perpetual busyness over the years and experienced the pendulum swing of extremes from sublime stillness to ridiculous levels of ripping through my perceived priorities at lightning speed.

I learnt the hard way just how damaging that habitual pattern can be and have come to value internal and external space extremely highly.

It’s not just good for my health and well-being; I’ve also discovered from both personal and professional experience just how much difference space makes to the clarity and quality of my creative flow.

A Creative Pause

So right now I’m consciously choosing to take a creative pause and felt inspired to write a blog post about the value of space in the creative cycle – see here.

Wherever you are in relation to the significance of space, I hope this will encourage you to appreciate space and include more of it in your life to honour your creative cycle and your joie de vivre.

Have a wonderfully conscious & creative month.

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