IACCW Member Event: What Conscious Writers Need to Know About Writer’s Block

January 25, 2018

Julia McCutchen interviews Rosanne Bane

Most writers wonder at times what the heck is going on inside their heads when they want to write, but can’t. Why do we procrastinate, follow distractions, criticize ourselves, demand perfection and delay the writing that we’ve been given to share?

When we understand what’s happening inside our brain, we can learn to overcome resistance in the moment and rewire our brain in the long term to develop productive, sustainable writing habits.

In this session with self-professed brain geek Rosanne Bane, you will:

  • Learn about your brain in easy-to-understand, layperson’s terms
  • Understand why a limbic system takeover trumps your writing commitment and creativity
  • Discover what you can do to reverse those limbic system takeovers and put your creative cortex back in the driver’s seat
  • Recognize why habits are far more valuable and reliable than discipline or will power
  • Identify the three habits that support the writing life
  • Decide which habits you’re ready to adopt and design your commitment plan to build those habits
  • Gain appreciation for your own efforts so far, and be reassured that you can be the writer you want to be and the world needs you to be.

Rosanne Bane, M.A. is a creativity coach, teaching artist, speaker and author of Around the Writer’s Block: Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance and Dancing in the Dragon’s Den: Rekindling the Creative Fire in Your Shadow. A veteran teaching artist of more than 20 years Rosanne specializes in helping creative people understand why it’s so hard (at times) to do the very thing they love to do. For more information, visit www.RosanneBane.com and www.BaneOfYourResistance.com

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