Fire Up Your Imagination to Write

July 25, 2011

2011-07-15 21.45.20Most writers know the feeling of creative abundance. The energy of it sparkles, ideas are plentiful, there is a natural sense of infinite possibility and a real clarity of focus.

Yet how often is that feeling fully present? For many writers, the answer to that question is not often enough!

We forget that putting energy out to the world on a constant basis means that we need to replenish our inner creative well regularly. Unless we do so, we end up having to write despite feeling depleted just to get our writing done.

Even if we understand the importance of nurturing our creative soul, other commitments and priorities – real or imagined – frequently take precendence.

Breaking through onto a new level of creative abundance with your writing requires a conscious choice to fan the flames of your creative fire. So how do you fire up your imagination to write?

Step 1: Identify What Inspires You Most – if you’re not already clear on what circumstances, situations and activities inspire you, take some time right now to reflect. Write a list of at least 25 ideas, and remember to include simple, everyday possibilities as well as larger and more time consuming projects.

Step 2: Include One or More Sources of Inspiration in Your Daily Life – ideally you will incorporate as many ways to fire up your imagination as possible and make them a priority on a day-to-day basis. It may take some re-organising and require some new choices to be made but that is how you move forwards on your conscious and creative journey.

Step 3: Immerse Yourself for Longer Periods of Time Regularly – in addition to your daily practice, scheduling opportunities for deeper immersion in one or more of your favourite ways to nurture your creative soul is of enormous benefit.

Here’s an example from my own experience:

I recently went to the Larmer Tree Festival* held in the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens** designed by General Pitt Rivers in 1880 as pleasure grounds for “public enlightenment and entertainment”.

This is an annual opportunity to connect with artists who express their gifts in many different ways. In addition to musicians, there are spoken word and performance poets, arts and crafts professionals, fire dancers and more.

Some of these artists were in the early stages of establishing their creative expression in the world. Their raw energy was palpable and in some cases completely awesome!

Others had a great deal of creative maturity and success under their belts and gave polished performances which still included an abundance of passion.

It was also wonderful to witness and experience the freedom – and “permission-giving” – environment for festival goers themselves to enjoy being openly colourful and creative for the duration of the event.

I came away feeling that my imagination had been fired up with new possibilities and the infusion of creatively abundant energy will undoubtedly last for some time yet!

So next time you notice that you’re writing isn’t flowing as freely as you would like, fire up your imagination by selecting one of your chosen sources of inspiration and schedule an opportunity to immerse yourself deeply.

Q4U: what are your favourite sources of inspiration and what will you prioritise this month to fire up your imagination? Share your ideas and comments below.

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* Check out the Larmer Tree Festival here

** Read more about the Larmer Tree Gardens here


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Julia McCutchen is the founder & creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). A former managing director & publisher, Julia is an intuitive writer’s coach, mentor and professional publishing consultant. She has over 20 years’ experience of publishing and a track record that includes UK no 1 and international bestsellers. Julia is the author of The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication. Visit for a range of FREE articles, audios and videos for writers and download a FREE Special Report, Discover Your Authentic Voice – on the page and in the world at

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  1. Julia, thank you for writing about this topic. I have difficulty identifying what inspires me–though I know that I am, at times, inspired. (e.g. by things I read). Since this is step 1, I think I have some work to do!

    Comment by Helen Gennari — July 26, 2011

  2. Hi Helen
    I recommend that you shift your thinking to what you enjoy most which might help approach this differently.

    Think back to what you enjoyed when you were younger. And look for simple everyday things like being outside in nature, listening to music, cooking a colourful & nutritious meal, being with friends/like-minded people …

    Even if you only have one idea, like feeling inspired from what you read, that’s good enough to get started and to make time for inspirational reading on a regular basis.

    Also, see it as fun rather than work! Hope that helps.
    Julia 😉

    Comment by julia — July 29, 2011

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