The Power of Connection: Make or Break for Conscious & Creative Writers

September 27, 2011

Paper Chain SkyI’ve just returned from the Hay House “I Can Do It!” weekend where a host of successful authors presented their latest offerings to an enthusiastic crowd.

Seekers of all ages, backgrounds and a number of different countries gathered to hear the latest discoveries in spirituality, science, and self-help.

Each speaker shared their expertise and experience using their own language, evidence and stories.

Essentially, however, they were all delivering the same core message …

* The world is in crisis as a result of a fundamental flaw in our thinking.

* We have mistakenly bought into the belief that we are all separate; from each other and from the “invisible forces” that mystics have recognised for aeons and which scientists are now discovering.

* We are reaching the end of life as we know it and we don’t have to look very far to see that the structures created by old ways of thinking are breaking down.

* The only way forwards if we want to survive – and thrive – is for every single one of us to shift our thinking and our awareness to perceive the fundamental connection at the core of reality.

* From this level of perception, we make choices that are for the greater good of everyone and all life, including planet earth. These choices are based on co-operation rather than competition.

* There are many ways to achieve this and a wide range of teachings available, from scientific facts to divine inspiration, to support us in making this shift in perception a reality in our own lives.

* The important point to realise is that the time is now for us to wake up to the truth of who we are as spiritual beings having a connected human experience and to express that truth in all areas of our lives.

How does this relate to writing and authorship?

As conscious and creative writers we have a powerful means at our disposal to explore the deepest levels of truth to support our own journey of awakening. We write to become conscious of what we know in our heart of hearts.

Writing also allows us to share our discoveries, insights and realisations with others. We do this through what we write and the way we communicate the message(s) we feel drawn to offer our audience.

Retro colorful sunburst background.True authenticity shines a clear light that readers resonate with, even if on the surface our words simply seem to tell a story or express an aspect of our expertise.

Writing enables us to connect with the innermost aspects of ourselves, and in so doing, opens the way for us to connect with that same level of authentic truth in our readers – and vice versa.

Writing is a vehicle for us to know and express the connection that spiritual teachers, cutting edge scientists and self-help pioneers are pointing us towards.

Commit to Connection

Understanding the theory that “All is One” is not enough. We need to make a commitment to connection in order to know the reality for ourselves. In doing so we naturally contribute to others realising the same truth.

How do we begin?

Here are a few suggestions to help you start:

1. Read one or more of the excellent books that are available today to open and inform your mind about the science and spirituality of connection.

The Bond100For example, see Lynne McTaggart’s books including her latest one, The Bond which presents the latest research from frontier scientists to show evidence for the fact that we are all fundamentally connected and nothing in the world is separate. Lynne presents a new paradigm for living authentically in harmony with our true nature, and outlines a road map to an alternative future where collaboration and co-operation replace competition and battle.

If you prefer a more spiritual approach and are happy with religious language that is not restricted to religion but instead points towards spiritual truth, Marianne Williamson’s books could be right for you. Starting with A Return to Love through to her latest offering A Course in Weightloss, Marianne’s message is essentially that we are all an expression of the Divine and that separation is simply an illusion.

2. Act as if you are connected to everything and everyone, and see for yourself the difference it makes in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Shift your thoughts, words and actions to come from a feeling of connection rather than separation. Then make choices and decisions accordingly.

A simple example relating to your authorship is to remember that when you sit down to write, your job is to communicate what you feel passionate about sharing alongside ensuring that you maintain awareness of what will be for the greatest good of your readers.

3. Reinforce your commitment to connection each and every day.

There are many ways to remind yourself to see the world with the eyes of connection and to feel the truth of it in your heart.

Green_water_drop_ripples_presenceAny genuine spiritual practice will lead you to these conclusions including mindfulness (which could be described as being fully conscious of each individual moment without judgement). Alternatively just take time regularly for stillness, silence and space as gateways to this level of awareness.

You can also take practical steps such as avoiding being drawn in to the scare-mongering of politicians and the media, immersing yourself in nature where connection is clearly present and literally connecting with people of a like-mind to support each other to remember how things truly are.

The more we all feel connected, the more likelihood we have of making the transition to the new level of being that is so required in the world today.

As a conscious and creative writer, your words have the potential to heal yourself, and in doing so, to heal the world.

All comments welcome! Post your thoughts, reactions and experiences below.


© Julia McCutchen 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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Julia McCutchen is the founder & creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). A former managing director & publisher, Julia is an intuitive writer’s coach, mentor and professional publishing consultant. She has over 20 years’ experience of publishing and a track record that includes UK no 1 and international bestsellers. Julia is the author of The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication. Visit for a range of FREE articles, audios and videos for writers and download a FREE Sp ecial Report, Discover Your Authentic Voice – on the page and in the world at

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  1. Thank you, Julia. Just what I needed. Going to share.

    Comment by Valerie — October 4, 2011

  2. Thank you Valerie, share away!

    Comment by julia — November 7, 2011

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