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March 9, 2016

Julia McCutchenHi Conscious & Creative Writers!

Well, I’m back at my desk after a wonderful break that was a mix of recharging, clearing space and creative visioning – just what I needed, and ideal inspiration for this month’s article.

Over the last few months I’ve had a strong feeling that I’m at the end of an era and the start of a whole new one. This is a fairly regular occurrence for me as my journey of creative awakening includes on-going transformation at ever deeper levels.

Endings and Beginnings

However, some of these endings and new beginnings are more significant than others. This one has been massive in relation to my work; I found myself shredding and burning papers going back 10 years to when I first started online!

It’s felt hugely cleansing and I’m filled with gratitude for the sense of completion it included. I’ve remained fully respectful of all that has been which brought me to my current space of being yet simultaneously totally ready to let it all go and relish the space it’s created for whatever lies ahead.

I’m inspired to write more about this in the coming months. In the meantime, I smiled when I read recently that today is a solar eclipse and tomorrow is a new moon – both of which relate to endings and beginnings! Perhaps you’re feeling it too?

Welcoming the ‘New’

Of course the new energy is already arriving, and last month I explained how ‘creative awakening’ is arising to take its rightful place alongside conscious writing as my core teaching.

In fact, the very first Creative Awakening one day workshop is taking place in just 10 days time on Saturday 19 March. I’ve loved preparing this new content and am so looking forward to guiding people through the process. Read more here.


I’m also delighted to be offering creative awakening as well as conscious writing as options for the new six month mentoring series starting in April.

There’s been a great response so far and we have just two places remaining. The application deadline is 24 March. Read more here.


Naturally I’m still passionate about conscious writing too and it’s the primary focus of our retreat which is taking place from 10th to 13th June. The Early Bird tickets have sold out which means that the Tier One tickets are now on sale! Read more here.

If you’ve yet to have a live experience of conscious writing, I’m also leading a one day workshop that will give you a real taste of its potential next month. More details here.

Wherever you are in your current cycle of conscious and creative living, I wish you deep joy and abundant success, whatever that means for you.

Till next month…

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