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Hay House World Summit – Series 2 Release

May 12, 2016

Series2_cropped_600Last night I really enjoyed watching one of the movies in the Hay House World Summit Series 1 release called “Who is asking ‘Who am I'” with Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra.

Eckhart has a palpable quality of presence that is felt right through the screen and such an entertaining, quirky yet powerful way of giving us all a resonant experience of all that his words point towards.

Deepak’s delivery is quite different yet compelling and complementary with so many great reminders and insights such as ‘Time is just the movement of thought’ and ‘The unknown becomes known in the present moment’.

Series 2

Series 2 is released TODAY and includes 25 brand new lessons to add to what’s already available, including my contribution on ‘Creative Awakening and Conscious Writing’.  I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!

To register for all of these FREE offerings
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PS In fact, do please share your reactions below to any of the lessons and movies which are part of the World Summit. TY!

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Jumpstart your Journey of Creative Self-Discovery – Hay House World Summit 2016

May 6, 2016

561x439-World-Summit_v1Hi Conscious & Creative Writers!

I’m delighted to share that my publisher Hay House is opening the doors to their 2016 World Summit to inspire and empower you to live the life of your dreams – starting now!

This magnificent online event provides FREE access to 100 interviews with some of the leading lights in the world of healing, spirituality, prosperity, relationships and self-empowerment including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Julia Cameron … and yours truly!

The official start is TOMORROW, Saturday 7 May but you can register now and receive 4 bonus audio lessons AND access to all the free interviews, videos and movies that will be released over the next few weeks.

To access the bonus audios, Welcome Pack and more
click here

You have 20 days to listen and learn from the world’s leading experts on conscious and creative living applied to all areas of life.

I’m honored to be amongst such an inspiring list of leaders in their field, and my interview on Creative Awakening and Conscious Writing will be released on Thursday 12 May and available until Thursday 26 May. I do hope you’ll check it out and let me know your reaction.

When you register, you receive access to the interviews and inspirational movies to uplift and renew your body, mind and soul PLUS:

  • The World Summit Welcome Pack to help you follow through in making changes that are important to you.
  • A colourful World Summit Infographic to guide you directly to the interviews you most want to hear.
  • Access to the World Summit Facebook Group so you can be part of a supportive global community devoted to learning, growing and living life to the full!
To start your free World Summit Journey
click here

Whether you listen to just 1 or all 100 interviews, I’m sure you’ll find something of lasting value to ignite your passion, clarify your purpose and guide your actions as you take your next conscious and creative steps.


PS The World Summit starts TOMORROW, Saturday 7 May but register now to receive 4 bonus audio lessons click here

Conscious & Creative Mentoring – last place, last chance

March 23, 2016

On this beautifully sunny spring day, I’m reaching out to you with this quick courtesy reminder that the application deadline for the new Mentoring Series is coming up tomorrow, Thursday 24 March – and there’s just one place remaining!

This year, my new offering for the focus of our work together is creative awakening which uses creativity as the basis of deep self-discovery and healing into wholeness.

This holistic approach opens the way for you to express yourself creatively and authentically through both business and personal projects from the level of your true self, and set yourself free to create what you’re truly here to create.

CW_Mentoring_2016_LORES_150Read more here

If your primary focus is writing (of any kind) and authorship, my on-going commitment to conscious writing as my core teaching for discovering and expressing your true voice will be the best choice for you.

Having said that, there is a natural overlap between conscious writing and creative awakening and they both come into the mentoring process overall in one way or another.

Choosing between them boils down to how much emphasis you want to place on writing and this is something we can discuss together to find the perfect fit for you.

CW_Mentoring_2014_LORES_150Read more here

The mentoring work I do is always deep, transformative and often described as ‘life changing’:

JennyEngstromBaron_150I first came to see Julia for a 2-hour Breakthrough Coaching session at a time when I was struggling to transition from academic writing to more creative work, and I’ve continued to work with her ever since.

During that time, Julia has been instrumental in helping me find my writer’s voice and discover what I am truly here to write.

Working with Julia has been transformative, and her unique approach to creativity and writing beats any creative writing course I’ve ever attended.

Not only is Julia a highly skilled mentor with expert knowledge of the world of professional writing and publishing; she’s also amazingly intuitive and has a natural talent for helping people connect with their creativity. 

I can safely say that working with Julia has transformed my writing as well as my life!

Jenny Engström Baron, blogger, writer and activist

question-mark-460864_640So ask yourself:
  • Am I as ready as I’ll ever be to create what I’m here to create, write what I’m here to write and live a life that reflects the fullness of my creative soul?
  • If not now, when?
How to Apply

Send an email to with Mentoring Series in the subject line, and include a one or two sentence summary of what…

  • You’re currently working on in terms of ideas and/or writing OR what you would like to develop and/or write;
  • Support and guidance you are looking for;
  • You would like to achieve by the end of the Mentoring Series.

We’ll then arrange a time for a quick chat to discuss the detail and decide whether this is the right form of guidance and support for you at this time. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Julia McCutchenTo your conscious & creative success!

PS Remember the application deadline is tomorrow, THURSDAY 24 MARCH and there’s just one place remaining!

PPS If the hyperlinks above don’t work for any reason, copy and paste the following raw link into your web browser:


What’s new this month?

March 9, 2016

Julia McCutchenHi Conscious & Creative Writers!

Well, I’m back at my desk after a wonderful break that was a mix of recharging, clearing space and creative visioning – just what I needed, and ideal inspiration for this month’s article.

Over the last few months I’ve had a strong feeling that I’m at the end of an era and the start of a whole new one. This is a fairly regular occurrence for me as my journey of creative awakening includes on-going transformation at ever deeper levels.

Endings and Beginnings

However, some of these endings and new beginnings are more significant than others. This one has been massive in relation to my work; I found myself shredding and burning papers going back 10 years to when I first started online!

It’s felt hugely cleansing and I’m filled with gratitude for the sense of completion it included. I’ve remained fully respectful of all that has been which brought me to my current space of being yet simultaneously totally ready to let it all go and relish the space it’s created for whatever lies ahead.

I’m inspired to write more about this in the coming months. In the meantime, I smiled when I read recently that today is a solar eclipse and tomorrow is a new moon – both of which relate to endings and beginnings! Perhaps you’re feeling it too?

Welcoming the ‘New’

Of course the new energy is already arriving, and last month I explained how ‘creative awakening’ is arising to take its rightful place alongside conscious writing as my core teaching.

In fact, the very first Creative Awakening one day workshop is taking place in just 10 days time on Saturday 19 March. I’ve loved preparing this new content and am so looking forward to guiding people through the process. Read more here.


I’m also delighted to be offering creative awakening as well as conscious writing as options for the new six month mentoring series starting in April.

There’s been a great response so far and we have just two places remaining. The application deadline is 24 March. Read more here.


Naturally I’m still passionate about conscious writing too and it’s the primary focus of our retreat which is taking place from 10th to 13th June. The Early Bird tickets have sold out which means that the Tier One tickets are now on sale! Read more here.

If you’ve yet to have a live experience of conscious writing, I’m also leading a one day workshop that will give you a real taste of its potential next month. More details here.

Wherever you are in your current cycle of conscious and creative living, I wish you deep joy and abundant success, whatever that means for you.

Till next month…

PS This “Welcome” note is reproduced from the latest issue of the monthly IACCW Journal. If you’re not receiving our newsletter regularly, register with your name and email address in the Start Here box at the top of this page.

What’s new this month?

February 8, 2016

Julia McCutchenHi Conscious & Creative Writers!

I love the magic and mystery of the creative process; how the invisible realms give rise to a multitude of visible forms – words, pictures, sounds and more.’

These are the first words of my latest article which tells the story of the way in which creative awakening has become my latest creative offering as an example of how you can follow the lead of your creative unfolding.

In a few short months creative awakening – where the journey of self-discovery meets authentic self-expression in all areas of life – has turned into:

  • several articles
  • a one day workshop in March
  • an option for the six month Mentoring Series starting in April
  • and a major interview to be broadcast in May!

I’m especially delighted to be offering creative awakening as an option for the Mentoring Series alongside my on-going commitment to conscious writing as my core teaching. Read more here.

I hope you’ll consider this broader focus as an opportunity for guidance on your journey of self-discovery and authentic self-expression, and I’d love to know your reaction to the idea generally (send me an email here).

In the meantime…

… the Conscious Writing Scholarship will be offered later in the year (July application: September start) which of course comes after our annual Retreat (10-13 June) which is almost sold out at the Early Bird price!

I’m also delighted to share that my good friend Publisher Linda Joy just released the 10th Anniversary Issue of Aspire Magazine and my article on Creativity: A Path to Freedom and Fulfilment in Your Business and Your Life is included! See here.

You might also like to check out my latest radio interview for the delightful Marianne Pestana and a couple of one day workshops in the Dates for Your Diary section, so there’s plenty on offer to support you with your creative unfolding during 2016.

Personal Visioning + Creative Retreat

Next week I’m off for some mid-winter recharging and after that I’m taking some additional time out for a personal visioning and creative retreat to develop my new ideas in more detail!

So I’ll look forward to catching up with you again early March, and while I’m away from my desk, my wonderful assistant Justine will be on hand to schedule time for us to have a quick chat about the mentoring options if that offering appeals to you at this time.

To your conscious & creative success!

PS This “Welcome” note is reproduced from the latest issue of the monthly IACCW Journal. If you’re not receiving our newsletter regularly, register with your name and email address in the Start Here box at the top of this page.

Dates for Your Diary

February 3, 2016

Marianne-Banner-400x145FRIDAY 5 FEBRUARY – Living From a Conscious and Vibrant Connection to Truth: Marianne Pestana interview Julia McCutchen
Moments with Marianne Radio Show airs 10pm GMT/5pm EST
Also airs: SATURDAY 6th (10am GMT/5am EST); THURSDAY 11TH (10pm GMT/5pm EST); FRIDAY 12TH (10am GMT/5am EST)
To listen to the show visit this link at the airing times:


2_473_sSATURDAY 19 MARCH – Creative Awakening One Day Workshop
Isbourne Holistic Centre, Cheltenham, Gloucester
Join us to learn how to bring your whole self to the creative process and set yourself free to create what you’re here to create! We’ll use writing and artistic expression for direct personal experience; the process can then be applied to any kind of creativity.
More info and bookings, click here


ConsciousLivingEvents_logoSUNDAY 17 APRIL – Conscious Writing One Day Workshop
Conscious Living Events,
Bournemouth, Dorset.
– Whether you dream of writing but haven’t started yet or are an experienced published author, join us to learn how to release your fears and write what you’re truly here to write using the tried and tested conscious writing process.
More info and bookings, click here


What’s new this month?

December 11, 2015

Julia McCutchenHi Conscious & Creative Writers!

As we draw towards the end of what has been a ‘full on’ year, I invite you to reflect on what you’re ready to release in order to create space for new opportunities in 2016?

In my case, I’ve let go of the intensity required to launch my new book (yang, active, masculine energy) and have immersed myself in the complementary yin, receptive, feminine energy to re-balance the whole.

The internal spaciousness has already opened up a number of new possibilities including interest in creative awakening which is the conscious approach to creativity as a way of being that Conscious Writing is one expression of.

In fact, this month’s article describes my shift from seeing creativity as an ‘optional extra’ to realizing that it is a fundamental requirement for my happiness, health and well-being as a crucial step in my own creative awakening.

Conscious Writing Circles and 2016 Retreat

I’m also embracing increased levels of collaboration with like-minded others which beautifully echoes the recommendations I’ve created for everyone who feels a resonance with Conscious Writing to share the adventure through Conscious Writing Circles. Read more here.

If connecting with like-minded Conscious Writers resonates with you, you might also be interested to know that we’ll be opening the doors to the Early Bird tickets for the 2016 Conscious Writing Retreat in the New Year.

We already have quite a few people on the Advance Notification list so if you’d like to take advantage of the limited number of discounted tickets, add your name by clicking here.


Finally, one of the connections I’ve appreciated recently has been with the wonderful team at Conscious Lifestyle magazine.

The article I wrote for their current issue is called Finding Your True Self: 5 Practices for Discovering Your Unique Voice through Creative Expression which you can read here.

The quality of the magazine is top notch and they are looking for Conscious Writers as contributors for future issues so if you’re interested to read the magazine and submit an article to them, learn more from the ‘Recommended’ section of this month’s newsletter here.

It just remains for me to thank you once more for sharing this conscious & creative journey with me and to wish you an abundance of joy over the coming holiday season.

To your conscious & creative success!

PS This “Welcome” note is reproduced from the latest issue of the monthly IACCW Journal. If you’re not receiving our newsletter regularly, register with your name and email address in the Start Here box at the top of this page.

Creativity: Optional Extra or Fundamental Requirement?

December 7, 2015

music-576989_250Creative awakening is one of the major benefits of applying the principles and practice of Conscious Writing. Exploring our relationship to creativity is one of the first steps.

Here I write about my own shift from seeing creativity as an ‘optional extra’ to realizing that it is a fundamental requirement for my happiness, health and well-being at every level.*

I paint, dance, build secret dens in the wood and immerse myself in other realms that enrich the creative freedom of my childhood.

I wake up and see with closed eyes, knowing I am elsewhere yet simultaneously still here. It’s effortless and joyful; a playful adventure of inner and outer.

Then I learn ‘how things are’. Grown-ups have serious work to do and creative play is an optional extra reserved for hobbies and weekends.


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