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3 Ways to Benefit from Going the Extra Mile as a Conscious Writer

August 11, 2015

05. Intothelight351791SmallI am delighted to introduce this edited extract from the Introduction to my new book ‘Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More’ due out on 8 September (Hay House). Enjoy!

Conscious Writing involves a great deal more than simply following the impulse to write and capturing brilliant ideas in a well-crafted collection of words.

Yet writers around the globe have been doing just that for a very long time, and many have achieved impressive success in the eyes of the world.

So let’s remind ourselves why it is worth going the extra mile and opening consciously to deep inner truth as part of our creative writing practice.


5 Ways to Live the Questions of Creative Enquiry

July 6, 2015

question-479660_350I am delighted to introduce this extract from my new book ‘Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice through Mindfulness and More’ published by Hay House on 7 September. Enjoy!

Connecting to our creative core is an essential component of Conscious Writing and requires us to cross the invisible threshold that separates the comfort of what we know from the uncertainty of all we don’t.

When we have the courage to let go of certainties and face the mystery fearlessly we are led directly into the unchartered waters of infinite creative potential.

Yet embracing ‘not knowing’ at the level of the everyday mind provides many of us with a real challenge. We have largely been taught that ‘knowing’ and knowledge are highly prized whereas ‘not knowing’ and ignorance are to be avoided by applying ourselves diligently to learning.

So how do we release the feeling that we should know in order for a deeper level of Knowing to arise? How do we engage consciously with the mystery and become a co-creator with it?


A Genuine Expression of My Creative Core

June 2, 2015

sun-581299_350I am delighted to introduce this extract from my new book ‘Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More’ to be published by Hay House on 7 SEPTEMBER. This will give you a flavour of the ‘Personal Reflections’ section at the end of the book. I wrote these pieces to share my own experiences of the contents of each chapter and to include the challenges I’ve faced and their ultimate resolution. Enjoy!

I am like the seed cracked open by the cold, dark winter whose harsh bite cuts through the closed form that contains the full potential and creates the gap through which life pours.

The literal crack on the crown of my head from a falling stage spotlight dismantles my everyday shell in an instant, yet my journey through the ensuing darkness seems to last an eternity.

The initial glimpse of grace becomes lost in the uncertainty as my body, mind and emotions struggle to surface from the void. I am completely undone. All I can do is breathe.


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Sneak Preview from the Preface of My New Book “Conscious Writing”

December 9, 2013

It’s a crystal clear day with luminous blue skies. The warmth from the sun feels nurturing as I gaze softly into the reflection on the surface of the water. The light shimmers as a breeze whispers through the trees and sends ripples to the distant shore of the wildlife pond.

I’m sitting in my favourite place with a pen and notepad on my lap, playing with words, trying them on like clothes to feel which ones resonate at the deepest level.

Finding the right form to describe the essence of my work in everyday language feels like a stretch. What words will shine the clearest light into the vastness towards which they point?

I know the essence intuitively. I dance with the energy of it on a daily basis as I journey through the linear time of the everyday world where it takes on the multitude of forms which are the threads that weave my conscious and creative tapestry.

While the essence remains unchanged, the forms continue to evolve and become ever more accurate echoes of what lies beyond. Now it is time for the next layer to be revealed.


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The 5 Core Practices of Highly Successful Conscious Writers

February 13, 2013

The image of an iceberg is a wonderful metaphor for the creative writing process.

The 10% we see above the surface of the water represents the actual words of the blogs, books and other communications we write. It arises out of the 90% that is largely hidden from view yet without which the iceberg would not exist at all.

The same principle applies to our writing. A large proportion of the work we do as writers is invisible to our readers but greatly determines the quality of our work and the contribution it makes to the world.

The following 5 practices may not be obvious as part of the mix from the outside looking in when we read the latest book from our favourite author.

Yet, having spoken with thousands of highly successful Conscious Writers, and from both personal and professional experience of Conscious Writing in action, these practices come up time and again as the foundation for authentic success.

I invite you to dip into one or all of these practices to the extent it feels right for you at this time and see from your own personal experience what contribution they make to your writing, your authorship, and your life.

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