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Spring Equinox Inspiration + Last Chance to Apply for the 2015 Conscious Writing Scholarship

March 20, 2015

apophysis-421984_200Spring Equinox, Eclipse and Supermoon Inspiration!

To serve the human race in the largest and highest sense, we must bring forth into living expression the truest, the best and the greatest that we can possibly find in the depths of our own sublime beings.

And to this end we need all the inspiration we can receive from nature, all the love and friendship we can receive from man and all the wisdom and power we can receive from God.Christian D. Larson

Conscious Writers nurture the seeds of their inspiration
to express the fullness of their imagination
through authentic creative expression
– on the page and in the world.

To your conscious & creative success!

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PPS Last chance to apply for the 2015 Conscious Writing Scholarship! Application deadline is SATURDAY 21 MARCH. To read more and apply, click here

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Nurturing Our Creative Soul as Conscious Writers

March 11, 2015

I am delighted to share this edited extract from my new book, ‘Conscious Writing: How to Write from Your Heart with the Voice of Your Soul’ (Hay House, September 2015). Enjoy 🙂

creative_wellNurturing our creative soul as Conscious Writers involves frequently filling our inner creative well so that it never runs dry and always allows our creativity to flow freely.

Conscious Creativity teaches us to do this by connecting with the whole creative cycle, and honouring each and every phase.

Yet such an approach is rarely accepted as a valid use of our precious time. Instead we are drawn by the demands of contemporary life in the western world to busy ourselves with endless ‘doing’, and direct our energy exclusively outwards to support family and friends, earn our living, and maintain our personal space.

Whilst we all need to honour our commitments respectfully, let’s remember this process begins with honouring our commitments to ourselves.

In the fast lane of doing all that seems essential, we often forget to replenish our inner resources beyond basic recharging which sees us through to the next stint on the treadmill of activity.

As a result, our output frequently far outweighs the input so we end up feeling exhausted, empty, and eventually, resentful and unwell. No wonder creative dreams are so often unfulfilled!


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Consciously Create Your Audience as a Conscious Writer

November 3, 2014

typewriter250I’m delighted to introduce this guest article by PR and creativity consultant Kat Byles. Enjoy!

Once you’ve consciously written your book, what next? Do you hand it over to a traditional PR consultant to present a formulaic strategy? Or, do you continue to work consciously, aligned with source, and embrace PR as the creative energetic heart of your project?

Consciously creating your audience, sharing your message and your book so that it has a powerful, positive impact can be a fulfilling experience and a lot of fun for you as the author. Here are three keys steps to take to align with your inner wisdom and unfold PR that creates visibility and momentum.

Step 1: Set your higher intention

Your higher intention attracts and inspires your audience to join you. Naturally, you would love to sell more books. Plus ask yourself: what is your higher intention?

To illustrate, Simon Haas, author, ‘The Book of Dharma, Making Enlightened Choices’ applies PR to sell more books. And his higher intention is to share the wisdom of The Dharma Code to empower people to make decisions from their higher selves and transform their lives. This is compelling and a purpose you can choose to support.


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Conscious & Creative Writers Quote of the Week

October 2, 2012

To be able to induce at will

the activity of the higher imagination,

the intuition, the artistic level of the unconscious

– that is where the artist’s magic lies,

and is his only true “secret”.

Dorothea Brande

Conscious & Creative writers
learn to engage consciously with the mystery of the creative process,
and infuse their words with the essence of it as a living reality.

To your conscious & creative success!


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PPS Last chance for the last few places where, on Saturday 6 October
you will learn to engage consciously with the mystery of the creative process ~
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Symposium Snippets: Wise Words for Writers – Part 2

May 29, 2012

2012Symposium_logoThe IACCW 2012 Symposium brought together an inspiring mix of bestselling authors and international experts who are each making an important contribution to the world from their particular area of expertise.

As conscious and creative writers, we all have the opportunity to make a positive difference to others through our writing and all that we do as authors.

We can learn a great deal about the best way to do so from others who are already offering their gifts, insights, stories and expertise to an awakening world.

Here are some of the key points from the final three of our Symposium Speakers to support you as an author:

Tim Freke, internationally respected authority on world spirituality and author of many groundbreaking books spoke to us on The Mystery Experience for Conscious & Creative Writers.

  • Fall in love so deeply with each new book idea that the words insist on being written!
  • Imagination is everything, so experiment with ideas like windows through which you can see.
  • Through opening ourselves to the wonder of life, we come to know a “deep awake” state out of which deep writing arises, as if the universe is speaking through us.
  • A new approach to thinking can be described as paralogical. It invites us to embrace paradox such as engaging fully with BOTH the effort AND the flow of creative writing.
  • Have the courage to disregard thousands of words of first draft writing if you realize that the purpose it served was to guide you to one key paragraph that is the true essence of what you want to share. Develop your work from there.


The Alpha and Omega of Creative Expression

April 2, 2012

CreativeCycle_EmptyCirclesIn a recent mentoring session with a relatively inexperienced writer, I was reminded of the importance of refreshing our memory about core principles on a regular basis. This ensures we remain on track at every level as conscious & creative writers.

On this occasion, the prompt was to do with giving full permission to pause briefly following an extremely successful burst of creative productivity. This pause provided a much needed mid project recharge before diving in to the next phase of activity.

The core principle being applied here relates to the fact that the creative impulse arises from – and returns to – space. This alpha and omega of creative expression includes space in our schedule, space in our environment, and most importantly, space in our mind.

Even if we aren’t consciously aware of it, at a deep level the original creative impulse has its source in the space of infinite potential out of which everything flows.


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The A-Z of IACCW Membership by Charter Member Margaret Abraham

February 28, 2012

Alphabet_AtoZI joined the IACCW as a Charter Member because of the words conscious and creative, they just hit the right cord. The world of writers, authors, and publishers felt totally alien to me. Having an urge to start writing was one thing, but where to start was another.

I know the world of difference a good coach can make when starting out on a new adventure so I took a deep breath and signed up.  I have not been disappointed.  The A-Z of IACCW is my experience of the journey so far:

A is for Authenticity – Alignment with your soul.   Awareness of what you are capable of, and who you are becoming.

B is for Breathe to slow you down, relax, tune in.

C is for Commitment to write each day.  Connecting with our Creator.

D is for Developing & deepening your writing practice. Discovering your authentic voice.

E is for Evolving – connection, creativity, inspiration.

F is for Feedback and encouragement from Julia and IACCW facebook friends.


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Fire Up Your Imagination to Write

July 25, 2011

2011-07-15 21.45.20Most writers know the feeling of creative abundance. The energy of it sparkles, ideas are plentiful, there is a natural sense of infinite possibility and a real clarity of focus.

Yet how often is that feeling fully present? For many writers, the answer to that question is not often enough!

We forget that putting energy out to the world on a constant basis means that we need to replenish our inner creative well regularly. Unless we do so, we end up having to write despite feeling depleted just to get our writing done.

Even if we understand the importance of nurturing our creative soul, other commitments and priorities – real or imagined – frequently take precendence.

Breaking through onto a new level of creative abundance with your writing requires a conscious choice to fan the flames of your creative fire. So how do you fire up your imagination to write?


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