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5 Ways to Cultivate a Creative Mindset as a Conscious Writer

July 5, 2016

artwork-1443191_640As writers, we all know how important it is to hone the skills of our craft. However sharply we pitch our work to magazine editors, agents or publishers, the words on the page are ultimately where the rubber meets the road.

Yet as Conscious Writers, we also discover the unquantifiable value of cultivating a creative mindset.

This includes both the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves as writers and the value of our writing.

Both have a significant impact on the success we experience, however we choose to define that. In fact, unless we have our creative mindset fully charged, our words may never reach the page at all!

The bottom line is that our thoughts and feelings need to be in alignment to free up the deepest levels of creative expression. When we think about writing but doubt the worth of our ability or the validity of our contribution, it doesn’t take long for our creative impulse to dry up.


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Complimentary Expert Call on 20 August at 6pm BST / 1pm EDT

August 15, 2014

Julia McCutchen Telecall 250x250How to Cultivate a Creative Mindset for Authentic Success as an Author, Coach or Business Woman

Linda Joy interviews Julia McCutchen

I am delighted to be joining bestselling publisher and authentic marketing and list-building catalyst Linda Joy, publisher of Aspire magazine and Inspired Living Publishing on August 20th for this complimentary call.

Linda has invited me to speak on How to Cultivate a Creative Mindset for Authentic Success as an Author, Coach or Business Woman.

If you are an aspiring or published visionary author, coach or business woman, you know how crucial it is to harness the full potential of your creativity and express it with a truly authentic voice – on the page and in the world.

Whether you are writing a blog, book, and/or building your platform and business, if you want to stand out from the crowd and reach your ideal audience, your approach needs to be creatively original and genuinely authentic.

Sharing this kind of conscious & creative information lights up the world for me. I hope you’ll join us and feel equally inspired!

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What’s new this month?

August 13, 2014

JuliaMcCutchen_darkpurple150Hi Conscious & Creative Writers!

As nature continues to shower us with an abundance of summer offerings (our home grown runner beans are especially gorgeous at the moment!) creative energy seems to be flowing abundantly for Conscious & Creative Writers as well.

Individually Guided Conscious Writing Retreats

First of all, having mentioned to a few people that I would be offering Individually Guided Conscious Writing Retreats over the next few months, two places out of the total of five were picked up straight away.

I love seeing writers in the flow of awareness and having the courage to make intuitive choices relating to opportunities that resonate with “just what is needed right now”.

These one, two or three day retreats are a chance for quality time away from your regular commitments to develop your ideas and make progress with your writing alongside the guidance and support of working with me one-to-one. Read more here.

Complimentary Expert Call on Wednesday 20 August

I am delighted to be joining bestselling publisher and authentic marketing and list-building catalyst Linda Joy, publisher of Aspire magazine and Inspired Living Publishing on August 20th for this complimentary call.

Linda has invited me to speak on How to Cultivate a Creative Mindset for Authentic Success as an Author, Coach or Business Woman.

Sharing this kind of conscious & creative information lights up the world for me. I hope you’ll join us and feel equally inspired! Read more here.

Intuitive Writing Blog Tour

Finally, we have a different offering this month in place of our regular article.

Click here to read the story of what’s included and why, and do please take up my invitation to join our conscious & creative blog tour flow!

Have a wonderfully conscious & creative month!

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What is Conscious Writing?

November 4, 2013

Discovering our authentic voice, writing with lasting impact, and standing out from the crowd are high priorities for most of us who write. But how do we go about achieving these intentions? Conscious Writing is a new approach to deep writing with full awareness which takes us into the core of what we’re really here to write, and in the process, opens the way for us to realise our true potential as authors in the world.

As her 40th birthday approached, Jane decided that the book she had thought about writing for so long could not be put off any longer. It felt like “now or never” and she was determined to see it through to completion. As a professional person who had an interest in personal development, Jane knew all about setting goals and positive thinking. She created a plan and scheduled time in her diary to begin writing.

Three months later, with only a few pages of notes written and nothing concrete achieved, she approached me for help. She was dismayed by the fact that despite her best efforts and a strong intellectual determination to write her book, it just wasn’t happening. The situation was especially frustrating for her as she was a disciplined person who usually found it easy to stick to her plans. Yet, she discovered that sheer willpower didn’t work with writing; the harder she pushed, the less progress she made!


7 Lessons (Re)Learned from Writing My Second Book – Part 1

June 10, 2013

I’ve recently started writing my second book. Yet in many ways it feels so different to my experience of the previous one that it seems as if I am writing a book for the first time. In fact I am intentionally approaching this book with a beginner’s mind, and it is working. Slowly but surely, progress is being made that I feel positive about.

At one level, I know the core of the content, message and purpose of the new book well. It has been developed over the last few years from my own experience, and was initially applied to my work coaching and mentoring writers individually. Then I created a coherent flow and began leading workshop experiences which I am continuing to offer today.

When the decision arose to write a book on the topic, I started with the workshop content and mapped out a structure of chapters based on that. It was a helpful way to start but I soon realized that what I needed to do was put that completely to one side, and start writing the book from scratch – a process I am still underway with.

While its all fresh in my mind, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the lessons I’ve (re)learned from applying what I teach others on a daily basis to my own book writing experience.


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Mind Your Mindset for Successful Authorship

November 12, 2012

Head&HeartBeing aware of your mindset and how it either helps or hinders your progress as a writer is fundamental to your success as an author.

Many people understand a mindset to be “a collection of thought processes which are characteristic to an individual or a group” (Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus).

However, there is an important ingredient missing from this definition.

Mindset is not just about your thoughts; it is also about your emotions. What you think is crucial but what you feel is even more significant when it comes to writing a book for publication, and indeed with everything you do in life.

Thought and emotion are an immensely powerful combination which can either work for, or against, what you want to achieve with your writing.

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Conscious & Creative Writers Quick Tip

October 16, 2012

Having a creative mindset

involves remaining open to all opportunities

and regularly spending time on the edge of your comfort zone.

The initial discomfort soon dissolves

as the edge becomes a familiar space out of which to write.

To your conscious & creative success!


PS Please take a moment to add your comments below.

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5 Ways to Support Your Creative Mindset as a Writer

November 28, 2011

think and dream bigIt is naturally a high priority for all writers to hone the skills of the writing craft.

However sharply you pitch your book, the words on the page are where the rubber hits the road in terms of success with agents, publishers and readers.

Yet this represents the tip of the writing iceberg. As an author, your preparation for writing also needs to include cultivating a creative mindset.

Unless you have your creative mindset fully charged, your words may never reach the page.

Your mindset includes both the thoughts you have about your writing and the feelings you have about yourself as a writer. Both will have a significant impact on your success – or otherwise – as an author.

Your thoughts and feelings need to be clear and in alignment to support your creative expression. Whether or not you believe that thoughts create your reality, when you doubt the value of your ability or your contribution, the creative impulse dries up.

Here are 5 ways to support your creative mindset as a writer:


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IACCW Expert Eric Maisel on Mastering Creative Anxiety

November 1, 2011

EricMaisel150I am delighted to introduce this guest article from one of our valued IACCW Experts Eric Maisel on the subject of Mastering Creative Anxiety. Enjoy!

Many anxieties arise as you attempt to create anything: a novel, a new recipe, a home business, or a solution to a personal problem. There is the anxiety associated with going into the unknown, with relinquishing control, with making choices—innumerable anxieties arise as you endeavor to create, whether that creation is something as grand as a novel or as everyday as a new filing system or new décor for your living room.

In order to deal with all the anxiety that comes with creating, you must acknowledge and accept that anxiety is part of the process, demand of yourself that you will learn—and really practice!—some anxiety management skills, and get on with your creating and your anxiety management. Here are some excellent everyday anxiety management tools. Learn them and use them! For a further discussion of these and additional techniques, take a look at my latest book Mastering Creative Anxiety (New World Library, 2011).

1. Attitude choice

You can choose to be made anxious by every new opinion you hear or you can choose to keep your own counsel. You can choose to approach life anxiously or you can choose to approach it calmly.  It is a matter of flipping an internal switch—one that you control.

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How a Holiday Mindset Helps You Write

September 12, 2011

Smiling_Sand_Face_croppedAs the “official” holiday season draws to a close, it is well worth paying attention to carrying forwards the benefits of a holiday mindset to apply to your writing and to your everyday life.

Pause for a moment to reflect on how you think and feel when you are in holiday mode and write your results down in your journal.

Relaxed, open, spacious, spontaneous and free are all possible descriptions of a holiday mindset. What else describes your experience?

Holidays encourage us to take the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy spending time with family and friends or recharge with some time to ourselves – or both at different times.

All of these qualities are deeply supportive of the creative writing process which flows more fluently when you are relaxed, open, spacious, spontaneous and free.


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