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How to Follow the Lead of Creative Unfolding

February 3, 2016

ball-443852_250I love the magic and mystery of the creative process; how the invisible realms give rise to a multitude of visible forms – words, pictures, sounds and more.

These often arrive as delightful surprises which surpass all notions of original plans yet frequently reflect a facet of the essential energy we’re drawn to explore through our chosen means of self-expression.

A conscious approach to creativity leads to a rich spring of inspiration that wells up inside us and flows through the twists and turns of our inner landscape to take shape in the outer world.

Yet clues and pointers relating to our creative journey also come from external triggers which reflect back to our conscious awareness different ways of seeing what may be right in front of us, waiting to be noticed.


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A Conscious Approach to the 5 Stages of Writing

December 8, 2014

five-elementsOpinions vary regarding the number of stages involved in the process of writing and range from three to a dozen depending on the way the contents of each stage are distributed.

In Conscious Writing we place a great deal of emphasis on the importance of inner preparation before any outer action is taken so it is no surprise to discover that this is the first of five stages we go through as Conscious Writers:

  1. Preparation
  2. Inspiration
  3. First draft
  4. Refine and revise
  5. Edit and complete

These stages do not necessarily follow a neat linear progression. The initial preparation leads to inspiration and first draft writing although during the early phases of inspiration we may dip regularly back into preparation before a single word meets the page.

The first draft will always require refinement and revision yet this may end up being more of a dance to and fro than a clear cut boundary between one and the other. A great deal depends on the nature of the content, the relationship we have with it, and discovering our optimum way of working.

For our purposes here, exploring each stage in the typical order enables us to appreciate the subtlety and detail of the creative framework as well as the potential contribution a conscious approach can make.


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Conscious & Creative Writers Quote of the Week

November 6, 2012

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science.

He to whom this emotion is a stranger,
who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe,
is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.”

Albert Einstein

Conscious & Creative Writers
make time and space each and every day,
to pause and wonder at the mystery,
and write from there.

To your conscious & creative success!


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Conscious & Creative Writers Quote of the Week

October 2, 2012

To be able to induce at will

the activity of the higher imagination,

the intuition, the artistic level of the unconscious

– that is where the artist’s magic lies,

and is his only true “secret”.

Dorothea Brande

Conscious & Creative writers
learn to engage consciously with the mystery of the creative process,
and infuse their words with the essence of it as a living reality.

To your conscious & creative success!


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PPS Last chance for the last few places where, on Saturday 6 October
you will learn to engage consciously with the mystery of the creative process ~
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How to Encourage Your Words to Write Themselves

September 3, 2012

Magic bookI am delighted to introduce this guest post by pioneering philosopher Tim Freke whose cutting-edge work has established his reputation as a scholar and free-thinker. He is the author of many groundbreaking books. Enjoy the following extract from his latest book The Mystery Experience!

I love the experience of writing, especially when the inspiration flows and it feels as if the words are writing themselves. I call this a state of ‘enlivenment’, because I feel so present and alive.

This enlivened state not only transforms my experience of being a writer, it makes the whole of my life a creative adventure, rather than an arduous slog. I find myself in love with my life, rather than just getting on with it. The Mystery Experience explores how we can nurture this ‘deep awake’ state, so that we find ourselves dancing with the ever-changing rhythms of life.

Engaging with the transformational drama of life can be difficult. Yet it’s not all struggle. Far from it. Sometimes life is effortless and magical. It’s easy to experience the WOW of being ‘deep awake’… and we delight in our love affair with life.

In any love affair there are special times when we’re deeply in love and life becomes a seamless flow of miraculous moments. We’re dancing together as separate and not-separate. We intuitively feel what our lover needs from us and give unconditionally. We spontaneously know what to do without thinking. It’s simply natural to be together. We’re completely at ease being ourselves.

In my experience it’s the same with my love affair with life. When I’m deep awake and engaged with my life, I can enter a state of ‘enlivenment’ in which there’s a spontaneous flow to the story. I’m in love with the moment and intuitively know what it’s asking from me.


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5 Ways to Support Your Creative Mindset as a Writer

November 28, 2011

think and dream bigIt is naturally a high priority for all writers to hone the skills of the writing craft.

However sharply you pitch your book, the words on the page are where the rubber hits the road in terms of success with agents, publishers and readers.

Yet this represents the tip of the writing iceberg. As an author, your preparation for writing also needs to include cultivating a creative mindset.

Unless you have your creative mindset fully charged, your words may never reach the page.

Your mindset includes both the thoughts you have about your writing and the feelings you have about yourself as a writer. Both will have a significant impact on your success – or otherwise – as an author.

Your thoughts and feelings need to be clear and in alignment to support your creative expression. Whether or not you believe that thoughts create your reality, when you doubt the value of your ability or your contribution, the creative impulse dries up.

Here are 5 ways to support your creative mindset as a writer:


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