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The Transformative Value of a Conscious and Creative Reboot

March 8, 2016

fire-1021224_640The last year has been a massive reality check for me with regard to the sheer volume of time, energy and effort that is required to see a book through from manuscript completion to successful publication.

Looking back it feels like the conscious writing process to craft the body of work that became my book was the easy part, although it didn’t always feel like that at the time!

Fortunately, my daily practice of yoga, meditation and more largely enabled me to remain present to what ‘is’ through the roller coaster ride of the publishing process. It was a high priority for me to be connected to inner stillness amidst the array of outer activities, all of which involved absolute deadlines.

Yet as the months passed, the more fatigued I felt, the harder it became to maintain the fullness of my balanced perspective. Finally, the moment came when all the major projects were completed, the launch momentum settled and I was able to stop for more than a brief interlude.

Taking time off to recharge was an extremely welcome immersion in the bliss of stillness, silence, space and the restorative energy of the natural world. I subsequently felt prompted to write a short piece to share my experience and encourage you to remember the importance of what I lovingly call a conscious and creative reboot.

Here it is…


How to Encourage Your Words to Write Themselves

September 3, 2012

Magic bookI am delighted to introduce this guest post by pioneering philosopher Tim Freke whose cutting-edge work has established his reputation as a scholar and free-thinker. He is the author of many groundbreaking books. Enjoy the following extract from his latest book The Mystery Experience!

I love the experience of writing, especially when the inspiration flows and it feels as if the words are writing themselves. I call this a state of ‘enlivenment’, because I feel so present and alive.

This enlivened state not only transforms my experience of being a writer, it makes the whole of my life a creative adventure, rather than an arduous slog. I find myself in love with my life, rather than just getting on with it. The Mystery Experience explores how we can nurture this ‘deep awake’ state, so that we find ourselves dancing with the ever-changing rhythms of life.

Engaging with the transformational drama of life can be difficult. Yet it’s not all struggle. Far from it. Sometimes life is effortless and magical. It’s easy to experience the WOW of being ‘deep awake’… and we delight in our love affair with life.

In any love affair there are special times when we’re deeply in love and life becomes a seamless flow of miraculous moments. We’re dancing together as separate and not-separate. We intuitively feel what our lover needs from us and give unconditionally. We spontaneously know what to do without thinking. It’s simply natural to be together. We’re completely at ease being ourselves.

In my experience it’s the same with my love affair with life. When I’m deep awake and engaged with my life, I can enter a state of ‘enlivenment’ in which there’s a spontaneous flow to the story. I’m in love with the moment and intuitively know what it’s asking from me.


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