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IACCW Member Event: Do You Need a Literary Agent?

January 26, 2017

Julia McCutchen interviews Susan Mears
on 2nd FebruarySusanMears_cropped_250

Over the last few years, the world of publishing has changed dramatically. A whole range of publishing solutions are now available for writers who feel inspired to share their ideas, insights and stories with the world at large.

Empowering though this may be for aspiring authors and those who are already working on their second or third books; it’s also a double-edge sword as it raises important questions about what the best route to market actually is. It also requires informed decisions to be made about which professionals to work with.

In this interview, experienced literary agent Susan Mears will bring you up-to-date with the latest developments in publishing and explain:

  • How to decide on self-publishing or traditional publishing for your book(s)
  • What level of marketing is right for you whichever publishing option you choose
  • If you need a literary agent and what the benefits are from working with one
  • How to find and approach an agent professionally and with confidence
  • How the market is evolving and what to focus on to succeed as an author today

Susan Mears trained in publishing at Random House and worked as a Senior Editor in three other publishers before founding the Susan Mears Literary Agency in 1993. Since then she has worked internationally representing her authors to the major publishing houses and also to her extensive contacts in the fields of film and television. Her main base is in London but she also maintains a presence in Dubai and New York. Her agency has a tremendous reputation for discovering new talent and has taken a number of authors from start up author to international bestseller status. For more information visit

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5 Ways to Cultivate a Creative Mindset as a Conscious Writer

July 5, 2016

artwork-1443191_640As writers, we all know how important it is to hone the skills of our craft. However sharply we pitch our work to magazine editors, agents or publishers, the words on the page are ultimately where the rubber meets the road.

Yet as Conscious Writers, we also discover the unquantifiable value of cultivating a creative mindset.

This includes both the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves as writers and the value of our writing.

Both have a significant impact on the success we experience, however we choose to define that. In fact, unless we have our creative mindset fully charged, our words may never reach the page at all!

The bottom line is that our thoughts and feelings need to be in alignment to free up the deepest levels of creative expression. When we think about writing but doubt the worth of our ability or the validity of our contribution, it doesn’t take long for our creative impulse to dry up.


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Jumpstart your Journey of Creative Self-Discovery – Hay House World Summit 2016

May 6, 2016

561x439-World-Summit_v1Hi Conscious & Creative Writers!

I’m delighted to share that my publisher Hay House is opening the doors to their 2016 World Summit to inspire and empower you to live the life of your dreams – starting now!

This magnificent online event provides FREE access to 100 interviews with some of the leading lights in the world of healing, spirituality, prosperity, relationships and self-empowerment including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Julia Cameron … and yours truly!

The official start is TOMORROW, Saturday 7 May but you can register now and receive 4 bonus audio lessons AND access to all the free interviews, videos and movies that will be released over the next few weeks.

To access the bonus audios, Welcome Pack and more
click here

You have 20 days to listen and learn from the world’s leading experts on conscious and creative living applied to all areas of life.

I’m honored to be amongst such an inspiring list of leaders in their field, and my interview on Creative Awakening and Conscious Writing will be released on Thursday 12 May and available until Thursday 26 May. I do hope you’ll check it out and let me know your reaction.

When you register, you receive access to the interviews and inspirational movies to uplift and renew your body, mind and soul PLUS:

  • The World Summit Welcome Pack to help you follow through in making changes that are important to you.
  • A colourful World Summit Infographic to guide you directly to the interviews you most want to hear.
  • Access to the World Summit Facebook Group so you can be part of a supportive global community devoted to learning, growing and living life to the full!
To start your free World Summit Journey
click here

Whether you listen to just 1 or all 100 interviews, I’m sure you’ll find something of lasting value to ignite your passion, clarify your purpose and guide your actions as you take your next conscious and creative steps.


PS The World Summit starts TOMORROW, Saturday 7 May but register now to receive 4 bonus audio lessons click here

3 Ways to Benefit from Going the Extra Mile as a Conscious Writer

August 11, 2015

05. Intothelight351791SmallI am delighted to introduce this edited extract from the Introduction to my new book ‘Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More’ due out on 8 September (Hay House). Enjoy!

Conscious Writing involves a great deal more than simply following the impulse to write and capturing brilliant ideas in a well-crafted collection of words.

Yet writers around the globe have been doing just that for a very long time, and many have achieved impressive success in the eyes of the world.

So let’s remind ourselves why it is worth going the extra mile and opening consciously to deep inner truth as part of our creative writing practice.


I Can Do It! London 5th – 6th September

ICDI June 2015 504x504Change your life in just one weekend with the publisher of my new book, Hay House!

11 of the world’s most exciting and highly respected motivational speakers will share their wisdom at I Can Do It! London including visionary women’s health pioneer Dr Christiane Northrup, who will share her empowering, age defying blueprint for life and Mike Dooley, the spiritual adventurer behind Notes from the Universe, who will offer a radically empowering view on our lives and equip you with simple techniques to increase your happiness, health and abundance.

Plus book your tickets before 23rd August and save up to £40! For more information and to book tickets, click here.

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IACCW Member Discount for Hay House Writer’s Workshop 16 & 17 May

May 5, 2015

* Special Discount for ALL IACCW Members *


This weekend workshop will give you the combined wisdom of more than 50 years of writing and publishing experience in four information-packed sessions, including workshops with Hay House President/CEO Reid Tracy and Hay House authors Lynne McTaggart and Michael Neill.

All attendees of the workshop are eligible to submit a manuscript to us and one will be selected to win a publishing contract with Hay House and £3000 advance.

You’ll learn:

  • How to organize your thoughts into a book
  • How to rewrite and refine your work
  • How to manifest the determination to publish your book
  • How to get a publisher’s attention
  • How to write a book proposal
  • How to make a business out of being a writer/author
  • And more!


1. Login to the Members area here
2. Locate your special discount code (see Hay House Discount page)
3. Use it when you book your place!

To read more and book your place
Click here

If you have any questions about this event,
please contact Hay House directly.

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3 Ways to Plan for Success as a Published Author

April 8, 2015

Female rock climber reaching the summit.Completing the final draft of a manuscript is a major threshold for any writer to cross, and is certainly worth celebrating as a significant achievement in its own right.

Once we have surfaced from whatever degree of conscious and creative recharge we require, a whole new level of our progress towards successful published authorship begins.

Naturally, we need to plan ahead to ensure that we stay on track with our intentions to reach our readers with our message and stories.

Yet as Conscious Writers, we are mindful of remaining present in the moment with all aspects of ourselves in alignment despite the future focus. This is how we retain congruence between our head and our heart to guide us as we make important decisions along the way.

Whether we are working with a traditional publisher or choosing the indie self-publishing route, planning for success as a published author means that in addition to our writing, our attention is required for many other activities.

So what are the main areas we need to focus on to give our book the best possible chance of success in the world?

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Hay House to publish my new book!

December 10, 2014

HHLogoI am delighted to share that I’ve recently signed a contract with the wonderful Hay House UK for my new book Conscious Writing: How to Write from the Heart with the Voice of Your Soul which will be published in September 2015.

I’m thrilled to partner with one of the most innovative independent publishers around, and I’m looking forward to an exciting year of authorship – and more – ahead!

Roll on 2015 🙂



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Conscious Completing for Creative Writers

July 10, 2014

Commitment_TickoverRedCircle_250I’ve just finished writing a big section of my book, and it feels exciting to have reached this point! There is a sense of joy and satisfaction in this kind of completion which echoes wholeness for me in a heart-warming way.

There are many more sections still to write, but I’m happy to have crossed this particular threshold of completion. In fact, I feel even more enthusiastic about continuing my Conscious Writing process now that this section is “in the bag”.

With a big project like writing a book, it’s important to celebrate the minor completions along the way. This helps to keep our momentum going until we reach the major completions such as finishing the first draft of our manuscript or completing our whole submission package ready to send to agents or publishers.

Is it Creative Resistance or a Stepping Stone?

Some people shy away from any kind of completion and begin multiple creative writing projects which all lie half finished in drawers and cupboards. Do you recognize that at all?

Sometimes unfinished work-in-progress acts like a stepping stone to ideas which are seen through to completion, and this is a valid way to develop new possibilities. However, if not finishing projects is a recurring pattern, it usually indicates some form of creative resistance at work.


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IACCW Member Event: How to Write a Highly Successful Book Proposal

March 6, 2014

Julia McCutchen interviews Lisa Tener

If you’ve read the books about book proposals but aren’t sure how to apply the specifics to your book, or if you wonder what’s going through an agent’s or publisher’s mind as they read each section of the proposal, look no further.
By the end of this interview you will understand:
  • 5 secrets for 6-figure book deals
  • What agents and publishers really want to know
  • Everything you need to write a highly successful book proposal
  • How to think like an agent or publisher
  • The 3 biggest mistakes to avoid
  • The easiest, most effective and quickest ways to build your author platform
Lisa Tener is an Award Winning Book Proposal Coach. She teaches on the faculty of Harvard Medical School’s CME publishing course, at national writing conferences, and in her own private book writing courses.  Lisa’s clients have signed 5- and 6-figure publishing deals with major publishers and appeared on national television. She is a published author and creator of the Stevie Award winning Bring Your Book to Life Program. She blogs on writing and publishing on the Huffington Post. See
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